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To Build a Home

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When the dawn returned, everything changed. It was expected, of course, but it was the incremental changes that surprised Ignis the most. Lestallum surged with people once more, almost overnight. They hadn’t come to its safety in the days of endless night but when the sun returned they flooded the city. The sizzle of anak meat filled the air again. There was laughter. From what Prompto told to him, they smiled easily, as well. It was as if they had forgotten the demons and the terrors, the horrors which wrenched them from their homes, and the suffering that had displaced loved ones. They had forgotten who had sacrificed and how great that sacrifice had been.

From a logical standpoint, Ignis understood it. The logical mind, to overcome trauma, would do almost anything to shield itself. It would push towards willful ignorance if it needed to. It would try to overcompensate. It would try to forget. In the end, mental walls of this ilk tended to tumble down over time. The mind protected itself but it was neither iron nor steel; it was not built for such compartmentalization. For many of them they would deal with what they had seen and experienced in the future. For now, they blithely filled the city to bursting. It became stifling. It was painful. He wanted out. He needed out.

“Gladio, this city…I can’t stay here any longer. “

The former shield soothed his ravaged soul with claimant touches. He felt selfish wanting to leave when there was still so much left to be done. But when he told Gladio that he needed to leave Lestallum he hadn’t asked why. Ignis hadn’t needed to say that seeing others get on with their lives with such apparent ease awoke some primal anger in him, a rage that not even his blindness had evoked. He hadn’t tried to talk him out of going, or suggested that there was work to be done. He’d simply acquiesced.

“Okay, Iggy, okay.”

Gladio moved them into a dilapidated house west of Lestallum, a day’s ride from the city. There was little left of it, ravaged by the long darkness, but Gladio rebuilt it. He’d never known him to be good with construction or building things, but then Gladio always been good with his hands and the older man had an affinity for surprising Ignis, even after all these years, with alarming frequency.

It took ages to complete the house, between hunts that Gladio took to support the endeavor and his own inability to help. He did what he could, of course, learning by touch the difference between hex bolts, and machine screws, educating himself with their dimension and their depth. But in the end, it was mostly Gladio who had built their home, affixing shudders of cornflower blue, if Prompto were to be believed, around every window. It was Gladio who installed countertops of rough granite in the kitchen so Ignis could better feel his way about. It was Gladio who made something real, not Ignis.

The night it was finished, Ignis stood on the wrap around porch, slowly tracking his way across the length of it. Everything was smooth polished wood, heated from the noon of the day, warm under his touch. Deliberate and heavy footfalls followed behind, ready to aid if need called for it, but having learned that Ignis’ blindness didn’t hobble him as much as necessitate the need for time. He needed to acclimatize to his surroundings.

Ignis paused, thinking. The house was beautiful. Truly, from what he’d noticed every nook and every cranny had been lovingly designed. Everything was made for their comfort, consideration of things he might want or need, sweetly crafted. It made him feel profoundly humble and very much enamored of a man he was already very much in love with.

“You still love me,” Ignis stated, surprised and awed.

“With everything I’ve got,” he responded. “You just getting ‘round to understanding that now?”

Ignis shook his head. “You built me a house. But it missed my understanding that you’d built us a home, long before that. If not for you…”

“…it’s the same for me.”

Perhaps it was. Ignis would never know what squalls of emotions raged beneath the surface of Gladio’s skin. It was impossible to know the inner-workings of a person, no matter how much you loved them and how willing they were to share those feelings. No matter his intent or Gladio’s there would still be parts of him which were hidden and private. It was as it should be. Still, Ignis knew the inexhaustibility of Gladio’s devotion manifested in what he could do and what he could prove. It was what had made him a good shield. It was why he’d built the house.

“Then, come to me.”

That night they christened many of the rooms with slow passion. They took each other apart, piece by piece, only to rebuild the bond with whispered words and true devotion. They built a foundation upon which the rest of their lives would be built. They would love each other until one or both of their hearts stopped beating. They would annoy and cajole. They would tease and demand. Some days would be difficult because each of them were difficult men. But they would overcome it, for the groundwork of their lives were as strong and unyielding as the beech and ash of the eaves they made love beneath. They would continue, allowing a little of the light Noctis had so generously given them through the blue shutters Gladio chose because they’d reminded him of Noct’s eyes. They would survive. But better still, they would love.

