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When radical feminists talk about how porn harms women, we talk about how the women appearing in porn are real women who are being sexually exploited, raped or tortured, We also talk about how porn harms all women, whether they consume porn or not. The quote below explains one of the ways porn harms all womenwho have intercourse with men..

“Pornography does not simply create a climate in which sex and violence are interchangeable, it widens the range of behavior considered acceptable from men in heterosexual intercourse..”

We can see the reality of this in action. As certain behaviour or acts, have become common place in porn, men’s demands from women to “consent” to these sexual acts, have sky rocketed. Blow jobs, allowing a man to cum on a women’s face or body, anal sex, are all practices that were once rare, but are now commonplace amongst young Het male/female intercourse in the West. Porn harms all women in many ways.

  • Fictional character: *is hardcore crushing on some random person from the opposite gender*
  • Me: They are so fucking gay I love it
  • Fictional character: *makes out all the time with their s.o. From the opposite gender*
  • Me: flaming homosexual
  • Fictional character: *enjoys thoughts of heterosexual intercourse and the activity itself with their partner*
  • Me: gayyyyy
  • Fictional character: *repeatedly describes in elaborate detail how much they love their lover from the opposite gender*
  • Me: gay... SO GAY!!!!
  • fictional character: *is one half of a heterosexual marriage*
  • Me: fucking
  • Fictional Character: *is really obviously not gay at all*
  • Me: gay
Erection, penetration, ejaculation – this is what ‘sex’ is from the male perspective. The female role in heterosexuality is to serve the penis. She is an object of male desire, her purpose confirmed through the act by which the man sexually possesses her. A woman can only experience heterosexual 'desire’ in this context. The heterosexual female obtains pleasure by defining herself as an instrument that enables the dominant male to achieve his sexual purpose. She eroticizes her own submission to him.
—  Jane Jacobs

Nobody gives a fuck about gay rights anymore. Know why? It’s not ~cool~ anymore.
It stopped at marriage. Basically they gave us that so we would shut the fuck up, and now they are bored of us.
Now everything is about transgender activism. LGBT = Trans-Centric. Because it’s the shiny new liberal toy.
The only way anybody notices The Gays now is if some shitlord hauls off and shoots a bunch of us. In which case they’ll all bust out their rainbow tie dye tshirts for a day and then go back to not giving a fuck.
Meanwhile gnc gay kids will continue to be transed and forced into conversion therapy and subjected to societal pressure to engage in heterosexual intercourse. Our society is still rampantly homophobic and Title IX is still not upheld as protecting homosexuals. Liberal virtue signalling about “love is love” doesn’t change societal trends of discrimination and violence any more than that “I don’t see race” bullshit stops cops from killing brown people.
I am not here to say transgender people shouldn’t get access to the healthcare they need because they should, but I hope y'all know that these liberals are out here doing the same virtue signalling shit they did for us because trans activism is the hot new way to appear Progressive[tm].
Liberals only care about sparkly new easily-packaged goalposts like Gay Marriage and dogmatic slogans like “trans women are women”[sic] that make them feel like Good People. Not the hard work that it takes to actually improve society in the long run.

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So you're /not/ het ace friendly?

straight people are straight and the frequency with which they have sexual feelings doesn’t change that. a homoromantic asexual person is still gay, and i have never seen anyone question this.

i think asexual is useful as a personal descriptor but as someone who by tumblr’s definitions, falls on the asexual spectrum, i think that the expectation of the community adopting the split attraction model for inherent/necessary usage is unrealistic. the idea that straightness is defined solely by “normal” heterosexual intercourse is harmful, and makes way for the inclusion of literally anyone who doesn’t fit that standard.

hetero asexual people are capable of experiencing hatred. that hatred tends to be in the name of ableism , misogyny or even misdirected homophobia (ex: “you don’t enjoy heterosexual sex, so you must be gay!”), what have you. but they still don’t experience homophobia within & of itself and they’re still complicit in it.

we’re not going to continue discussing this on this blog, and i wanted to be upfront about where i stand on this.

