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Hey guys, I hit 200 a couple minutes ago and I’m just so happy??? Like thank you guys so much!! I know I was inactive the first couple months that I made this blog but I’m glad I decided to stick around! I guess the selection fandom kept on TUGGING at me.Why am I like this?  Anyways, I just wanted to thank some people I admire in no particular order:

@eadlynschreaveofillea Hey T! I know you won’t see this until like Monday, since you got off tumblr for lent, but you were the first selection blog I followed and you humor my fruitless ideas and you’re an inspiration to us all!

@camilleschreave VIVVVVVVV. My salty unicorn. You’re such a cutie and you make such good edits I can’t with you. You’re da best.

@thedandelioninperspective Cassey, I not sure what I did to deserve your love, but you always reblog my stuff and I  really appreciate it. Thanks bud.

@the-selection-bitch ISSY! You got me back into art and I love you for it! You’re such a good artist and I hope to be more like you! I’m really excited to work on this animation thing, and you’re just such a cool person

@skylars-selection​ OMG SKY! You’re such a pal and you humor me and stuff and you’re just so nice to me I can’t. I’m looking forward to the thing we’re working on!

@prince-consort-erik Bertha, you’re great. I enjoy our little talks and bad pickup lines and just thank you I guess for being a source of inspiration fro me.

I could go on forever, but that would take too long, so thanks to @not-your-dear @ladyanj @fangirlingforinfinity @maxerica-eadrik @book-and-comic-fangirl and basically anyone I’ve talked to. Y’all are the best :)


I just reached 200 followers! In honor of that, I want to do something for you guys! I also want to do some more photoshop, so I decided I’m going to make icons and phone wallpapers!

If you guys have any requests, send me an ask or message! I want to make these thing for YouTubers n stuff, so I’ll take requests for any and all of teamiplier, jacksepticeye, wiishu, PewDiePie, and marzia. I might do some for the game grumps later on, but not now.

You can also send in a picture or pictures to use for the lockscreen or icon through messaging. If you do request something, themes are appreciated, otherwise I’ll just do whatever pops into my head first.

I’m looking forward to doing these!


Hey Guys! You can not believe how much I appreciate you guys. The notifications on my phone saying I’ve gained a follower, or someone liked my post, puts a smile on my face, no matter what. My blog has really taken off in the last month, and I am so grateful for it. A huge thanks to @edmundsass, @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories, and @healingcordial. You guys were my inspiration to start this blog in the first place, and you continue to inspire me to create new content. Shoutout to @cheesyapplepie, @amazinggraceling, @ambersuttonxx, and @luzthecrazycatlady. You four are my top followers, thank you so much! 

If you have any advice, suggestions, requests, etc, etc, don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask or a message. I really can’t put into words how much I appreciate you guys, this is the best I could do. Thank you all SoOoOoOoO much!


Local Gem mom takes up creating homemade sweaters and becomes the new Molly Weasley

(idk what that pattern is supposed to be but am dubbing it ‘stargyle’)

Shit for the signs to work on

Hey, thanks for 200 followers!! In celebration, I guess I’ll be making this post for you guys. Ahh, I’m sorry if any of this sounds super mean, because I know I’ll get pretty bitchy writing this. Welp anyways, check Sun, Moon, and Rising.

Aries: Get. Your. Shit. Together. Your such a mess at times, like really, you’ll start so many projects and overflow with ideas, but learn to finish something for once, will ya? And stop trying to be the leader of everything, learn to work in a group, you’re not going to lead everything in your life, and you won’t alway be in control, and honey, you’ve gotta learn to accept it, the faster you start, the easier it will get over time. And believe me, you’ll get so many other opportunities and times to lead, but when you’re not in charge, learn to sit back, be part of the group. Stop holding yourself above others, you’re not the queen, you’re no better than anyone else, so stop acting like it. Also, there’s a line between confident with yourself, and being self obsessed or conceited, so stop, love yourself but don’t act like you’re the queen, not everyone has to obey your every order and drool over you. And on that note, stop assuming everyone wants you, news flash, they probably don’t you’re not the center of the universe so stop acting like it. Stop being so headstrong, listen to other people’s thoughts or opinions and don’t just shut everything out and be stuck on your own thought. It’s infuriating to others, and I’m sure you don’t enjoy when someone else is like that. Also learn to be patient, not everything in life will come in a snap, learn to wait for things. 

