The name’s Rex, but you’ll call me Captain or sir

War does not come with a guarantee 

No soldier gets the promise of safety

My designation is Trooper 27-5555 sir

We call him Fives

I’m Hevy

This is Echo

I’m Commander Cody, your new boss

Sir yes sir!

Looks like we got ourselves a batch of Shinies Commander

Look around, we’re one and the same

Same heart, same blood

Your training is in your blood

And my blood’s boiling for a fight

This is our home

Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

This is our war

This can’t be good

We need to pull back, get them to bulge

We’re completely exposed!

If we can draw them out we can see them!

If we can see them we can hit them!

All squads, pull back now!


I never thought star wars TCW AUs would be the thing to get me to draw fanart but here we are.

Based on @swpromptsandasks Reverse Obi-Wan AU, in which he is Anakins Padawan and the 501st are being huge dorks about him. Kix being distressed about Jedi childcare on the frontlines, Hevy being the best Padawan snuggle trap and also Obi in smol armor pieces crafted by the vods (they’re still working on a helmet its surprisingly hard to make one in his size).

The trailer is out and all I can think about is this face:

Look at his sad eyes. That’s the exact same look he gave when Ahsoka closed his hand around the beads in the first place. And, to make it worse, look at those bags under his eyes!

Yay TCW. Let’s watch even more Anakin suffering. And my top two favorite clones are already dead.


(I really am excited, though. I get to see broken Echo with proper animation! …why is this fact important to me?)

Fives, as a cadet, when Droidbait got injured in their final test: 

Fives, now an ARC trooper, when Tup was “sick”:

That´s what I call excellent character development.

A Clone’s Prayer

For My brother’s I pray:

I pray that your training is thorough, and never lets you down.

That you batch mates are with you forever, even if not always physically 

That your superiors are fair and caring, and your Jedi honorable.

I pray that you fight valiantly, with honor and pride.

For the Republic and its citizens, the Jedi, and your brothers.

I pray that your battles, no matter matter how hard-won, 

are swift, with minimal casualties

And that any drop of blood is spilled not in vain.

I pray that your armor, keeps you safe and your blaster shoots true,

no matter shiny or painted

you bring pride to yourself, your company, and the Grand Army of the Republic. 

I pray that at night, you rest easy

without fear of tomorrow or what comes while you sleep.

And if you do die in this war, that you die valiantly and painlessly,

And that you can move on to the next life in peace,

Most of all I pray, for my brothers and myself

That this war ends in Victory, and that,

Finally, when it does, we can rest

These things, dear Force, I pray for my brothers,

And they the same for me.” 

- A clone’s prayer

(I couldn’t get this out of my head)