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                            The Hanged Man Curse Mark:

This is a curse mark I came up with when I was supposed to be learning math in class (I’m a shitty student!). It’s inspired by The Hanged Man Tarot card. If you’re not familiar with Tarot, here’s the Wiki for the card’s interpretation

This sigil is to be used to get a person to stop partaking in actions that affect you or someone/something you care about in a negative way. You can draw it inconspicuously on the belongings of the person you wish to curse, or draw the sigil on a piece of paper next to their name and burn it as a banishing spell. 

Break The Connection

Elijah Mikaelson X Reader 

Word Count: 862

Warning: Mention of Blood, Cutting into the palm

Requested: @building-on-a-mystery

Request: Can I request a one shot with Elijah. he’s been kidnapped by Celeste and she’s using him as a power source and you risk your life and save him. And he says something like  never risk your life like that. you say you’d  do it again for him. And then you confess your love.

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“I’m sorry what?” You asked as you looked at Klaus and Rebekah.
“Celeste has Elijah and we don’t know what she plans to do with him,” Klaus repeated.
“Do we know where she is?” You asked.
“No,”   Rebekah answered. “We’re working on getting one of the witches to tell us. That’s why we called you your an ex-hunter you know how to make them talk, so make her talk.”
“Torture her?” You asked.
“If you want to be blunt.” Rebekah shrugged.
“Alright fine.” You nodded.

You walked into the room and looked at the witch that was tied to a chair in the middle of it. “Hello.” You waved, you got a muffled grunt in response. “Look I’m going, to be honest with you, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get out of here alive.” You pulled the gag out of her mouth as you continued to talk “on top of that they really want me to torture you, I don’t want to do that and nor do I have the time for that so instead you’re going to tell me where Celeste is and then I’m going to make sure that you don’t die.”
“Why should I help you?” she glared at you as you sighed.
“Guys, how have you managed to grab the most incompetent of the witches available to you?” You asked.
“Well, we really didn’t have time for a background check.” Klaus reminded you as he walked in and around to the back of the girl wrapping his fingers around her neck.
“Klaus she can’t speak if she’s dead.” You reminded him as you looked at the girl. “Now that the reason to help us is apparent do you want to tell me where Celeste is?”
“Fine…She’s where any witch goes for power.” She answered.
“Thank you, love” Klaus smiled wrapping his hand back around her neck.
“Klaus! Let go of her I promised she’d stay alive!” You informed him quickly standing. Klaus rolled his eyes before letting go of her.
“You spend too much time with Elijah” Klaus noted before letting go of the girl.

You walked into the old tomb and there were two figures one was standing in a protective stance in front of the others, much like Klaus was standing in front of you. “Celeste!” Klaus yelled.
“Klaus Mikaelson, I owe you a little revenge,” Celeste smiled as she walked forward into the light, the other figure stays behind her. “I think it would be great if your brother was the one to get it for me.” The other figure stepped forward and you could now see that it was Elijah, you sighed because it seemed that he had not injuries but you could see the hex mark on his neck and frowned. “Elijah kill your brother.”  In a second Elijah moved towards Klaus and they both fought you glared at Celeste and tried to get a good look at the hex on his neck. You looked over at Celeste and looked or any sign of the mark on her, it was on her hand. You remembered having to deal with this before, you just had to break to connection you grabbed the knife out of your belt and cut into your palm, this caught the attention of both Originals but only one followed as you run, you were running back towards the compound, you were surprised that you had managed to make it as far and the graveyard gates before Elijah caught up with you. He grabbed you pushing you forcefully against the gate, he didn’t even look at you before leaning down fangs bearing his fangs.
You glanced at his neck and the mark was still there, you reached down to the stake in your belt and stabbed it into his chest, he staggered back giving you time to run. You managed to get to the compound before Elijah caught up again and this time, he didn’t grab you instead when you raised your knife he lifted his hands in a surrender position, your eyes drifted to his neck and the mark was gone.
“‘Lijah?” You asked.
“(Y/N)…” Elijah frowned as he looked at you. “I could have killed you! Never risk your life like that again!”
“I’d do that a million times over if I could save you every time.” You confessed stepping towards him. “Because honestly I can’t imagine my life without you calling every week to check in and telling me what trouble your family had gotten into.” Elijah lifted his hand stroking his thumb along your cheekbone, continued the silence as he bit into his wrist and forced you to drink. Once you were healed he smiled down at you.
“I love you (Y/N).” he confessed.
“Incase you didn’t catch it I love you too.” you smiled he brought his lips down to yours as he laced your finger together.
“You both have a bloody room in this mansion and you choose the family room to make out!” Rebekah complained as she walked in, Klaus behind her.
“What can I say we couldn’t wait.” You shrugged.
“Clearly,” Klaus muttered causing you all to laugh.

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Seeing that tricked out vehicle earlier (post link here), I kinda imagine that if Dynasty Warriors is set in modern times, the horses would be replaced by motorcycles. After all, that’s the main transport type in China and it’s kinda difficult to use a car to get around there anyway. So because I’m bored and I was curious, I’m gonna go through in order what I think the famous horses would look like as motorcycles. (With pictures from the internet as reference of course)

Of course, I’m gonna put in information from the internet to describe the bikes as well so this is also a LESSON people. YOU’RE GONNA LEARN ABOUT MOTORCYCLES THROUGH VIDEO GAMES!! (Isn’t life wonderful?)

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Hi, a very tall friend of mine said you would like me and my brother? My brother isn't here right now but I'm Lizu; a reaper. Don't worry I'm just here to,say hi...*holds up a basket of Halloween themed baked goods* I brought a hello gift

“Hi there!” Hex said, an exclamation mark popping up over his head when he saw Lizu, greeting her with a wide smile, “A tall friend…? Oh, do you mean Endie?” He asked with a happy laugh, “It’th nice to meet you Lithu! Oooh…” His eyes widened and almost seemed to sparkle a little as he leaned forward to inspect the gift Lizu had brought, “I-It lookth really amathing!”