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When radical feminists talk about how porn harms women, we talk about how the women appearing in porn are real women who are being sexually exploited, raped or tortured, We also talk about how porn harms all women, whether they consume porn or not. The quote below explains one of the ways porn harms all womenwho have intercourse with men..

“Pornography does not simply create a climate in which sex and violence are interchangeable, it widens the range of behavior considered acceptable from men in heterosexual intercourse..”

We can see the reality of this in action. As certain behaviour or acts, have become common place in porn, men’s demands from women to “consent” to these sexual acts, have sky rocketed. Blow jobs, allowing a man to cum on a women’s face or body, anal sex, are all practices that were once rare, but are now commonplace amongst young Het male/female intercourse in the West. Porn harms all women in many ways.

I thought I would discuss and contextualize this little piece of homophobic drivel from Riley Jay Dennis, a person who spends a lot of their time discussing why lesbians not wanting to have sex with male people is apparently an act of violence. I have them blocked, and will not tag them, because interaction with people who hate lesbians is entirely pointless. People tend to give clues as to their true beliefs when they speak on our issues. This is no different. Conversion therapy almost never has the goal of eliminating same-sex attraction entirely. They believe that our attraction is unnatural and should be suppressed in order to form heterosexual partnerships. A lot of women in particular married to “ex-gay” men talk about how proud they are of their husband for constantly fighting what they see as unnatural urges. So the use of “exclusively” here is incredibly misinformed as to what conversion therapy is. How do I know this? Because not only have I actually studied this, including reading papers written by conversion therapists (who now often say they are “encouraging the exploration of sexual fluidity”) and I know people who have been subjected to it. If Dennis had any of this knowledge, this flippancy becomes even more reprehensible. Also, please note the conflation of “wlw” and lesbian. Conversion therapist do work with bi people, yes, but usually in the context of simply telling them that choosing their opposite sex attraction is the only viable choice. Lesbian women are attacked on the basis of their exclusive same-sex attraction. They are often told that they will never have true families and that they are denying their own happy future. Because yes, most conversion therapist believe that only marriage and children lead to female happiness. This conflation is being made because this person does not believe that there are women out there who are exclusive homosexual, aka attracted only to their own sex. Yes, encouraging women to “rethink”, “reexamine”, or “dissect” their sexual preference is exactly what conversion therapy is. They believe that being gay is something done in practice, or a behavior. They also believe it can be stopped. Telling lesbians to engage in heterosexual intercourse, whether or not you demand this of them on an exclusive basis, IS conversion therapy. The language being used is the current language of conversion therapy in practice–examine, relearn, fluidity. It is reprehensible, and it is homophobic. This person claiming the label of lesbian is to make young lesbians think that the call for this is coming from inside our house. This is a culture of homophobia. If anyone says things like this to you, you do not need to engage them further. They do not have your best interests in mind.

  • Fictional character: *is hardcore crushing on some random person from the opposite gender*
  • Me: They are so fucking gay I love it
  • Fictional character: *makes out all the time with their s.o. From the opposite gender*
  • Me: flaming homosexual
  • Fictional character: *enjoys thoughts of heterosexual intercourse and the activity itself with their partner*
  • Me: gayyyyy
  • Fictional character: *repeatedly describes in elaborate detail how much they love their lover from the opposite gender*
  • Me: gay... SO GAY!!!!
  • fictional character: *is one half of a heterosexual marriage*
  • Me: fucking
  • Fictional Character: *is really obviously not gay at all*
  • Me: gay
Erection, penetration, ejaculation – this is what ‘sex’ is from the male perspective. The female role in heterosexuality is to serve the penis. She is an object of male desire, her purpose confirmed through the act by which the man sexually possesses her. A woman can only experience heterosexual 'desire’ in this context. The heterosexual female obtains pleasure by defining herself as an instrument that enables the dominant male to achieve his sexual purpose. She eroticizes her own submission to him.
—  Jane Jacobs

TT: While you were practicing heterosexual intercourse, I studied the blade.

I…I mean, they -do- get married, it’s canon friend. We knew our goth gal was gay for the green for a while before they tied the knot, but I suppose you want your au where Kanaya is just a japanese sword, so here’s Rose doing her best The Bride impression as the Groom.

It sounded better in my head I promise, and this isn’t a requestfest intro, this one just tickled me enough to get me to do a little thing for it.

Commissions remain open.

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Any woman who willingly participates in heterosexual intercourse only helps to ensure male domination and supremacy by strengthening it's very foundations, and should not be called a feminist. A real feminist does not participate in heterosexual sex, and certainly does not want to have MALE children. Men are dirty and disgusting. Heterosexual penetration is the equivalent of RAPE. Women who do not have Lesbian sex are not pro-feminism, they are pro-men and pro-patriarchy. SHAME!

I have a quick question: what is it like to be such an asshole? 

Whenever I tell someone about the crap that modern feminism has done that is so unimportant (like issuing complaints about “sexist emojis”, trying to ban manspreading, etc) all they do is scream “those aren’t real feminists!”

Who is a real feminist then? Catherine MacKinnon? The well known feminist who said: “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.”

Or the well known feminist, Marilyn French, who said: “All men are rapists and that’s all they are.”

Or another famous feminist, Andrea Dworkin, who said: “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-hell shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.”

You can’t stop people from identifying as feminists. If they identify as one, then they’re a feminist. There are some feminists that are more extreme than others, but they’re still feminists if they say they are. So come up with a different comeback other than “those aren’t real feminists!” Feminists are feminists.