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 14

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66.      Witches Broom

Rod, Rare, Requires Attunement by a Warlock

This straw broom looks ordinary in appearance, old and dusty with an old cracked wooden shaft when attuned to a Warlock it allows them to cast the “Hex” and “Witch Bolt” spells once per long rest using this as a focus, additionally they can fly on the broom for a total of 1 minute every day. The broom has a flying speed of 60 feet.


67.      Shadow Strike Claws

Weapon (Unarmed Melee), Very Rare, Requires Attunement by a Monk

These hand claws are mitts that the attuned player can wear, covering the tops of their hands in steel and their knuckles in cruel spikes. All melee attacks made with this weapon have +1 to attack and damage rolls. Additionally, the claw gains 3 charges after every long rest and can carry a max of 3 charges. The attuned player can expend charge to use one of the following effects.

The player can attempt to blind a target; the player makes an attack roll as usual. The target makes a WIS saving throw the save DC is equal to the amount of damage done on the damage roll, on a fail the target is blinded for 1 minute.

The player gains a climbing speed of 30 feet for 1 minute. If the player already has a climbing speed of 30 or higher, increase it by 10 feet.

The player can apply a bleed to a target. The player makes an attack roll as usual. The target makes a CON saving throw the save DC is equal to the amount of damage done on the damage roll, on a fail the target takes an amount of damage equal to half the users monk level at the end of their turn for 1 minute. This wound can be healed by a DC13 medicine check.

68.      Straw of Water Displacement

Wondrous Item (Drinking Straw), Uncommon

A half foot long piece of hollowed out bamboo. Up to 10 gallons can be sucked up through the straw, at a rate of a gallon a minute. When the bamboo sucks up liquid, the liquid is stored inside the bamboo tube until it is released. A player can release all the stored liquid by blowing into the straw.

69.      Boomerang Fan

Wondrous Item (Folding Fan), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A traditional silk blue folding fan; trimmed with white. When the fan is thrown, it can travel up to 50 feet. The fan can only travel in directions that are diagonal and can not travel to a space twice in the same trajectory. This fan can hit multiple targets with the same throw, when the fan travels through the same spot as a creature, that creature is knocked 5 feet in a random non-diagonal direction (Up, down, left or right). When the fan has traveled 50 feet or when the thrower chooses, the fan lands. If the fan crosses paths with the thrower, the thrower can choose to catch the fan – not requiring them to retrieve it.

70.      Boots of Teetering

Boots, Rare, Requires Attunement

These egg-shaped boots fit comfortably around the wearers feet – when in combat the boots inflate on either side making the wearer so bottom heavy they can’t fall down, instead bouncing back to their feet. While attuned to these boots, the player is immune to the prone condition. Additionally, once per round when a player is hit by a melee attack, they can choose to bounce back and make an attack of their own in response.

Alternative name: Boots of Weeble-Wobbling

Reference Post: The Wagner Children

  • Talia Josephine Wagner - “Nocturne”

About: Talia is the eldest of the Wagner children. She is one year older than her brother Stefan, the second-born, and fifteen years older than her youngest sister, Cerise. In the No Rest for the Righteous timeline, Talia is five years old. In the Teenaged Blues timeline, she is seventeen. She is something of a tomboy, and most definitely a free spirit. Exuberant and lively, she loves rock music and is the lead singer for her garage band The Butt Monkeys. She has not yet become an X-Man due to her young age, but is training and going on “training missions” that will help prepare her for the real thing. She has not traveled with the Exiles, either.

Powers and abilities: Talia inherited her father’s capability to stick to solid surfaces, his flexibility and agility, and his night-vision. From her mother, she received the capability to practice magic, if she so desired. Her main ability is possession, and she can possess a person for up to 48 hours. The host will fall into a coma after Talia leaves the body, up to 24 hours if she stays inside for the full 48. She also can fire hex bolts by pulling energy through from the Brimstone Dimension. She has a small bit of telepathy as well.

Appearance: Black, curly hair, but she sometimes straightens it. Solid yellow eyes, three fingers, two toes, and retractable prehensile tail. Blue skin, no fur, fangs, and pointed ears. Kurt will tell you she looks remarkably like her mother, despite the obvious resemblance to him.

