Trying something new... again.

Instead of breeding, go catch 3 Staryu. You can find them in Hano Beach in the sand clouds located in the north, or by fishing in route 7. It’s easier and more common on Hano Beach, so please get them. The collab will begin soon.

I’m planning on doing a giveaway today. Just a plan, I want to see how things go today, and depending on that I’ll host one or keep studying. I apologize for my inactivity, please understand.

Sometimes I either want to customize my blog entirely, want to do a million graphics and battle and just engage in conservations with people, or straight up hide myself from everyone and everything while I breed. There is nOoo in between.

TOMORROW BOYs tomorrow I’ll host another nice ga I’m currently breeding them pokés but I will fINALLY have a theme that actually matches my blog aaaa pokébank hurry up

The giveaway is over now.

It’s 9:16 PM and the GTS is clear. I want to thank all of the people who participated and took Malva and Glossypo to a new, loving home. I also want to thank the awesome people who boosted me/and the one who was willing to answer my doubts, @duckgiveaways, @shinymudsdalegiveaways and @chande-lured, including everyone who reblogged. This giveaway was surely a lot of fun, and I look forward to the next giveaway I’m able to host!! I’m such a happy girl with boxes full of cute Gastly. 💖