WJSN Reaction to: Tribadism (smut)

Anon: I think I just found my new favorite blog! I don’t know if you’re doing requests 😔 But can you do scenario with WJSN with tribadism or really dirty smut? BECAUSE I HAVE THE HOTS FOR THEM HOLY JISOOS -SS🌙

a/n: a scenario for all the (legal) girls was too hard so I tried instead to do a long reaction. hope that’s ok, anon! also, I didn’t know what tribadism meant lol so I googled it & for anyone else unaware, it is: a lesbian practice in which one partner lies on top of the other and simulates the movements of the male in heterosexual intercourse :)

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I thought I would discuss and contextualize this little piece of homophobic drivel from Riley Jay Dennis, a person who spends a lot of their time discussing why lesbians not wanting to have sex with male people is apparently an act of violence. I have them blocked, and will not tag them, because interaction with people who hate lesbians is entirely pointless. People tend to give clues as to their true beliefs when they speak on our issues. This is no different. Conversion therapy almost never has the goal of eliminating same-sex attraction entirely. They believe that our attraction is unnatural and should be suppressed in order to form heterosexual partnerships. A lot of women in particular married to “ex-gay” men talk about how proud they are of their husband for constantly fighting what they see as unnatural urges. So the use of “exclusively” here is incredibly misinformed as to what conversion therapy is. How do I know this? Because not only have I actually studied this, including reading papers written by conversion therapists (who now often say they are “encouraging the exploration of sexual fluidity”) and I know people who have been subjected to it. If Dennis had any of this knowledge, this flippancy becomes even more reprehensible. Also, please note the conflation of “wlw” and lesbian. Conversion therapist do work with bi people, yes, but usually in the context of simply telling them that choosing their opposite sex attraction is the only viable choice. Lesbian women are attacked on the basis of their exclusive same-sex attraction. They are often told that they will never have true families and that they are denying their own happy future. Because yes, most conversion therapist believe that only marriage and children lead to female happiness. This conflation is being made because this person does not believe that there are women out there who are exclusive homosexual, aka attracted only to their own sex. Yes, encouraging women to “rethink”, “reexamine”, or “dissect” their sexual preference is exactly what conversion therapy is. They believe that being gay is something done in practice, or a behavior. They also believe it can be stopped. Telling lesbians to engage in heterosexual intercourse, whether or not you demand this of them on an exclusive basis, IS conversion therapy. The language being used is the current language of conversion therapy in practice–examine, relearn, fluidity. It is reprehensible, and it is homophobic. This person claiming the label of lesbian is to make young lesbians think that the call for this is coming from inside our house. This is a culture of homophobia. If anyone says things like this to you, you do not need to engage them further. They do not have your best interests in mind.

Whenever I tell someone about the crap that modern feminism has done that is so unimportant (like issuing complaints about “sexist emojis”, trying to ban manspreading, etc) all they do is scream “those aren’t real feminists!”

Who is a real feminist then? Catherine MacKinnon? The well known feminist who said: “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.”

Or the well known feminist, Marilyn French, who said: “All men are rapists and that’s all they are.”

Or another famous feminist, Andrea Dworkin, who said: “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-hell shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.”

You can’t stop people from identifying as feminists. If they identify as one, then they’re a feminist. There are some feminists that are more extreme than others, but they’re still feminists if they say they are. So come up with a different comeback other than “those aren’t real feminists!” Feminists are feminists.

Girls are socialized with heteronormative expectations so we grow up believing that ‘sex’ and 'love’ are things we can only experience with men. …We are manipulated, pressured or forced into having sex with men we don’t love, and we are expected to pretend we like it … Three-quarters of women never experience orgasm from heterosexual intercourse, but are told this proves there is something wrong with them as women, because we can’t be allowed to wonder if there is something wrong with men or something wrong with heterosexuality. This situation is only possible because patriarchal culture imposes a deep sense of shame on female sexuality.
—  Jane Jacobs

This blog is for lesbians and lesbians only. We will not be answering your questions about bisexuality.

I find it quite disrespectful to find asks about bisexuality and detailed heterosexual intercourse over and over in our inbox. It is clearly stated in our URL “lesbian-ed”. It is clearly stated in our about page. It is quite visible throughout our posts that we are providing support to lesbians, that we are providing lesbians with a space where they can share their experiences and worries, where they can be heard without the fear of being condemned for their sexual attraction. That people are trying to rob us of that states their lesbophobia clearly, and we will not allow them to speak over lesbians, to silence us.

Lesbians have very few spaces dedicated to them. Stop trying to invade a space that is not yours. You will find plenty of blogs willing to give you advice. If you don’t find one that fits you, feel free to start one yourself. But don’t come here and ask lesbians to accomodate you when you show how little respect you have for us.