  • Stefan Django Wagner - “Salamander”

About: Stefan is the second-born of the Wagner brood, and firstborn son. He is two years older than his sister Maggie, the third-born, and fourteen years older than Cerise. He is also training to become an X-Man like his father and partaking in training missions, but unlike his father and older sister, he is a quieter, more serious person. He is named after his deceased uncle and amazes his father with how much he is like his namesake. His middle name comes from his mother’s adoptive father. In the No Rest for the Righteous timeline, Stefan is four. In the Teenaged Blues, he is sixteen.

Powers and Abilities: Stefan calls himself a touch-teleporter. He cannot teleport himself unless he is able to touch himself, but he can teleport objects, or pieces of them, by touching them. He also inherited his father’s wall-crawling, flexibility and agility, night-vision, and invisibility in shadows, as well as his mother’s chaos magic.

Appearance: Blue skin, not fur; pointed ears; spaded, prehensile tail; solid yellow eyes; black, curly hair that he currently wears in Dreadlocks; fangs; three fingers on each hand; and three toes on each foot, one on the heel, two on the front.

  • Marya Margali “Maggie” Wagner - “Blue”

About: Maggie is probably the perkiest child of the Wagner family. She’s a lot like her father in that she feels, and feels a lot. She is very sensitive, sweet, and always positive, as well as very expressive. She is two years older than her younger brother Torsten and twelve years older than Cerise. In the No Rest for the Righteous timeline, Maggie is two, and in the Teenaged Blues, she is 14. She is simultaneously named after all of Wanda and Kurt’s mothers, except Raven. Marya, Margali, and Magda all are honored with Maggie’s name. She is training to be an X-Man and goes on very few training missions.

Powers and Abilities: Maggie inherited her paternal grandmother’s abilities and is a shapeshifter. Like the rest of her siblings, she has her father’s agility, flexibility, wall-crawling, nightvision, and invisibility in shadows, and her mother’s chaos magic.

Appearance: Very big, very curly black hair; five fingers and five toes; no tail; solid yellow eyes, but with a visible pupil and iris; fangs; pointed ears; and blue skin. Though she looks a lot like Wanda, Maggie also reminds Kurt of his friend Meggan Braddock, with her shapeshifting abilities, chipper attitude, and large hair. He’ll never admit it to anyone, though, especially not Wanda, or Meggan’s very big, very muscular husband Captain Britain.

  • Torsten Jens “TJ” Wagner

About: Torsten prefers to go by TJ, as he finds he very German name weird. He feels he doesn’t fit in with other kids because of how strange he is, and how strange his family is. Even his name is strange, so he tries to normalize it. He is the only one of the Wagner children to wear an image inducer, because he wishes with all his heart that he looked less like his father and more like his mother. He’s quiet, but in a different way than Stefan. TJ is shy, has low confidence, doesn’t care much for sports or athletics, and just wants to fit in. He is embarrassed by his family and holds a bit of resentment towards his father for passing on his warped genes. He is ten years older than Cerise, and is a newborn in the No Rest for the Righteous timeline. In the Teenaged Blues timeline, he is twelve. He is not training to be an X-Man or Avenger, nor does he want to.

Powers and Abilities: He has the same wall-crawling, night-vision, agility, and flexibility as his father and siblings, as well as the capability to practice magic like his mother, but TJ has not manifested any mutant abilities of his own yet.

Appearance: Blue skin, no fur; pointed ears; yellow irises; fangs; five fingers and toes; no tail; black curly hair that he often steals his sister’s straightener for because it’s so wild when it’s curly.

