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Hello! You wouldn't happen to have any information on counter-curses, would you? Possibly a reflection spell or sigil? I'm not one to cast curses, but I have no problem bouncing back vitriol sent my way.

God luck!

Information is the same as a blade. It is up to humans on how they use it.”
“You may not have noticed, but the blade you speak of is the same as that of a demon blade.”
“What do you mean?”
“Normal humans could not resist. Offer a curse and then saying “it is up to how you use it” is slightly selfish until it blunders. I would be careful to try and not receive a counter hex.
—  Izaya & Sozoro from A Sunset with Izaya Orihara, Ch. 4

cat newt & cat percy being looked after by theseus headcanon

I’ve been meaning to write this little headcanons about Percival and Newt being turned into cats and Theseus has been granted the sole custody to temporarily looking after them until the Curse and Hex Department finds the counter-spell. So please imagine:

  • Cat Percy with shiny black fur with white undercoat and Cat Newt with orange fur and white bib and paws.
  • Cat Percy is a bit territorial when it comes to Cat Newt; much like when they’re human. So whenever Theseus wants to hold Cat Newt, Cat Percy bristles and hisses at him.
  • Cat Newt loves to snuggle up against Cat Percy and grooms his fur.
  • Cat Newt also loves to knead on Theseus’ stomach.
  • “Is this your way of telling me that I’ve gone soft ‘round my belly, Newt?”
  • Cat Newt who loves to lounge on that one sunny spot in the apartment; stretching his body into weird angles.
  • Cat Newt also loves to hide inside Theseus’ bowl and it baffles him how in the blazing hell can Cat Newt even fit into that tiny space?
  • Cat Percy loves to think that Theseus is his servant so he doesn’t have any remorse of yowling outside Theseus’ door at 3 in the morning, scratching the wood panel until Theseus opens it for him to come inside only for Cat Percy to turn around, bushy tail in the air and walks away; leaving a flabbergasted Theseus trying to hold his scream in.
  • Also please imagine Cat Newt being so soft and fluffy and pliant in Theseus’ arms, purring contently when Theseus massages his head.
  • Cat Percy terrorising Theseus by biting into his favourite pair of leather shoes and looking unrepentant when Theseus confronts him about it.
  • Cat Percy who loves to snuggle and wrestle Cat Newt as Theseus looks on; worried that his brother is going to be all bruised up except Cat Newt looks happy being in Cat Percy’s embrace.
  • Cat Percy who somehow manages to have disdain expression whenever Theseus does something bad.
  • “You cannot judge me because you are a cat! Stop looking at me like that!”
  • Cat Newt that catches a mouse and brings it as a gift to Theseus which makes the older Scamander screams in horror.
  • Cat Newt loves to sprint around the apartment, knocking every stationary things down.
  • Cat Percy loves to attack Theseus’ stocking feet; biting his ankle until Theseus is yowling in pain.
  • Cat Percy is an asshole, he pushes the glass of water off the table while looking right into Theseus’ eyes.
  • Cat Percy sleeps on every surface but he loves to sleep on Theseus’ face the most.
  • “You mongrel. I know your ploy to drown me in your soft fur but guess what? It won’t work!”
  • On a rare occasion where Cat Percy is being soft, he always shows his belly for Theseus to rub but it’s actually a clever plan to gnaw on Theseus’ hand.
  • Cat Newt loves to rub his head against Theseus’ leg and Cat Percy’s body.
  • Cat Newt and Cat Percy combining forces by laying down on Theseus’ reports or hands; preventing him to continue working till late. They will use their cuteness to make Theseus goes “awwwww fine I’m going to cuddle you two but if you so much as kick my hand, I’m going to lock you outside and do my work till I collapse, you hear that Percy?”

Characters:  Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff
For:  @adiarshira
Prompt:  #25. Fall Festival

“Hold still, brouček…” Pietro mumbled, his hand tilting Wanda’s chin very lightly to one side as he admired his handiwork.  “There.  It’s finished.”  

“If you painted something vulgar on my face, I will hex you.”  

“You don’t know any hexes…” he countered.  

“I will learn them and I will hex you.”  

“Relax, Wanda. It’s a ladybug.  Like you asked for…” He retrieved the mirror for her.  “Look.”  

Sure enough, it was a ladybug.  Wanda was impressed.  If someone had told her that her spastic brother would be painting faces at the Stark annual fall festival, she wouldn’t have believed them.  He was doing it well, even.  

“It’s beautiful…” she said, smiling.  “It’s really good, Pietro…”  

He shrugged.  “Steve’s been helping me.”  

