The above photo is of Nick Hexum of 311, with his dog Jake on his bus. We shot this on the Summer Unity Tour in 2007 during the daytime prior to the hometown show. We were in Council Bluffs, Iowa at the Westfair Pavillion. During the summer this venue counts as 311’s Omaha show for the run. Whenever I have to opportunity to visit Omaha with these guys, or any of their siblings (I’ve been with Zack Hexum a couple times as well), it’s a joy. I get to learn things about the band and men that have been part of my life for the last decade. Yes, I’ve been photographing 311 for ten years.

To narrow down my “favorite 311 photos” is near impossible. There are SO many, it’s a little bit overwhelming, and slightly intimidating. However, this photo has always been special to me. Nick is a dear friend, and I love that particular dog like my own. Not much of a fascinating story behind this shot, just a great moment between Nick and Jake and I’m grateful that I was there to capture it.

Happy Holidays :)


Jon-Erik Hexum in Cover Up - “Harper-Gate”. More pics here.

In this series, Hexum and Jennifer O'Neill played undercover agents posing as a fashion model and a photographer. Here, they’re tied up in the back of a car, and O'Neill uses the old burn-the-ropes-with-a-cigarette-lighter trick. That probably wouldn’t work these days.

  • Airloom: I've never thought of myself as a cat lady, but I definitely have a decent amount of experience handling-
  • Hexumal: -your alcohol? Because if you keep this up, we're going to have to revisit our policies on taking the stage after a few drinks.
  • Airloom: You're just mad because I've never pushed YOUR buttons.
  • Hexumal: ...A merciful god would deactivate me. Right now.