  • Cerise Adrielle Wagner

About: Cerise is the youngest of the Wagner clan, and was quite a surprise to everyone when they found out she was coming. Her parents still have no clue how they went from having kid after kid, and then had an eleven-year gap between her and Torsten, but they were thrilled to have her. Her family noticed something different about Cerise when she was about a year old, and at two, those differences became more pronounced. Her parents found out that Cerise falls on the Autistic Spectrum, so they have had to adjust to her needs accordingly. They know she is perfect just the way she is, but it is hard trying to relate to her and help her progress at times. She only makes eye contact with people she has been around a lot and is very close to, and even at two years old (Teenaged Blues), she has not yet spoken her first word. In fact, besides laughter and crying, she is completely silent. She does not interact with many other people besides her parents or her siblings, if she interacts with any at all. Really, it seems like she doesn’t even realize another person is even there. She usually has an expressionless, but wide-eyed look on her face. If she changes expressions, it’s usually a smile. She’s a fearless little thing, and though she has difficulty communicating it, she loves her family dearly, and they her. She is named after an ex-girlfriend of Kurt’s, who was imprisoned by the Shi'ar during their time on Excalibur together. Kurt always felt responsible for not being able to save her, and that her potential might have been wasted after she was arrested, so he got Wanda to agree to honor her by naming their daughter after her. Cerise loves to see pictures of ‘Big Cerise’ and her feathered hair, which always makes her laugh. Her middle name is the feminine version of her paternal grandfather’s birth name. She is not a part of the No Rest for the Righteous timeline.

Powers and Abilities: Like all Wagner children, her parents found out that she could climb on walls when she began climbing, and even as a toddler, she is still incredibly flexible and agile. They believe she has night-vision, but cannot be sure. One day, she will probably also inherit her mother’s chaos magic, but no other mutant abilities have manifested yet.

Appearance: Blue skin and fur; three fingers on each hand; three toes on each foot, one on the heel, two on the front; prehensile, spaded tail; solid yellow eyes; pointed ears; fangs; black, curly hair.

The pictures aren’t perfect, but I’m taking what I could get. These are all of Nightcrawler’s AU children, and although Nocturne is the only one who is from Wanda Maximoff, I’m just going to let them all be Kurt and Wanda’s kids. He is Catholic, after all. There you have it: the Wagner Tribe!

  • Captain America: I'm at the peak of human physical condition. I also have an unbreakable shield which I can throw with perfect precision.
  • Iron Man: I have an array of battle suits that let me do any number of digital and technical things.
  • Black Widow: I am a well trained master assassin.
  • Hawkeye: I am a master marksman who never misses a shot.
  • Thor: I am an alien God with the power to summon lightning and fly.
  • The Hulk: I have the power to shape shift into a massive green monster with incredible brute force.
  • Quicksilver: I have the power of superspeed.
  • Scarlet Witch: I have the power of chaotic hex bolts and other untapped magical power.
  • Ant-Man: I can shrink to the size of an ant and fight with the force of a bullet.
  • Spider-Man: I have a superhuman reaction time, I can stick to walls, and I developed web shooters that let me swing through the sky.
  • The Falcon: I have a suit that lets me fly and I control a battle drone.
  • Captain America: So why do you think you'd be a good fit for the Avengers?
  • Me: I can compartmentalise complex emotions and also eat a whole thing of chicken nuggets when I'm sad

anonymous asked:

As an expert of The Scarlet Witch, I was wondering if you could give your best explanation of Wanda's powers to me, a confused fan. I've heard it described as Chaos Magic, reality warping, Hex-bolts, and Probability manipulation. Apparently she's a mutant, but I don't know if that has anything to do with her magic which seems to come from Chthon (an elder god) and training with Agatha. On top of that she's been linked to the life-force/demiurge, another elder god. Love the blog, thank you ! :)

This tag might be of help.

Disclaimer for anyone reading: This post is only referring to 616 comics and not MCU or Ultimates or anything else.

When she was born, she was a mutant with some sort of energy-manipulating/elemental power. What that power was is unclear, but my theory is that it was Magneto’s or something similar. But that doesn’t last long because, on the night she was born, this happened:

CHTHON: But even in defeat, I planted seeds of future victory. For a child was born that night in Wundagore, a girl named Wanda whose latent science-spawned power was awesome. As I returned to the mountain, I imbued her with latent magical potential as well!

Avengers Vol. 1 #187 by Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, David Michelinie, & John Byrne

The wording of this is a bit off because it’s an older issue and several retcons behind the current status. Maybe this explains it better, though more vaguely:

WANDA: After Mount Wundagore, I am not merely an elemental mutant as I was born. I am a catalyst for the elements of chaos magic! And it takes a witch to control magic.

Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 #2 by Rick Remender & John Cassaday

What happened is that part of an elder god named Chthon was trapped in Wundagore Mountain by Morgan le Fay (after she had tried to free him and realized that was a bad idea). The rest of him was (and still is) trapped in a dimension he made. But Chthon wants to escape, so that he can take over the universe and kill everyone and everything. In order to help him do that, on the night Wanda was born, he did a spell on her. A spell that would make it so that her body was acclimated enough to his magic, chaos magic, that it could handle being possessed by a small fraction of his essence so that he could escape being (partially) trapped in Wundagore Mountain and bring about the Apocalypse. The specifics of what he did to her aren’t clear, but what is clear is that he transformed her mutation so that, instead of wielding Electromagnetic or whatever other type of energy, she wielded chaos magic.

But Wanda didn’t know that. She grew up blissfully ignorant of her Chthonic connection, and when she got her powers, she didn’t know what they were or how they worked. She called them her “hex power,” which is a term that means nothing, except that it’s what Wanda called her power. The problem is that chaos magic is bad mojo. It’s the baddest mojo made and used by the baddest guy. Chaos magic is very dangerous, and before she adjusted to using it, it exhausted her. That’s why she could only do a certain number of hexes before passing out in the Silver Age.

She didn’t know what she was doing at first. She just walked around shouting, “Explode, thing!” and the thing exploded. She started to gain more control as she got older, and then she met a woman named Agatha Harkness. Agatha told Wanda she had magical potential and taught her the basics of magic. We’re talking general magic, random spells, nothing to do with Chthon or chaos magic specifically. Because Agatha is a shady mentor character, she knew all along what Wanda’s power was and where it came from, but chose not to tell her for shady mentor reasons.

Eventually, Wanda found all of this out and started training herself in how to use her specific power until she was able to do very complex spells.

I explained what chaos magic is here, if you’re curious. As for the life force, it’s not clear exactly what that is. I don’t think it’s anything to do with any gods. It’s just a massive amount of power that she and Doom found a way to access. But it is important because Wanda is able to raise and lower her power level by absorbing magical energy. This is very dangerous though. Holding onto too much power for too long can make her become comatose (like how using her powers too much used to make her pass out) or it can induce psychosis and make her lose her grip on reality. It also seems to have made her… manic(?) at one point. It’s not good, whatever happens.

Top 10 X-men female characters

Another list after a long while. This time I will count down my ten favorite x-men female characters. I love x-men comics, movies and tv shows and that’s why I decided to make this list. I will make list of ten x-men male characters later today. Also, I can’t wait for X-men Apocalypse.

10. Jubilee

Real name:  Jubilation Lee                                                                           Powers:  Jubilee formerly possessed ability to create energy plasmoids, she calls fireworks. Now she is a vampire and doesn’t have her old skills.                 Portrayed by: Lana Condor

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9. X-23

Real name: Laura Kinney                                                                                 Powers: Regeneration like Wolverine. Two adamantium claws. Superhuman stamina, agility and reflexes.                                                                           She is not in any X-men movies

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8. Scarlet Witch

Real name: Wanda Maximoff                                                                     Powers: Chaos magic, which includes hex bolts, teleportation, telekinesis and flight                                                                                                           Portrayed by: Elizabeth Olsen in MCU. She’ll might appear in X-men universe too.

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7. Psylocke

Real name:  Elizabeth Braddock                                                                     Powers: Telekinesis (she can also create telekinetic katana), telepathy, umbrakynesis (= manipulation of darkness into psychic blasts and bolts)     Portrayed by: Olivia Munn                        

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6. Rogue

Real name: Anna Marie (surname unknown)                                               Powers: Power absorption                                                                           Portrayed by: Anna Paquin

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5. Storm

Real name: Ororo Munroe                                                                             Powers: Atmokinesis, flight, energy manipulation, weather resistance, earth-link, telepathic resistance and energy vision                                             Portrayed by: Alexandra Shipp, before by Halle Berry

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4. Jean Grey/Phoenix

Real name: Jean Grey                                                                                   Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis and Phoenix force,which gives her cosmic pyrokinesis, resurrection and pyro-telekinesis                                       Portrayed by: Sophie Turner, before by Famke Janssen

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3. Shadowcat

Real name: Kitty Pride                                                                                       Powers: Phasing                                                                                       Portrayed by: Ellen Page

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2. Mystique

Real name: Raven Darkhölme                                                                     Powers: Metamorph                                                                               Portrayed by: Jennifer Lawrence, before by Rebecca Romijn

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Honorable mentions: Magma , Domino , Polaris 

1. Emma Frost/White Queen

Real name: Emma Frost                                                                           Powers: Telepathy, telepathic defense,illusion,control and manipulation,mind link, psyonic blast, astral projections, mental detection, phoenix force (unlike Jean, she can’t control the force) and organic diamond form                     Portrayed by: January Jones

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I hope you liked the list. I also apologize for any mistakes. English is my second language.