Taurus: Stop being so stubborn. The first thing you’d expect to read when your talking about a Taurus’s negative traits. But seriously, stop having your mind set on one thing, listen to other people’s ideas and arguments. I can assure you, once you stop having your mind so set on one thing, people will enjoy hanging around you more. Learn to be open. If you want people to listen to you, then you sure as hell better listen to them. Also stop being so materialistic, there’s a lot more to life than possessions. Have you maybe thought about friendships or a life? I can tell you for certain that you won’t perish if you don’t get that new piece of Hayley Kiyoko merch. And stop worrying so much about your appearance, that’s not all that matters, have you maybe thought about just focusing on your personality, because I know I’d rather be friends with someone non attractive with a wonderful personality, than a supermodel with a shit personality. And with how you tend to act sometimes without thinking, potentially ruining relationships of any kind, maybe you should think about improve it. Lastly, you don’t rule the world, or anyone but yourself. So stop acting like everyone is obliged to listen to you, and don’t think everyone wants to. Everyone is they’re own person, and you have no right to try and take away their freedom, because you sure as hell wouldn’t enjoy having them taking away yours.

Gemini: Stick to shit in your life and stop giving up so easily. Stop changing your mind so much about every little thing, once you decide something how about you fucking stick to it. Do you honestly think you’ll ever be able to accomplish anything if you keep abandoning everything so quick? If you get bored of something just look into the aspects of it deeply, find something about whatever it is that you enjoy, and work on that. You can’t just keep giving up, just thought through things sometimes or just try your hardest to find something interesting, because no one is going to do all the work in your life for you. But at the same time, don’t shut people and take on all the work yourself. Learn to actually let people help you, you’d be surprised that people other than yourself can actually do things correctly. Spoilers: YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE.  And stop focusing on all the physical aspects of yourself and others, does a Nyx or Mac lippie really tell you who a person actually is? What’s inside matters a whole fuck ton more than your appearance. So stop avoiding people just because you don’t like how they dress, or how they look. Open your eyes and don’t look just at the outer appearance of everything and everyone, and start thinking about what’s inside. (And I don’t fucking mean organs and shit.) 

Cancer:  Stop being so rude and moody, learn to lighten up about things. No one appreciates being around if all they have to deal with is your sour mood and attitude. Try not to let everything affect you so much. If someone has a sour comment about you, try to not think about it or let it affect you, though I won’t discourage that you send one right back at them. And stop being so down about everything, life isn’t out to get you. You don’t have to be so pessimistic about everything. Just hope for the best and try your hardest, you’d only win at something if you learned to belive in yourself, you can actually succeed at things in life if you put your mind to it and think you can do it, because hun, I know you can.  Also stop being so clingy when you’re in relationships. If someone actually loves you they won’t cheat on you, so stop getting so worried. If you want your partner to give you some space and freedom, you sure as hell better do the same for them. Learn to let go of things close to heart, whether it be people, possessions, or anything super close to them. Also stop being so scared about everything, everyone’s not trying to hurt you in life, so just relax and stop being so worried about everything. Stop doubting everyone in everything they do. And for fucks sake, stop taking every little thing to heart, stop being so emotional about every little thing. You need to learn how to have tougher skin and not let every little thing break you.