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What if Elsa taught DADA? The curse (both the real one on the job and her own perceived one) is broken, she has an ultra protective mentality, and can cast some of the most bad-ass powerful charms, anti-hexes, counter-curses, anti-jinxes, and protection spells of anyone! She'd make sure any and every student who made it through her door left her classroom with the knowledge to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. Bonus occlumency for those needing protection from themselves as well







At St. Mungo’s

“___” said Molly before wincing at the sting that had given her an obnoxiously swollen left shoulder. “I’m, I’m fine. It’s..argh! just a sting. How are you?” The ball was supposed to have been a time to unwind however, things went south and in her run to save her brothers and Tilden, Molly was hit by a stinging hex as she dodged hexs with counter spells and shields.

Daggers of Self-Doubt (AKA Rumple is jealous of Merlin and Belle)

What are you reading now?”

Rumplestiltskin certainly appreciated his bedizened vocabulary, but he never suspected he’d look at his maid and think: “adorable.”

But it was indeed, very adorable how little Belle French remained glued to her book, oblivious to his question. She was quite obviously in an intense bit of The Spurned Mother Goose, as she was doing that little squint she always did (not that he had noticed it for any particular reason) when reading a particularly serious passage of a novel.

It took her a moment to note that he was a mere foot away with his index and middle finger ticking back and forth, like the hands on a grandfather clock. Thirty seconds it had taken her to gape up at him, eyes hazy from concentrating so intently on her book. “I…Yes?” Belle slowly questioned, her neck flushing a lovely shade of pink as she realized her attempt at a reply didn’t pertain to his question at all.

“Now, maid, I know I’ve been…excessively kind to you, given you a library, yada-yada, but I do expect some cleaning to take place…”
By the way her face darkened with a challenging grin on her lips, he supposed she was about to say something entirely witty and out-of-place for a maid, but a waver of magic, new magic, made his playful sneer shift into a rather irritated sneer.

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Avengers Millennium Infinite

It’s been out for a while now, but for a Quicksilver fan like me reading this was a very refreshing break from all the current UA drama.  And surprisingly encouraging, because it was so nice to read Quicksilver behaving and sounding more like his regular self - all thanks to Mike Costa.

However it fits into mainline continuity is anyone’s guess, and probably a moot point given this summer’s big convergence event… but who really cares?  As a straightforward action story, it’s simple and fun and the best parts are the interplay between the characters.  Yes, it has some weak spots and artistic unevenness (sadly Carmine di Giandomenico couldn’t draw it all) but overall it was worthwhile read.

Some Quicksilver-centric highlights:

Quicksilver’s great opening sequence shows just how much homework Costa did in researching not only his powers but their environmental impact.  (And Giandomenico’s artwork really brings it all to life.)  To me, a writer who invests this much thought right off the bat with a first-time character is a very hopeful sign.  Plus Costa expanded on Pietro’s powers quite interestingly as well:

(I like to think of this as a little nod to Magneto’s genetic legacy.  Heh…)

While this is a team comic, Quicksilver still manages to get in quite a good amount of scene time - more than some of the other Avengers, in fact, which is hardly a norm for him.  Here’s my favorite PIetro action shot:


The most enjoyable Quicksilver scenes, however, are definitely the humorous exchanges he shares with Hawkeye and Spider Man.  And there are quite a lot of these spread throughout the series:

Humor is hard to write, so a lot of props to Costa for making the right decision in having Pietro play the dry straight man to Clint and Peter.  And also for allowing Pietro’s naturally serious personality to create its own subtle humor:

Another thing I was pleasantly surprised by was this little bit of character introspection.  (Funny how much you can squeeze into one well-thought out panel without altering the flow of the story.)  It’s perfectly Pietro:

For a Twins fan like myself, there were also some good Maximoff family moments to be had:

Speaking of which, for Scarlet Witch fans who have been a little sore over the past few years, her portrayal here is largely a good one:

Personality-wise Wanda is truer to her roots and action-wise is pretty much front and center in one whole issue, capably holding her own alongside the Hulk.  However…

(Minor spoiler alert and This Fan’s Quibble: somehow I don’t think Scarlet Witch should be that okay with casting a counter hex that winds up dismembering and vivisecting folks.  Even if they are faceless Hydra redshirts goons.)

In any case…

Yes, I very much enjoyed Mike Costa as a Quicksilver writer.  He does right by Pietro, and I really hope someday Costa gets the chance to play with the silver speedster again.  I’d definitely read that!