We do not have to be subjected to the detailing of your heterosexual intercourses either. You will be blocked.

Mod C.

Two gestures, the Mano Fico and the Mano Cornuto, used in Italy against the Evil Eye, c.1914.

Apotropaic Charms Against the Evil Eye

 The Mano Cornuto is an Italian amulet of ancient origin. Examples have been found from the Roman era, and it was also used by the Etruscans. Mano means “hand” and Corno means “horn.” The charm represents a gesture in which the index and little fingers are extended while the middle and ring fingers are curled into the palm. Among some people this is the sign of a man who has been slighted, cheated on, or betrayed by a lover; but it is also widely used as a protective gesture against impotency.

 Another method of the same origin for warding the Evil Eye is the Mano Fico, or Figa, meaning “fig.”  It represents a hand gesture in which the thumb is thrust between the curled index and middle fingers, imitating heterosexual intercourse. The logic here was that since the Evil Eye worked by drying up the generative fluids, a gesture of the sexual act could counteract it.

 Both hand charms could be made as an apotropaic gesture or worn as an amulet, usually made of silver, though older Neapolitan Mano charms were also carved of Blood Coral. The Neapolitan custom of making such charms from silver, which is sacred to the Moon goddess Luna, and Blood Coral, sacred to the sea goddess Venus, hints at the cultural survival of a link between the horned animal head gesture and the vulva gesture of the Mano Fico in ancient Roman goddess worship, and in reference to their male, horn-bearing consort, modernly equated with the Devil or Horned God.


For optimal system performance, update your Bible as often as possible.

VERSION 1.0: Original release. Heavens, Earth, formless void.

1.1 Improved visuals with “Light” expansion pack. Replaces “darkness.”

1.2 “Land Animal” expansion pack: zebras, mice. “Fish” expansion pack: eels.

1.3 “Object” expansion pack: tools, human female.

1.4 First-generation Apple product added to Garden of Eden interface.

1.5 “Human Condition” expansion pack: shame, guilt, homicidal violence.NOTE: CRUCIAL DOWNLOAD. WITHOUT DOWNLOAD, BIBLE CANNOT FUNCTION.

1.6 “Sodom and Gomorrah” N.S.F.W. glitch identified and removed. Bible now free of “Homosexuality” virus.

1.7 “Fish” expansion pack: sponges.

1.8 “Bad Things Happen to Good People” glitch identified but not fixed.

1.9 Fixes “Noah’s Flood” virus, which may result in widespread data loss.

1.10 Update adds dozens of colors to “Joseph’s Dreamcoat” section. Includes: light blue, maroon, dark blue. Removes homosexual colors (lavender, goldenrod).

1.11 New feature allows user to play as Job (difficulty level: “very hard”).

1.12 “Fish” expansion pack: manta rays.


VERSION 2.0: “New Testament” expansion pack. Adds Jesus features.

2.1 Fixes “Immaculate Conception” glitch. All conceptions now maculate.

2.2 “Human Condition” expansion pack: sexual humiliation, homosexual desire, homosexual repression. NOTECRUCIAL DOWNLOAD. WITHOUT DOWNLOAD,BIBLE CANNOT FUNCTION.

2.3 New “Rosary” feature allows user to bypass help toolbar and speak directly with Mary. (Note: “Mary” outsourced to India.)

2.4 New three-for-the-price-of-one deal on Christian-deity bundle. Nominal fee for update (ten-per-cent tithe).

2.5 Sabbath upgrade: Saturday to Sunday. Saturdays now available for work, heterosexual intercourse.

2.6 Easter eggs added: “Holy Grail,” “Shroud of Turin,” “Easter Egg.”

2.7 “Jesus AutoSave” feature. Restores Jesus to previously saved form three days after data loss.

2.8 Limited editions available: King James, U2.

VERSION 2.0.1: Inspires popular Koran download. Part of iSlam app.


VERSION 3.0: Industrialization-compatible.

3.1 No longer punishable by death: rounded haircuts, ripped clothing. Beatles-compatible.

3.2 No longer punishable by death: adultery. John Edwards-, Tiger Woods-, Bill Clinton-, Hugh Grant-, David Letterman-, Jude Law-, Prince Charles-compatible.

