We may be the children of the lands of Amed and Cizira, Dersim and Colemerg. We may be the hearts of the lands spanning out from Qobane to Qamislo, Halabja, Hewler to Slemani, Mahabad to Urmiya and the skirts of the Zagros Mountains. We may be the daughters of the Sun, children of Kurdistan.


We carry the fight of the Women across the World. Thousands of us don’t only fight ISIS. We carry on our shoulders the ideological weight of those stoned in Afghanistan or genitally mutilated in Somalia. The Women who are sexually enslaved across the world, discriminated, paid less, not represented, forcibly married, abused and victimized by domestic rape.

We are here to empower Women, break Male patriarchy, represent the silent. The sacrifices of Kurdish Women are for all of you. We are here to stay and to set precedent for the World. Embrace the Revolution.

Rojava is your home.

Yekîneyên Parastina Jin (Women’s Protection Units - Rojavaye Kurdistan)

YJA STAR (Kurdish: Yekîneyên Jinên Azad ên Star - Bakure Kurdistan)


qâlayî hewlêr [erbil citadel] and the neighborhood surrounding it, 1959 – from mamosta omer’s archive.

this citadel has thought to have been inhabited since the 5th millenium BC. as of 2017, the citadel is going under renovation and archaeological search. after the renovations are done, the KRG plans to have as many as 50 families live in it.


silêmanî region in 1959 – from mamosta omer’s archive.

footage of a seyran [picnic outing] in the small town of pîremagrûn, at the foot of pîremagrûn mountain a couple of miles away from dûkan lake.

this particular seyran included a live-action play [shown in the last gif] that depicted kurdish heroes like qazî mihemmed, kawa the blacksmith (from the newroz epic), and others.

anonymous asked:

If Kurdistan became an independent country what do you think would be the capital?

i think either hewler or amed (diyarbakir), though it would be nice to see a city in rojhelat, such as mahabad, where the short lived republic of mahabad was established, or kermanshah, as the capital of kurdistan or a city in rojava, such as qamishlo

20 years ago (May 16, 1997) KDP militants killed 62 Injured Kurdish guerrilla fighters in a #PKK hospital in Erbil (Hewler).
#Kurdistan #Kurds #Kurdish #resistance

The signs as middle eastern & north African cities
  • Aries: Tehran, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Muharraq
  • Taurus: Muscat, Yerevan, Haifa, Constantine, Casablanca
  • Gemini: Riyadh, Jeddah
  • Cancer: Cairo, Kuwait City, Batroun, Kabul, Fes
  • Leo: Tabriz, Basra, Algiers, Byblos, Ankara
  • Virgo: Shiraz, Marrakesh, Nazareth, Mosul, Tripoli (Lebanon)
  • Libra: Ramallah, Byblos, Isfahan, Benghazi, Manama
  • Scorpio: Damascus, Sana'a, Tunis, Oran, Hebron
  • Sagittarius: Baghdad, Hewler, Baku
  • Capricorn: Alexandria, Jerusalem, Aden, Dubai, Homs
  • Aquarius: Sulaimaniyah, Aleppo, Rabat, Doha, Tyre
  • Pisces: Bethlehem, Tripoli (Libya), Amman, Istanbul

first KurdStep (kurdisch Dubstep) ^^