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BE GOOD: you dont wanna be my boyfriend and i dont wanna be your girl- and that’s a relief.

1. the great escape / radiator hospital 2. be good / waxahatchee 3. after hours / the velvet underground 4. miss perfect / title fight 5. i wanna be a witch / teen suicide 6. girl inform me / the shins 7. high waisted shorts / sledding with tigers 8. sand / frankie cosmos 9. lua / bright eyes 10. mis / alex g 11. told ya so / adult mom

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Valentine’s Day. Fuck, I hate that day. Not that I don’t want to show the person I love that I love them, but do they really need to sell out and make these corny cards and stuff bears? What have I become? I don’t know, this is the normal. I’ve always craved normalcy, I guess. So here I am at some store filled with flowers, candies, and giant stuffed bears. What the hell would she want? I’m not good at this shit. Elliot was finally approached while staring down an isle. “Need help sir?” He immediately felt anxious, “No…no I’m fine.”, he started to walk towards the flowers. All of them were pretty, I guess. He picked up some and a card. Meaningless card. I could write something better, he put the card back. Candy? Would she like that? Fuck this is hard. This bear is cute? He grabbed it and it lit up and played classical music. She’ll like this, he smiled. After he hid her gifts he sent her a text. [Darling]: When will you be home? @darlingof

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Closed RP - Illusions

“If this is your idea of intimidating me, Keek…you’re wasting your efforts.” The Magical Girl Hunter said to no one in particular. She was in a cybernetic recreation of her past world thanks to a certain Game Master. She steeled herself, expecting ghosts of the past to show up…and she was right.
“Sou-cha…no. La Pucelle. Of course they would use you to communicate with me.”