3.3 “Shuffle” feature allows user’s fate to be randomly assigned whether or not user is morally and spiritually good. See: Hiroshima, Darfur.

3.4 User-helpline feature removed. Direct prophet link from human to God now available online. Go to F.A.Q.s.

3.5 “Fish” expansion pack: that one with the light on its head.


VERSION 4.0: Evolution-compatible. “Missing Link” Easter egg added.

4.1 “Shellfish” expansion pack (replaces “kosher”). Lobster-bisque-compatible.

4.2 Newest Gideon edition bundled with hotel-room drawers.

4.3 Last version compatible with Mac OS 9/slavery.

4.4 “Dog” expansion pack: Labradoodles.


VERSION 5.0: Slavery-incompatible. For continuing access to slavery, use previous versions of Bible.


VERSION 6.0: Homosexuality-compatible. Homosexual colors added back (sea-foam green, fire-engine red).

6.1 Eve now known as Steve.

6.2 “Original Sin” glitch fixed; basic human goodness implied.

6.3 “Bad Things Happen to Good People” bug still presents problems. “Marijuana” patch now allows program to function until solution is found.

6.4 Fish removed owing to climate-change bug: whitefish, sea bass. “Fish” expansion pack: nuclear-mutated fatty tuna.

6.5 “Black people” now known as “people.”

6.6 “Gay people” now known as “people.”

6.7 “Sodom” now known as “West Hollywood.”

6.8 “Hell” now known as “Florida.”

6.9 Limited-edition Kanye West Messiah edition available. “Yeezus” features added.

6.10 “Westboro Baptist Church” virus eliminated. Sent to Hell (Florida) for violating terms and conditions of Bible.

6.11 “Gay Marriage” expansion pack (available in certain areas).

6.12 “God” feature removed entirely. Replaced with “The Cloud.”

(Originally published in The New Yorker.)

Crucial to the ideological notion of ‘rape’ is the concept of consent. Rape is  sexual act of a man against a woman - it is conceived by the bourgeois legal apparatus to be an act of heterosexual intercourse without the consent of the woman…Its criminal nature centers on this question of consent. Thus the law, based on the ideological construct of equality and thus 'free choice’ makes a sharp distinction between heterosexual intercourse which is freely consensual and that which isn’t, the latter legally constituting rape.
It would seem to be obvious at this point that one effect of the ideological function of 'rape’ is to obscure sexual relations between men and women. To make a qualitative distinction between rape and consensual heterosexuality on the basis of such a profoundly ideological concept as bourgeois equality, is not only to indulge in political naivete but to avoid an analysis of sexuality as a whole. It is to avoid what is essential to an understanding of rape - a scientific analysis of the way in which capitalism organizes sexuality.
—  Rosalind Innes, Rape Ideology and the Maintenance of Women’s Oppression, June 1977

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sorry if this isn't appropriate to ask here, but how can i as a bi girl (in a relationship with another girl if that's relevant) best support and uplift my lesbian sisters?

Hello there !

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this question. Solidarity between women is very important, and more often than not, lesbians are pushed away by society, and even in women only circles. As a bisexual woman, there are many things you can do to support lesbians.

First of all, I would like to encourage you to reclaim your sexuality. Bisexual/bisexuality are not dirty words. Many bisexuals complain (rightfully) about bisexual erasure and in the same breath constantly call themselves “gay”. This is 1) homophobia and 2) appropriation. This is homophobia because it perpetuates the idea that gay is an umbrella term, while it only means “homosexual”, and more precisely, “homosexual man”. It also perpetuates the idea that gay people are not really gay, that they will also pursue heterosexuality at some point or another, which is entirely false. This goes double for “lesbian” ; many bisexual women are surinvested in the qu**r/trans theory and will claim to be lesbians, even if they actually promote their love for phalluses. This is just plain lesbophobia. It is now harder than ever for lesbians to regroup and find each other, as many women who claim to be “lesbians” are actually not, and try to coerce young and/or vulnerable lesbians into heterosexual intercourse via lesbophobic rhetoric. Even if you do not engage in these behaviours, it would be good for you and other bisexual women to jump in and defend lesbians from bisexual women who do engage in these behaviours. As I said before, it hurts us tremendously.

