hexadecimal color code

Quick Guide to Hexadecimal Color Code

Hex color codes are seen in this formatting (example color)


no more and no less than six digits

It makes little to no sense, you have no idea what these numbers mean at all? WHY ARE THERE LETTERS IN THERE? It’s actually, it works in a more simple than it seems, think of it as the RGB color code/format. 

You can take hexadecimal codes apart into Red Green and Blue sections too; the first two characters after the pound/hashtag are Red, the second two are Green, and the last two are Blue. 

if we take apart the example hex code this way we can separate them easily into categories:

Red: a e

Green: 1 2

Blue: 9 a

But wait.. how does this make it LESS confusing?

You know how each color value numeral can range from 0 to 255? 0 being the darkest and 255 being the brightest, the same thing applies in this hex code, though it’s formatted a funny way and you’ll have to do some math. The reason why hexadecimal codes have letters in them is because there is no more single digit numbers after 9, yet you still have to be able to reach the number 255 in one color to unveil all the colors using hex. If 10 were inputted the computer would read it as 1 and 0 which is a VERY low number, it can easily mess up the hexadecimal format considering it only fits 6 digits.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 a b c d e f

these are all the characters that are valid in hexadecimal. You can probably guess the values of the letters already, but if you don’t, or if you want to skip through this fast:

a=10 b=11 c=12 d=13 e=14 f=15

Last part is how we add it up, you might need to grab a scrap piece of paper or calculator if you don’t know the multiples of 16 off the top of your head.

for each paired section you multiply the first number by 16 and you add it with the second number (which is multiplied by one but it doesn’t really matter all too much). 

So the math may end up looking like this:

Red: (16x10) + (1x14) = 174

Green: (16x1) + (1x2) = 18

Blue: (16x9) + (1x10) = 154

(this is why the highest hex number can be 15(f), because [(16x15) + 15= 225])

So by seeing their values you can tell that this color has a very low tint in green and very high levels of red and blue. It will probably end up purple due to the red and blue levels being so close. It will be a more bright color as well because the numbers are so high.

here is the color:

I hope you understand more about hex colors and find this interesting!

nest-of-awful-garbage  asked:

I know I'm probably way to late for a gem but I wanted to know why I couldn't even get the form to work. I clicked the link and it just sent me back to the page with nothing new on it

You still have 11-12 hours to go and I still have 9 slots left. I don’t know why it doesn’t work either, maybe it’s something on tumblr’s end? But I can copy/paste it to you here since you’ve been struggling for a while:
Gemstone/Mineral: <The specific gem you want me to use.>
Color: <Optional, but it will be assumed the gem you chose is the most common/popular color of the gem unless specified. If you have any specific color, you can also put the color palette or the hexadecimal color code here.>
Cut: <Basically, describe what kind of cut you want the gem to be, or if it’s a polished stone or cabochon. If you need help on cuts, here, here, here, here, and here are some resources. Feel free to check out our resource tag for more ideas.>
Reference picture(s): <Also optional, but if you have any images of your gem in mind, feel free to share them here.>
Additional notes: <Any important notes about your gemstone’s look that might be important to the design.>

Sorry for the inconvenience. D:

- Mod Sapphire ❤