greatestconinhistory The doctor ran across the square, smiling like an idiot. It had been so long since she had been in Russia and she wanted to explore it again. She pulled down her hood revealing her red hair and turned around to walk down the rest of the way, but she accidentally bumped into someone. “Oh sorry, my fault” she said.

Spinning around the girl slid to her left, reaching out to grab the milk she’d left on the counter, dancing her way over to the kitchen table where she’d left her cereal bowl. Still moving her hips to the beat that blasted through her headphones, she began pouring milk into the cereal-filled bowl. “You an amateur, they wanna pro to call,” She accentuated each word with the movement of her hips, pushing a spoon in and capping the milk bottle again. “I damage ya on camera, in Compton, in Canada, I don’t care where ya are.” Turning  back around to put her milk back into the fridge, she continued, “Like a shadow in the dark, you a—” The girl paused abruptly when her eyes fell on someone standing a few feet away, but she didn’t flush with embarrassment, shrugging a little before pulling out her headphones, the muffled sounds of Kendrick Lamar’s voice leaking through the earbuds, and putting her milk back in the fridge. “Morning!” She sing-songed to the stranger.


Hiroki may have lost track of time and not realized Nowaki had gotten home.  He’s currently fussing over his hair in the bathroom and muttering about whether he should be putting this much effort in when they don’t actually have plans to go anywhere.


Optics behind his golden visor instantly went to the other mech’s wings and his own pair fluttered. Primus, he loved wings so much. Perhaps the other doorwinger would let him touch. But with time. He wasn’t going to rush it.

“I couldn’t help, but notice your wings. It’s the first thing I notice in those that possess them.” Prowl chuckled a little to himself.