I read ‘Widow Basquiat’ by Jennifer Clement, about the relationship between Suzanne Mallouk and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It’s a really quick, easy to read book. Very moving and detailed and tells you all of the bad things about Jean-Michel which you can completely imagine but haven’t been told before. She talks about drugs and violence and insecurity and vulnerability and it feels very close and accessible and beautiful, I think, and raw… Don’t usually like the word 'raw’ but it seems very raw. There is no other word for that.

I like reading about women who loved 'great’ men. I like hearing their side of the story. Here are some others that I have read and enjoyed:


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Carolyn Cassady, wife of Neal’s, book 'Off the Road’ about her relationships with Neal, Jack Kerouac and friendship with Allen Ginsberg.


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Joyce Johnson’s Minor Characters. Chronicles her two year relationship with Jack Keroauc circa 1956/7


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How I Became Hettie Jones by Hettie Jones, about her relationship with LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka. This one is very sad. I guess they’re all very sad, but I really like them. 

Are these books only appealing to women? Can a man read one of them and let me know?


“Oh for God’s sakes! You’ve got lipstick on your cheek.” 


Abby Sciuto ,  Ziva David ,  Kensi Blye ,  Nell Jones,  Henrietta “Hetty” Lange , 

Jennifer “Jenny” Shepard ,  Caitlin “Kate” Todd , Emily Bishop ,  Meredith Brody ,  Loretta Wade 

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Nell Jones looking at her ”boyfriend” Eric BEALE / In 06X18 of NCIS LA

Kensi Blye looking at her “boyfriend” Marty DEEKS / In 06X14 of NCIS LA

it is ladies and gentlemen sparkling eyes of two loving and happy women, who need only the person who makes their bright eyes and such persons are appointed Eric BEALE and Marty DEEKS, thank you to them SINCERELY 


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