Another thing you have to consider, is how little our voice is, as it is silenced in society and medias, and even in the LGBT (now renowned qu**r) community, which is supposed to be welcoming of us, but only proves day after day that the lesbophobia occuring in it remains unquestionned, even in spaces that are supposed to lift us up. I suggest you try as much as you can to listen to us, and to diffuse our words, and to never, ever ever, speak over us. Lesbians and bisexual women may share some experiences. However, our existence in the world is very different from bisexual women’s existence (and vice versa). 

Be kind and positive ! I know it sounds very cheesy, but lesbians are subjected to sooooo much negativity, that we sometimes forget how to smile. Being a lesbian in a profoundly lesbophobic, heteronormative, phallocentric society is a heavy burden. Knowing someone has your back, someone thins of you positively, someone is here to listen to you does wonders.

Promote our lesbians-only spaces. If you hear about anything lesbian-only, or women-only, please do promote it. Lesbians are slowly being deprived of the spaces we took so long, we suffered so much to build, and we need to regroup, to discuss our specific experiences. There will always lonely lesbians who haven’t heard of the initiative you’ve heard about. So promote it ! Even if it doesn’t benefit you specifically, promoting it might help others tremendously.

Lastly, do not ask what we lesbians can do for you. We will return it to you. I know how it sounds but bear with me a second. Female socialization makes us do all the emotional labour ; that is something I am sure you’re aware of. Most of straight women and bisexual women’s emotional labour is for men. Lesbian socialization is a bit different ; living in a lesbophobic and phallocentric society, we have this sense of guilt, due to our sexuality. We are told that we “exclude” men from our sexuality, that we hate them, that it’s a shame, that we are deviants and so on, that we are predators to women. Lesbians feeling at fault will usually bear emotional labour for men AND women. This is very prominent in the feminist movement, for example. A lot is asked of us, and we have very little in return. Which is why I ask you not to expect anything in return. You should do these things freely, out of your own will. Many bisexual women are lesbophobic, I have seen it first hand, which is why we might always a bit wary.

I wish all the best to you, and to your relationship with your girlfriend.

Mod C.

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I'm a little confused on why people get so concerned over over who tops/bottoms; it's the same 2 characters, so does it really make a difference?

Oh man okay so this might get long and I might not be able to articulate my thoughts very well but… I personally think it should NOT matter who tops/bottoms for this reason:

“TOPPING” and “BOTTOMING” are strongly stereotyped, and people often see a correlation between those two words as winning-losing/dominance-submission. THIS IS NOT CORRECT.

Did you know that in many healthy same-sex relationships, PEOPLE SWITCH? Why? Because top/bottom SHOULD NOT BE A POWER PLAY THING. It should be a sex thing, a making love thing, a “hey we are equals so let’s do whatever we want” thing, and maybe that means one person PREFERS how it feels to have their prostate ground against, or maybe someone PREFERS to be the one penetrating because of how it turns them on, NOT because they want to dominate their partner. top-bottom relationships aren’t always fluid, but to say a character “shouldn’t be a bottom” or “would never be a top” means you are looking at something in their characters that makes you think that- and it all comes down to our skewed perception of heterosexual intercourse.

We base our ideas of homosexual intercourse off of what we know about heterosexual intercourse, simply because heterosexual intercourse is usually what we “learn” about first (i place learn in quotation marks simply because our sex ed is shitty as hell). and the things we are taught about heterosexual intercourse are EXTREMELY patriarchal. Women are submissive. Men dominate, men are on top, men win. Even when a man is submissive and a woman is the dominant one, the act only finishes once the MAN comes, once the MAN penetrates the woman and WINS. And when we look at same-sex relationships, we look at them with these ideas of winning-losing/dominance-submission without even realizing it, and end up fitting the characters into these roles based on the patriarchal ideas we’ve been brainwashed to believe all our lives.

So to put it simply: topping and bottoming does not matter, because who tops and who bottoms has NOTHING to do with their characteristics. The only thing it has to do with is what makes them horny, or whose turn it is that night, or what their preferences in sex are. And guess what- NONE OF US KNOW WHAT OUR OTP’S SEXUAL KINKS/TURN OFFS/ETC ARE UNLESS THEY ARE STATED IN THE CANNON, WHICH IS EXTREMELY RARE.

As long as the characters remain in-character, there should be NO problem with who tops/bottoms.

Stoic characters might love being fingered.

Cute characters might not like the feeling of penetration.

