Digging into the Hexslinger Trilogy because gay wizard cowboys is a pretty good incentive. I just started book 2 they’re pretty great fun.

Chess is incredibly fun to draw he’s such a delightful character. I’m not sure I got Rook quite as over the top bara seme as I picture him but it’s a first attempt.

And forever alone Ed at the bottom. Ed, what have you got yourself into.


I was like “You should bring A Book of Tongues with you on the train, admiraloblivious. Maybe get a little further in.”

And they did.

And I have been getting texts because they finished the entire book in like three hours and is now rereading it and coming up with songs that fit the characters and yelling at me 

because the series is “Exactly my shit, you monster”.



they didn’t pack the next book

they’re in Flagstaff for five days

and they’re already flailing at me over texts and telling me to eat a whole bag of dicks because they have to wait to get home to finish the series

and I’m just cackling maniacally at my screen because yessssssssssssssssss a convert, I have converted Aki, I can scream about all things Hexslingers

Aki is going to cosplay Rook


It amazed Chess how he’d really believed, almost all along, that there was nothing he’d miss, leaving this world. Only the whole of it, you ass-stupid fool.

Every bit, the living and the dead, and then some; hot sun on his back, the wind and the rain, full-out galloping into battle, feel of his guns in hand, a good hard fuck. Getting drunk - on absinthe, anger, blood. Stomping twice on some enemy’s face for good measure, and laughing while he did it; the sound of Asher Rook’s voice preaching, or Yancey’s, singing. Ed’s heartbeat under his cheek

—  A Rope of Thorns, Gemma Files

Welcome to Hexslingers
We are the Unofficial Fandom for Gemma Files’ Hexslinger Series.

We are Kristi & Natalie; it’s a pleasure to meet you all.
We intend to use this blog to share our absolutely ridiculous love for the Hexslinger series with the internet.

If you’re a fan of the novels we hope you will help us contribute to this fandom. If you’ve never heard of them then I hope we will make you curious enough to give them a try.

(Just in case you’re wondering why we used a slightly doctored 3:10 to Yuma image in ‘welcome’ banner; we felt it worked well for a visual representation, & if you’re a fan of the series you’re probably well aware that Ben Foster’s portrayal of Charlie Prince was Gemma Files’ inspiration for Chess Pargeter)


Amazing fan-made trailer for the Hexslinger series, or maybe a prospective movie thereof. Great choices!

mahoupigeon asked:

I'm glad you like it! My kind of origin story of Jared as the Rev goes something like: I was looking at your blog back when I first discovered you had a tumblr and when you talked about Jared in Supernatural-related posts your descriptions reminded me of the ones of the Rev (in terms of... bigness...) And I'm notoriously bad at remembering actual character descriptions in books. ;v; It makes me wonder, though, what is your dreamcast-type-thing for Hexslingers, if you don't mind sharing? c:

Not at all! Chess was originally based on Ben Foster from 3:10 to Yuma, and that never changed—red hair/green eyes, yeah, but otherwise Chess is a Charlie Prince who knows he’s gay first and foremost. So the Rev started out as Russell Crowe/Ben Wade, but quickly shifted and eventually ended up as a very young version of Clancy Brown, say Buckaroo Banzai-era. Morrow is Liev Schreiber, probably with Sabretooth’s terrible sideburns from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yancey Colder Kloves is Ellen Page. Grandma is a much squatter version of Tantoo Cardinal. These days I’d cast Cara Gee as Yiska, because I’m enjoying her so much on Strange Empire. There are a couple of albino Chinese models I looked at for Songbird, but she has a whole lot of classic Ziyi Zhang in her. Pinkerton…the slightly out of shape version of Gerard Butler was where I started, from Law-Abiding Citizen. Sheriff Love, like I said, was Jared Padalecki crossed with the lead singer of 16 Horsepower, which means that Sophy Love was Adrienne Palicki, to the mole on her forehead. I never had anybody in mind for a lot of the minor(ish) male characters, but I was definitely thinking of an OZ-era Dean Winters or Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Three-Fingered Hank Fennig, and the nicest ladies possible for his g’hals. As for Ixchel, I wanted someone straight-up Maya as you can get for her original/astral form, but Gina Rodriguez would do really well for her Miss Adaluz body. Oh, and Kees Hosteen was, of course, Jim Beaver from Supernatural.

Amended to add: These days I could easily cast David Morrissey as the Rev, and probably cast a bunch of other parts out of The Walking Dead too. But I wasn’t particularly fannish about the show back then, so. (shrugs)

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“Ridiculous,” Songbird said, and Yancey briefly felt the urge to look away, but then, it wasn’t as if everyone else wasn’t staring, too.

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