Leo: Just like an Aries, you are stupidly fucking headstrong. So it boggles me why you two can still be so compatible. Stop being so stubborn about every little thing, let other people change your mind from time to time because I’m sure they might have a better idea than you. You’re not the only one with a brain, so stop acting like it. You’re not the center of the universe, accept that. Your ego is fucking insane. You think you’re always right and no matter what anyone says, they can’t convince you otherwise. Do you know how fucking annoying that is? If you keep acting that way and not let anyone change your mind from time to time, then you’ll find you have no one that can stand you soon. And stop being so possessive of people, and don’t assume that everyone wants to follow behind you. Some like to follow and some like to lead, yes you may be on the leader spectrum of that, but learn that you can’t be the only one, or you’ll encounter a lot of conflict. Learn to just sit back sometimes, you’re not always going to be able to be in control of things. Stop being so impatient as well, you expect everything to happen so soon. But just lean back and enjoy things one step at a time. Stop worrying so much about deadlines and dates. And for fucks sake, stop being so self centered and think before you speak or act, didn’t you ever think about another person’s emotions other than your own?

Virgo: Stop being so overly critical about every little flaw in every little thing. You make everything seem like a production even though it could be something as simple as cleaning the kitchen. You have such a clear picture of how everything should be in your mind, but you need to learn  that not everything will always be perfect and you shouldn’t try to force it to be. And for fucks sake, your not always right, stop acting like you know best, everyone knows what’s best for themselves, but yet you think think you know them better. Stop. It’s frustrating, no one enjoys being bossed around. And I know you usually just want the best for people, but they’ll ask if they need help, so don’t just force it on them. And learn to think about people’s feelings a bit more. I know sometimes you have to say the complete truth, but it wouldn’t hurt to sugarcoat things from time to time, or at least throw in a couple strengths before you go straight for a flaw. And stop setting your standards so high, and when people don’t meet them completely, stop making such a fuss. People can try to impress you with all their heart, but you just put them down because you feel it wasn’t extravagant enough. Thats bullshit. And stop being so fucking conservative, give things a chance, sorry but there’s no reason for you to be stuck in 1960 while everyone else around you in modern day.

Libra: You easily get carried away by outer beauty, to the extent that you may ignore the beautiful inner qualities of other people. This can be extremely fucking problematic in most cases. Like imagine how many good relationships you’d be missing out on just because you’re only thinking of someone’s outer appearance rather than the great personality they might have. One of the most difficult things for a Libra is to make a decision. When faced with a choice, it is very tough for you to select what is best for them, which can become a big hurdle in their path. If you need help with big decisions in life, don’t be afraid to ask other people for help. I’m sure a friend would be more than happy to help you out. Just don’t rely on people for every little thing. Because you have a strong desire for material comforts, you may tend to waste a lot of money in unnecessary luxuries. I know you don’t need that Gucci purse. Libra are firm and strong, but they can also be detached and pretend to be happy sometimes as they don’t wish to displease anyone. Stop being so worried over what others think. You can easily be influenced by the views of other people and are prone to keep changing their minds. Remember, don’t focus so much on what other people think, and focus on what YOU want.

Scorpio: You tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. And the jealousy more often than not disturbs your relationships and affects their peace of mind. Stop focusing so much on what other people have and learn to appreciate everything that you have. Someone may have some really expensive computer, and you might think that they’re super lucky that they have it. But then think about everything that you have in your life, they most likely don’t have that best friend of yours, or someone close to you. Life isn’t about the materialistics. You find it extremely difficult to trust people and are therefore very secretive. You will not let people easily know what’s going on in their mind or life. While it is sometimes pretty useful to let people help you out sometimes. You are very sensitive and can get hurt easily by negative treatment and comments. So, you often will try to get even with those who dared to insult or harm them. Just fucking accept that people are like that sometimes, you don’t have to stoop to their level. Manipulative and domineering as you are, Scorpio have a knack of getting things done their way. Although they are sensitive and considerate, they can become extremely ruthless especially when they are supposed to take tough/ firm decisions, and so no emotions can delay them.