Just stick to the characters, and then do whatever the fuck you want. I understand why people get upset when they see fanart or read fanfiction where a character they could never imagine bottoming is taking it up the ass and moaning and writhing and crying- but do you know why you find it upsetting? Because they are out of character, NOT because they are taking it up the ass. The author/artist is forcing the character into a mold of the patriarchal female, breaking them out of their character, just so they can fit into the “bottom” role. BUT IF A CHARACTER STAYS TRUE TO THEIR CANNON PERSONALITIES WHILE TAKING IT UP THE ASS, THERE SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM, RIGHT? Because!! IT! DOESN’T! MATTER! WHO! TOPS! OR! WHO! BOTTOMS! BECAUSE! WHO! YOU! ARE! DOES! NOT! DEFINE! YOUR! POSITION! IN! SEX!!!!!!! and vice versa!!!!!

And by fighting over who “tops” and who “bottoms” based on characteristics made up by a patriarchal society which views the “woman’s role” in sex as lesser, we create an imbalance of power in same-sex relationships, when all in all sex should be a mutual act of passion/love/lust/whatever the fuck you want to call it.

I rambled, and probably talked in circles, and a lot of you probably have no idea what I’m trying to say so I’m sorry. But to answer your question, anon:

No, it shouldn’t make a difference who tops or who bottoms.

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I see a bunch of historians acting like a sexual relationship between Hamilton and Laurens definitely could never have happened, but is there actually any proof one way or another? I mean, they wouldn't have put anything like that in writing so how would we know?

Hamilton used enough sexual innuendos to give rise the possibility. But, typically unlike heterosexual intercourse, which leaves behind babies as evidence, sex between same-gender couples is very difficult to prove unless they either leave a letter or something admitting to it, or they get caught. And straight historians know that, which is why they force queer historians to play the “smoking cock” game (”pictures/criminal records or it didn’t happen”) to prove an historical figure was same-gender-loving. And I don’t like playing that game, because it’s bullshit. It equates same-gender-love solely to sexual acts while going out of their way to stress that no matter how many love-letters two men or two women wrote to each other, that was really just close camaraderie; it basically accuses queer people of “tainting” allegedly “pure friendships”.

The function of pornography as an influence on consciousness is a major public issue of our time, when a multibillion-dollar industry has the power to disseminate increasingly sadistic, women-degrading visual images. But even so-called soft-core pornography and advertising depict women as objects of sexual appetite devoid of emotional context, without individual meaning or personality: essentially as a sexual commodity to be consumed by males. (So-called lesbian pornography, created for the male voyeuristic eye, is equally devoid of emotional context or individual personality.) The most pernicious message relayed by pornography is that women are natural sexual prey to men and love it; that sexuality and violence are congruent; and that for women sex is essentially masochis-
tic, humiliation pleasurable, physical abuse erotic. But along with this message comes another, not always recognized: that enforced submission and the use of cruelty, if played out in heterosexual pairing, is sexually “normal,” while sensuality between women, including erotic mutuality and respect, is “queer,” “sick,” and either pornographic in itself or not very exciting compared with the sexuality of whips and  bondage.Pornography does not simply create a climate in which sex and violence are interchangeable; it widens the range of behavior considered acceptable from men in heterosexual intercourse-behavior which reiteratively strips women of their autonomy, dignity, and sexual potential, including the potential of loving and being loved by women in mutuality and integrity.
—  Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence, Adrienne Rich (1980) 

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Would you like to see aoba being on top for once? If so with who and why?

Oh gosh yes I love seeing Aoba top. My good friend harukami wrote a whole series of fics about Aoba topping the various boys and they’re all of them amazing.

As far as who, it’s definitely a different experience with each boyfriend so it’s somewhat hard to pick a favorite.

I would say that Noiz is probably the easiest to imagine, for me. Noiz is already a perverted little brat with a libido that knows no bounds. I don’t think that Noiz himself would be content with just topping Aoba forever. Eventually, his curiosity would get the better of him and he’d want to know what it feels like for Aoba to be inside him as well. From Aoba’s end, he’s pretty well suited to topping Noiz too. Aoba recognizes that Noiz is younger than him and does sort of have that “big brother” vibe towards Noiz in a lot of their interactions. I think that’s something that could very easily into Aoba getting really comfortable with the idea of being more dominant when they sleep together. We already see a little bit of this in the drama CD with how playful their banter gets when they’re alone together.

