I honestly do not know what to blog for today. I don’t have a new picture to be posted either because I do not have a camera now. :|

Last night, my friend reminded me of my old Sony Cybershot camera (which is shown in my picture above) and she told me to use it for the mean time. So what I’m gonna do now is to look for this little blue camera since I really don’t have any idea where it is. :D

Hello! My name’s Jettka. Middle name, Felices, which means happiness. I was born on October 15, 1991 in Tacloban City. I spent my college years in Cebu City and it’s pretty much my second home already. I studied BS HRM in the University of San Carlos and I just graduated last March 2011. I’m vain. Takes a lot of pictures of myself and everything else. I take film photos, too! I have 1 Mum, 1 Dad who passed away last 2005, and 7 sisters. You heard me right. And I’m the youngest. I love my family. I only have 2 piercings in my body. I don’t have a tattoo, though I’d love to have one, but I have this birthmark that looks like islands lining up which runs from my left armpit down to 2 inches before reaching the other side of my right elbow, I’m kidding, left elbow of course. I drink. I don’t smoke. I hate smoke. I love beaches very much. I sing. Somewhere on this blog you’ll find a cover of Skyscraper by Demi Lovato that I did because apparently, my confidence level suddenly went high that moment. I don’t exactly have a favorite color at the moment but I used to like purple. Don’t ask me what my favorite movie, food, song, animal, month or time of the day is because there are just too many. I’m pretty sure that I’m not a morning person so you know what’s NOT to do. But guess what? I love breakfasts, like, A LOT. I wonder why I don’t wake up in the morning. I guess I’m still too young and chill about life. When I’m in doubt, I Google it. Please do the same. I don’t have a boyfriend. Hopeless romantic. I’ve been single for 21 years, haha, nope not really. And I beg my family, relatives, friends, neighbors and strangers to stop asking me whether I have a boyfriend or not because it’s just plain awkward and sad. Cute and hot guys are exempted. You’re free to ask, dudes!!

I posted 20 Things I Love last March. In case you missed that, you can check it out here.


I’m guessing that you’re reading this right now because I just said that I now have an About Me link on my blog and you were too curious to see it so here you are OR maybe you just figured it out yourself OR you’re a new follower/viewer/reader and you’re just checking me out. Whatever your reason is, I’d like to thank you for that. At least, you cared to waste your time to read this. Haha! ;)

For the second time, hello! :) I’ve been blogging (though I feel that I don’t have the right to use that word just because) since May 15, 2010 and my first post was this. I blog about my life, in general. If you love me and you want to back read until page nth of cybershutterbug.tumblr.com then you’ll find my stories and pictures about travel, photography, events, friends, college, family, food, summer, beaches, TV shows, celebrities that I’m mentally dating, my childhood, books, movies, birthdays, a little bit of love life, dreams, wishes, favorites, rants, craps and drama. Almost about anything. Just random things that come up. And I make videos too, by the way. It’s what I enjoy doing the last couple of months. I find it very fun and interesting since before and I kinda tried doing it some years ago but I failed without good video editors available.

I love to travel very much. I love to explore the world and life outside my comfort zone. I think most of the people that have the same interests and personality as me also love adventure. I want to be in different places across the world. I want to experience the kind of life every person in every country has. I want to learn various cultures and meet a lot of people with unique and interesting stories to share. I want to do all these personally and not through reading books only. I have reasons and they’re simple. Most especially, I want to take beautiful and captivating pictures of places and food. I’ve been told that travel and photography are the perfect pair. Of course they are! 

I love taking pictures. Just like most other bloggers! Some may have no right to be under the category of Photography but still, I love the pictures I take. For those who want to know a little history, you may read this:

I’ve been interested in Photography since I was 16, I think. The first camera that I used and enjoyed and overused was this. Been using that since 3rd year high school. When I got to college, my sister gave me a Sony Cybershot phone which I named Cybie and then from there, I discovered its awesome hidden talents. Lol. It took good quality pictures and I really liked that until I lost it. I loved what I was doing so I’ve been dying to have my own DSLR. I’m not the kind of girl who gets everything I want. Sometimes, it depends if I’ve been naughty or nice. So when I went to US for the Summer Work and Travel 2011, I really worked hard and I was determined to buy my first ever DSLR myself! Boom!

