hey! say! 2010 ten jump

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Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri - Kumo no Ito

Hey! Say! JUMP Marathon Day.:D

Just came home from my friend’s condo.:D

We had a Hey! Say! JUMP Marathon. Watched all their videos and the makings. And watched my friend’s DVD of HEY! SAY! 2010 TEN JUMP♥. It was just so….. gahhhhh.. so awesome…. :> and Ryosuke was sooooo cuteee… :“> ♥♥♥

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About where did I watch Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP

since Tumblr is not allowing to reply a reply post so I will reply it here :D

you can see my post here.

and the reply is:

where did you watch?? :)

well, I downloaded it first and watch it with my laptop :D the video size is about 2.14GB with resolution 720x400. Good enough to watch it. If you want to downloaded it, just googling or if you wanna ask me about the download link, please leave a message. But I will not give you the download link if you ask as an anonymous.