Clear is who I see as next on the list for ease-of-topping. Like Noiz, he’s one of the more enthusiastic boyfriends and is also very eager for trying new things. I like to imagine that once Clear realizes that Aoba could be topping him too he’d be very determined to make it happen. Aoba’s comfort with topping here is probably higher as well because we do see Aoba taking a more nurturing role when it comes to Clear. He takes Clear out on a date, he’s the one explaining a lot of things about what it means to be human to Clear. I think in that context, Aoba would be more than happy to show Clear how much he loves him in lots of different ways, topping included.

Ren sits in the middle of the group. As the only boyfriend who has topping actually broached as an option in his route, I think Ren himself still has a bit of difficulty with restraint (haha) when it comes to Aoba. Like we see in their re:Connect scene, even if Aoba says it’s something he wants, Ren still finds himself overwhelmed by his own desires and can’t help but dominate the situation. However, I think that once Ren’s temperament evens out more with him adapting to being completely human he’d be more capable of making sure that Aoba gets what he wants. And, of course, for Aoba’s part, we know what he wants is to get himself some Ren.

Koujaku is next for a lot of the reasons that Haru covers in the fic linked above. Koujaku’s entire route is all about Koujaku keeping himself under control, keeping his feelings for Aoba in check, keeping his rage in check. Add to that the fact that Koujaku’s a very experienced lover but is only experienced in heterosexual intercourse before he starts dating Aoba and you wind up with a really dumb hippo that doesn’t know how to do much other than top. However, despite his hang ups, it’s also very clear that Koujaku doesn’t want to make a move to stop Aoba when it’s clear that Aoba wants something. We see this in re:Connect with the blowjob scene. Even though Koujaku’s a little uncomfortable there, he lets it happen because this is what Aoba wants. I think Aoba as well would eventually want to be on top with Koujaku, but here as well it’s something that’s not as easy as with the others. Aoba looks up to Koujaku in a way that he doesn’t with Ren, Clear, or Noiz. Koujaku is still Aoba’s hero, and even if they’ve both gotten past that in some ways, it’s a factor that comes into play and would need to be address from Aoba’s end before he’s ready to take a serious leading role in bed.

Mink is, obviously, hard mode, though this is a lot less to do with Mink’s willingness or unwillingness to top and a whole lot more to do with Aoba’s issues in the relationship. Even though Aoba and Mink have started working out the problems in their past, the fact still remains that the main game is all about Mink conditioning Aoba into submission with physical and sexual violence. Everything that Mink did to Aoba was so that Aoba would submit to him and become a tool that Mink could use. That kind of negative reinforcement isn’t something that will go away easily for Aoba, and it would make it very difficult for Aoba to comfortably take a more dominant role in bed. However, I do think that it’s something that could be used as a means of repairing their relationship and this is something that Haru does a fantastic job of portraying in her fic. The amount of character development and growth that goes into the dynamics of Aoba topping Mink is probably why their combination is my favorite Aoba tops scenario out of all the boyfriends.

brokebitchantics-deactivated201  asked:

Why do you believe feminism is a hate movement? I really wanna know why.

When some of the most prominent feminists and famous women make openly hateful anti-male statements, and the mainstream feminist organizations say and do nothing to distance themselves from such public statements, then it’s clear that the hatred of men has an accepted place in mainstream feminism.

Does this seem like a harsh assessment of feminism? Perhaps. Is it true? Absolutely.

One of the main problems with feminism is that it exploits the legitimate claims of equal rights as a cloak to usher in its divisive, hateful and neurotic interests. Interests that are plainly anti-male and not at all about equal rights.

For example, here are some quotes from famous feminists.

  • “I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honourable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” – Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor
  • “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.”  -– Valerie Solanas
  • “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin
  • “Rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear” — Susan Brownmiller
  • “The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men.” — Sharon Stone
  • “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.” — Catherine MacKinnon
  • “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart
  • “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins
  • “All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French
  • “Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.” — Germaine Greer.

The quotations above are from Kelly Mac’s blog. Kelly is ‘a woman against feminism’ because of its anti-male agenda. You can read more of Kelly Mac’s blog at http://awomanagainstfeminism.blogspot.com/

Kelly sums it up nicely:

If you’re going to say feminism is not a man-hating movement, I’m going to have to insist that you provide links either to sites showing feminists condemning the statements listed above, or feminists telling women to respect men as men.