WOY Villain Leaderboard 9/21

As of the time of this post there were 45 contenders on this rankings round of the Leaderboard. Remember that this is generated using totally real and legit science, and we’re all here for the fun, and to #SaveWOY.

  1. General McGuffin
  2. Sir Bradly Starlight
  3. Swifty and Delilah Hare
  4. Iggy Starbeam and the Maltars of Flarn
  5. Princess Cellophania
  6. Countess Slugula
  7. The Night Mayor
  8. Eliza Stipe
  9. A Potted Plant
  10. Jinx the Star Nomad
  11. Linda Whiskers
  12. O'Yojimbo
  13. The Twins
  14. Dr. Screwall Jones
  15. Styx Asterope
  16. The Scuzzbuckets
  17. Mandrake the Malfeasant
  18. Mr. Slick
  19. Hexsiral Dreemuer
  20. Azolla the Plant Villain
  21. Ryba Alameda
  22. Not Pirate Nel
  23. Obsidian
  24. Jamie
  25. Rongruffle
  26. Emperor Awesome
  27. Killbot 86
  28. Greg
  29. Emperor Calamity
  30. Ted from Accounting
  31. Little Bits
  32. Kairos Khan
  33. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
  34. Those Two Guys From That Time
  35. The Knight Mare
  36. Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh
  37. Sketch
  38. King Vortex
  39. Miss Incendiary
  40. The Schmartians
  41. Conqueror
  42. Gentleman Tooth
  43. Mempha
  44. Lord Hater
  45. Empress Plum

Your #1 Villain for September is:

General McGuffin

General McGuffin will hold this #1 spot for the month of September.

If you want to participate in the #1 Villain prompt, please draw/write/create anything with your Villain OC fighting General McGuffin. Remember to queue your post with this awesome creation for 8pm EST, September 27th with the mentions @woyvillainleaderboard, @savewoy, @woyseason3, and @disneyxd… and the tags #savewoy, #wander over yonder, and #woy villain leaderboard.

Remember - 6 days left. Queue your posts!

Congratulations, you recalcitrant rogues. And most importantly… GOOD LUCK.