Sagittarius: You are prone to taking things for granted, and taking unnecessary risks. Your careless approach to life attracts criticism from everyone. Maybe try to fucking think before you act so you don’t end up in some deep shit. Your honesty can sometimes be too brutal, which hurts others. A lesson on how to speak tactfully can help you a great deal. Maybe try sugarcoating things just a little. Maybe give a couple compliments or good bits of news before you point out a flaw or give bad news. The people born under this Sign are prone to be restless and can push things too far, especially when your energy is not channelised properly. Outer looks mean a lot to them. This can be extremely fucking problematic in most cases. Like imagine how many good relationships you’d be missing out on just because you’re only thinking of someone’s outer appearance rather than the great personality they might have. You don’t have enough patience or inclination to look below the surface to see the actual substance. Your interest in things can be short-lived, and keeps fluctuating. Thus you end up being less efficient than you can be. You find it extremely difficult to deliver consistent performance. The Sagittarius can be over-confident. You tend to believe that they can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes.

Capricorn: You are prone to becoming pessimistic because you find it difficult to go against the odds. Just hope for the best and try your hardest, you’d only win at something if you learned to belive in yourself, you can actually succeed at things in life if you put your mind to it and think you can do it, because hun, I know you can. But still no matter how much you achieve, you always think of yourself as a underachiever. Seriously learn to give yourself a little credit from time to time. Especially if you’ve put in a good amount of work to whatever it is. Capricorn have a strong feeling that their decisions and methods are perfect, and will rarely change their views. But you should always consider what other people think. You are good at communications but are fundamentally shy and normally take your own sweet time to open up to the best of friends. You are very conscious of how events will affect you, and this preoccupation with yourself make people think they are selfish. Capricorn can be very detached people who will not get close to others beyond a certain point. Emotional involvement doesn’t come easily to you. You can be witty and funny at one moment and grumpy at the very next. These mood swings can make you behave irresponsibly which can ruin things. No one appreciates being around if all they have to deal with is your sour mood and attitude. Try not to let everything affect you so much.

Aquarius: As ironic as it sounds, you're literally the definition of hipster. You’ll be in love with something for so long, but as soon as it’s popularity rises, you say you absolutely despise it. It is very difficult to predict what you will do next. You dislike monotony, and will never follow a fixed behavioural pattern. Maybe try sticking to one damn thing from time to time. Stop changing everything around so often. Your philosophy in life is to live and let live, and you will not let anyone get close to your heart beyond a point. You are scared of losing your freedom. Just try to talk to people about that, state how you need your freedom, don’t be silent about it or just tough through it. Be vocal of your opinions. Although you are good at listening, it is very difficult to make the you change your pattern of thinking. Maybe try listening to what other have to say because who knows, maybe they’re right or have some good ideas. Stop acting like your the only one who actually has a brain. You tend to cut yourself off from others whenever you wish, and become distant. Thus, you can miss out on some good opportunities. There seems to be no middle path for the you. It is always all or nothing for you. This is the reason why people in your circle think of you as an extremist.

Pisces: You tend to be an escapist. When things go wrong, you blame it on their bad luck or something else and avoid dealing with it fair and square. You seriously need to learn to just deal with things yourself, You can’t just rely on everyone else to help you. It’s not bad to ask for help from time to time, but if for every little thing you rely on others, it’s annoying and unnecessary. Learn to take control by yourself, you can go running back to people everyday for help. You get hurt and demoralised very easily, and you’ll be an emotional wreck from every little thing. Learn to get a little tougher skin, don’t take every little thing to heart. Especially if someone says it in more of a joke context. Not everyone’s out to get you even though it may seem that way to you. Even with all the talent and resources you possess, your low self-esteem becomes a hindrance in your path. You take everything to heart and become emotional in the extremes. If things don’t turn out as per your expectations, you can lose the motivation to carry on. You tend to look at the negative side more than the positive side of things. While looking at that negative side of things, try to pick out things to improve on, but be sure to find thoses you’ve done well, give yourself a treat or a pat on the back for them. Try to find things that interest you out of whatever you’re working on and focus on them for a while. You can be very lazy about things that don’t matter to you. Your enthusiasm and energy levels last only for a short time.