“An evolution strange
Two tongues touch
A feast unknown
To stone, or tree, or beast.”

- May Swensen

(Or machine.)

The funny thing is, the Vision loves poetry, so I bet this very poem occurred to him in his first kiss.

People throw the term OTP around, but for me, it is the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Love did for them what is should do: it made then better people.

Wanda Maximoff spent her entire life being pushed around and commanded by men in her life. First it was her domineering brother, Quicksilver, who had a stronger personality and decided what was best for both. Then it was Magneto, Lord of the Evil Mutants, who used guilt, debt, and obligation to manipulate her into staying. She was subject to unwanted advances by Toad and Mastermind, men who are as revolting in personality and character as they are in appearance.

Even when Wanda joined the Avengers, she was the doormat member. She always voted with her brother and followed his lead. Her job in stories, according to Roy Thomas, was to “throw a hex bolt and then faint.” She had a crush on Captain America, not because of his personality, but just because he was leader and alpha dog and he told her what to do.

All that changed when the Vision came in. She found in herself the courage to admit she loved an artificial man, to hell with convention. She became assertive, because the relationship gave her courage. She told Quicksilver off, a guy who bossed her around her whole life by saying he knew what was best, when he disapproved. When Mantis, in true bitchy soap opera villain fashion, tried to steal the Vision from her, she clenched her jaw, determined to fight for what she wants! She even became dedicated to personal development, studying true magic under Agatha Harkness. It didn’t take a day, or a week, or a year, but she eventually led an Avengers team, FORCE Works.

Likewise, the Vision was irrevocably changed by their relationship. Instead of being cold, creepy, and emotionless, he discovered emotions in himself. He felt love, passion, and even lost his temper when he was afraid for her. At first, he didn’t feel worthy of her, but her love convinced him of his value and worth. He wanted to be more than what he was for her, and her love convinced him he could be more. The Vision was the definition of reserved and inhibited, but Wanda made him extroverted and encouraged him to try new things like vacations and bathing suits.

A lot of people compare the Vision to the JLA’s Red Tornado. The Red Tornado was a JLA member who was also an android, alone and without a place in the world. Except the Red Tornado faded into the background of JLA stories, and it is very difficult to argue he got any interesting character development. In short, the Red Tornado is what the Vision would be…if nobody loved him.

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, though, were the axis on which all of the Avengers turned for decades. Other members came and went, but the Avengers were their life. Until the 2000s, Vision and Wanda were the longest serving Avengers in terms of number of continuous issues (no, seriously, count for yourself). It is no exaggeration to say they WERE the Avengers, the constant when others came and went. I have always been skeptical of any Avengers roster that doesn’t include them. It doesn’t feel like the Avengers without them. In fact, their absence in the 2000s was totally emblematic of where that book took a wrong turn and broke so cleanly from its past.

So many issues plagued their relationship, from the return of Simon Williams, the man the Vision’s mind was based on, who even came back from the dead with the power of Wanda’s love, or the attempt by Mantis to break them up and steal the Vision, to the Vision’s hard reboot in Avengers West Coast where he returned to “factory settings,” to the hiatus they took where the Vision and Carol Danvers had a passionate relationship (yeah…that really happened), to the most hideous thing that could ever happen to anyone, the loss of their children. To quote Wanda: “Dying, I could take. Disfigurement, paralysis, anything. But not losing our children.” The Vision was even destroyed, one dark day - but he returned to Wanda even from death. In the movies, it looks like they will be on opposite sides of the civil war. They would not be the first couple tragically torn apart by war.

Yet, despite all the problems they faced, I have never believed any hiatus would be truly permanent, because love is not an emotion, but a choice to make a relationship work despite obstacles. No matter where the Vision went, no matter what strange form he took, he would return to Wanda. In comics, love is stronger than death. Madness can’t conquer or end it. Love is stronger than conventions or society. To quote Wanda: “To blazes with the rules. Love is for souls, not bodies.”