eldstunga  asked:

Bring me Hex for 18, 20, 30 - and Val for 2, 21, 22! I CLAIM ALL OF THE ASKS (So feel free to pick and choose <3)


What embarrasses them?

Hex is pretty hard to embarrass, but if it’s clear that he’s shamed someone else, not just himself, he’ll usually have the good grace to experience at least some level of contrition.

If they were asked to explain the difference between romantic and platonic or familial love, how would they do so?

This one was answered already, so instead Hex will explain true love for you:

Who do they most regret meeting?

That asshole with the lightsaber. What a drag.

Valko answers under cut!

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We’re upgrading our 30 hex tank to a 40 breeder tank and the filter we bought, admittedly intended for tanks of larger sizes, didn’t fit well. Whoops. We go to exchange it for a smaller one and the pet store kindly does, but it’s another opened filter. No big, it smells clean and all but it’s wet like someone misjudged the size, too. Whatever. Get it home and I start putting it together only to find that a clip to the suction part of the filter is broken and can be popped off with minimal effort… So now we gotta exchange it again. Grrrr.

Go to open the box for the glass lid, and the corner is chipped pretty hard. So now that needs to be exchanged and I get to be ~that customer~ that is quietly flipping their lid and trying not to take it out on the employees, while simultaneously wasting their time asking them to open the next packages in front of me to verify that they’re not fucking broken. Because fuck you I don’t want to drive into town AGAIN to replace stuff I thought was ready to go.

And basically I’m just angry because moving the inhabitants of this tall ass hex tank is already going to be stressful as shit but we hate this fucking tank so y’know I’m just like

I just want this hex tank torn down and out of my life plz

Worst thing is we have to catch a lot of bottom feeders like the kuhli loaches and just fuck me with a rake

Don’t get a hex tank they’re awesome looking but no fun to clean or take down.

Dark Souls II ~ Achievements Revealed

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Dark Soul (50 points)

  • Earn all achievements

 Self Recollection (10 points)

  • Reclaim flesh and set out as an Undead

Supreme Weapon (50 points)

  • Reinforce a weapon to its limit

Gesture Maestro (50 points)

  • Learn all gestures

Master of Sorcery (30 points)

  • Learn all sorceries

Master of Miracles (30 points)

  • Learn all miracles

Master of Pyromancy (30 points)

  • Learn all pyromancies

Master of Hexes (30 points)

  • Learn all hexes

Selfless Giver (50 points)

  • Max-out devotion to covenant

This is Dark Souls (10 points)

  • Die for the first time

28 Secret Achievements