To celebrate the 200 follower mark, here’s a shitty doodle of Kyoko with an expression of horror(her default face, it seems XD). Thank you so much for any of my followers that have been with me since the beginning of this blog and keeping up with my erratic posting(so sorry! OTL) and any of my new followers!

Stay turn later on this week since there will be a bit of an announcement(don’t worry, nothing serious!).

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Our Milestone Giveaway!

Hey all, we’ve reached 200 followers and we have listened and selected our giveaway to be Our first pokemon teams! Now both Shell and I started on Blue version so that was well before any of the genders, abilities and natures were added and we couldn’t give you old gen I moveset’s so we upgraded the moveset’s and made em shiny since that wasn’t a thing either! so tonight’s giveaway will feature 3 pokemon from each of our teams and we will do another giveaway with the other 3! Tonight’s giveaway lineup is:

Pokemon: Blastoise

Name: Mikey

Gender: Male

Level: 62

Ball: Net

Item: King’s Rock

Moves: Brine (Egg Move), Muddy Water (EggMove), Iron Defense, Skull Bash

Pokemon: Kabutops

Name: Knives

Gender: Female

Level: 60

Ball: Pokeball 

Item: Muscle Band

Moves: Aqua Jet, AncientPower, Slash, Mud shot

Pokemon: Dragonite (sorry forgot to nickname him)

Gender: Male

Level: 55

Ball: Pokeball

Item: Dragon Fang

Moves: Dragon Dance (Egg Move), Dragon Rush (Egg Move), Extreme Speed (Egg Move), Dragon Breath (Egg Move)

Pokemon: Charizard

Name: Cole

Gender: Male

Level: 93

Ball: Heavy

Item: Focus Band

Moves: Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse

Pokemon: Pidgeot

Name: Ace

Gender: Female

Level: 60

Ball: Premier

Item: Choice Band

Moves: Brave Bird, Return, U-turn, Quick Attack

Pokemon: Omastar

Name: Cousteau

Gender: Male

Level: 55

Ball: Pokeball

Item: Lum Berry

Moves: Shell Smash, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Hidden Power

As always deposit pokemon is Whismur code is SnUGiveaway, you can have as many as you like and be sure to nickname those Whismur, best one will get a custom pokemon of your choice.

Gorgeous ( Laurens X Reader )

Soo, anon says: “a really angsty laurens X reader where he tries to break up with you bc he’s not sure if he’ll make it back from the war and doesn’t wanna hurt you I love angst bye thanks

This prompt somewhat looked like the last one, so I didn’t give it much thought and I’m sorry for it. It isn’t half as angsty as it should be, and I guess there’s nothing that special on it, but anyways. Here you go.


Word Count: 2.304

Warnings: none?

You looked at your reflection one more time as your mother squished more perfume on your neck, barely recognizing yourself. This was the first time you ever had to get ready to a ball – one your family was hosting –, so you weren’t used to any of it. The corsets seemed to be killing you, the make-up made you look like another person, the dress was too heavy and the hairstyle seemed so breakable, you were afraid of moving and ruining all of it. It was you in the mirror, just a different you. Of course, you’d have rathered staying in your chambers with your cousins, the Schuylers, who’d only be there for a couple of weeks during this winter; but the three sisters seemed almost as excited for that as you mother was. You had asked your father permission not to go, as you could still be considered too young, but he just shook his head and told you it was time for you to get a suitor.

And now, there you were, being asphyxiated to death by a set of corsets. You wanted to cry, that was it.

Keep reading