I highly enjoy taking pictures for myself and for others. And I’m not needy of likers or fans. I just like to share what I possess. But of course I’d love to know if people like my pictures and then I get flattered and all. It’s always a nice feeling. 

I’m a girl. But I’m the late-bloomer kind. I started appreciating makeup after college. So I was you average college girl. I also love fashion but I don’t dress up on normal days. I keep it simple most of the time. Well sometimes, whenever I feel like it, I do that ~fashion blogger~ look on me. I LOVE SHOPPING. I NEED MONEY.

I love hanging out with people. But when it comes to people, I choose who to hang out with. It’s not really like the total definition of choosing but you know, just knowing who makes me feel comfortable and good about myself. The people who are glad for having me that are also known as friends. Being with my friends at any day will always be a fun-filled day. I am surrounded with awesome friends and that I’m a-hundred-and-one-percent sure. I won’t force anyone to hang out with me when I feel that he or she has got a problem with me. I hate it when somebody controls me or tells me what to do like they know it better than me. I just hate that.  

On the other hand, I also always find time just for myself, alone. There are also days that I never want to go out of the house and see anybody. I’m just gonna have to spend the day facing the computer, read books or watch TV shows and movies. For no reason. I’m just like that.

By the way, before I forget, I am Enneagram Number 9: The Peacemaker. Why? Read this. That’s a summary right there. 

I try to be always positive but I also believe that shit happens. But as much as possible I want to keep the balance, optimism and peace around me. Some things might end up the wrong way but life is short so get going and know that better things will happen at the right time. You just have to do something and believe in yourself. Take risks. This is what I learned through life. But taking risks for me doesn’t mean I have to do bad things. And bad things for me means hurting yourself, your soul, your family and the people around you. I needn’t be fcked up purposely and act cool about it. My parents didn’t raise me to be stupid. Just like everyone else, I want a long and happy life.

That’s all I could say for now. Thank you for reading until the end. Much appreciated! :D


I’m gonna leave for USA on March 15 and I’m gonna work in a hotel but I’m not gonna mention the name yet and which state particularly. Haha. Weeee~ Congratulations to Pearl and Mara too! Thank You so much Lord! :) 

Sana maging okay na lahat! :P  


This is just going to be a quick post. Imma post the long version when it’s ready!

Looong day Friday! Went through seven mountains, like literally, just to get to Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao. Was able to go caving and learn wake boarding! Awesome sport :)) Wanna try it again next time! My 11-11-11 was freakin greattt, learned something new and met new friends, until evening came and period changed my mood, but not totally. But there was like a crime scene in my pants!! Lol.

Todayyy~ Grad pic? Check!!

I wanna style my hair more often than keeping it messy or in a bun. But my hair’s pretty hard to maintain and I’m lazy sooo… Anyway, I like how Joecel’s MUA did my hair and make up during the shoot. Weee I’m excited to graduate alreadyyyy :)) And I noticed that my previous posts are mostly pictures of mahself!! Annoying!! Lol sorry. 7:30 class tomorrow! Gotta sleep early tonight! Goodnight~ :)

The aftermath! 

Took bajillion pictures of myself after opening the gifts and before going to sleep. I’m still thinking whether I’ll post the rest of my ‘trying hard model-ish’ self-portraits or not. Maybe not, coz me is shy :3 I’ll just keep them to myself and look at them everyday and then I’ll look at Miranda Kerr’s pictures too everyday and then back to my pics again and then I’ll start working out everyday until I get that same fckin hot body Orlando Bloom lays on top of! loljk :)