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So you're /not/ het ace friendly?

straight people are straight and the frequency with which they have sexual feelings doesn’t change that. a homoromantic asexual person is still gay, and i have never seen anyone question this.

i think asexual is useful as a personal descriptor but as someone who by tumblr’s definitions, falls on the asexual spectrum, i think that the expectation of the community adopting the split attraction model for inherent/necessary usage is unrealistic. the idea that straightness is defined solely by “normal” heterosexual intercourse is harmful, and makes way for the inclusion of literally anyone who doesn’t fit that standard.

hetero asexual people are capable of experiencing hatred. that hatred tends to be in the name of ableism , misogyny or even misdirected homophobia (ex: “you don’t enjoy heterosexual sex, so you must be gay!”), what have you. but they still don’t experience homophobia within & of itself and they’re still complicit in it.

we’re not going to continue discussing this on this blog, and i wanted to be upfront about where i stand on this.

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are you a gay man? no. you aren't a top nor a bottom sweetie ;)

Heterosexual intercourse usually has two people: one person on top of or underneath another.
Hence, top and bottom.
I.e. I like to ride the dick.

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I'd be fine if someone didn't want to hear about my sex life. But if they JUST wanted to hear about my sex life w/ other girls and not boys, I'd be reluctant to talk about sex at all. (although I always am just because I'm shy, this is implying I have friends I am comfortable talking about sex with) Anon said they "reacted negatively." What does that mean? I'm going to guess an argument got started because anon was being rude, not because bi girls want to force you to listen about penis

Your boundaries are okay too. If someone not wanting to hear about heterosexual intercourse means they wouldn’t be a good friend to them, then you probably shouldn’t be friends with them. You’re entitled to your own opinion.

Some women do indeed react badly if you ask them not to give you graphic details of their sex with men. I’ve said “I’m uncomfortable with hearing some of these details” before and been told things like “99% of women are attracted to men, grow up and get over yourself”.

If you can’t understand why lesbians might not like hearing about that stuff, that is honestly your problem and not theirs. Bi women are perfectly welcome to be attracted to men without needed to have everyone hear details about their sex lives. Which is what “talking about dick” means.

You’re welcome to explore your feelings about this on your own blog, but I don’t think I’ll be responding again. I think you’re being very self-centered and not being compassionate to other’s needs and comfort levels, and I’m actually not interested in that mindset at all.


For optimal system performance, update your Bible as often as possible.

VERSION 1.0: Original release. Heavens, Earth, formless void.

1.1 Improved visuals with “Light” expansion pack. Replaces “darkness.”

1.2 “Land Animal” expansion pack: zebras, mice. “Fish” expansion pack: eels.

1.3 “Object” expansion pack: tools, human female.

1.4 First-generation Apple product added to Garden of Eden interface.

1.5 “Human Condition” expansion pack: shame, guilt, homicidal violence.NOTE: CRUCIAL DOWNLOAD. WITHOUT DOWNLOAD, BIBLE CANNOT FUNCTION.

1.6 “Sodom and Gomorrah” N.S.F.W. glitch identified and removed. Bible now free of “Homosexuality” virus.

1.7 “Fish” expansion pack: sponges.

1.8 “Bad Things Happen to Good People” glitch identified but not fixed.

1.9 Fixes “Noah’s Flood” virus, which may result in widespread data loss.

1.10 Update adds dozens of colors to “Joseph’s Dreamcoat” section. Includes: light blue, maroon, dark blue. Removes homosexual colors (lavender, goldenrod).

1.11 New feature allows user to play as Job (difficulty level: “very hard”).

1.12 “Fish” expansion pack: manta rays.


VERSION 2.0: “New Testament” expansion pack. Adds Jesus features.

2.1 Fixes “Immaculate Conception” glitch. All conceptions now maculate.

2.2 “Human Condition” expansion pack: sexual humiliation, homosexual desire, homosexual repression. NOTECRUCIAL DOWNLOAD. WITHOUT DOWNLOAD,BIBLE CANNOT FUNCTION.

2.3 New “Rosary” feature allows user to bypass help toolbar and speak directly with Mary. (Note: “Mary” outsourced to India.)

2.4 New three-for-the-price-of-one deal on Christian-deity bundle. Nominal fee for update (ten-per-cent tithe).

2.5 Sabbath upgrade: Saturday to Sunday. Saturdays now available for work, heterosexual intercourse.

2.6 Easter eggs added: “Holy Grail,” “Shroud of Turin,” “Easter Egg.”

2.7 “Jesus AutoSave” feature. Restores Jesus to previously saved form three days after data loss.

2.8 Limited editions available: King James, U2.

VERSION 2.0.1: Inspires popular Koran download. Part of iSlam app.


VERSION 3.0: Industrialization-compatible.

3.1 No longer punishable by death: rounded haircuts, ripped clothing. Beatles-compatible.

3.2 No longer punishable by death: adultery. John Edwards-, Tiger Woods-, Bill Clinton-, Hugh Grant-, David Letterman-, Jude Law-, Prince Charles-compatible.

3.3 “Shuffle” feature allows user’s fate to be randomly assigned whether or not user is morally and spiritually good. See: Hiroshima, Darfur.

3.4 User-helpline feature removed. Direct prophet link from human to God now available online. Go to F.A.Q.s.

3.5 “Fish” expansion pack: that one with the light on its head.


VERSION 4.0: Evolution-compatible. “Missing Link” Easter egg added.

4.1 “Shellfish” expansion pack (replaces “kosher”). Lobster-bisque-compatible.

4.2 Newest Gideon edition bundled with hotel-room drawers.

4.3 Last version compatible with Mac OS 9/slavery.

4.4 “Dog” expansion pack: Labradoodles.


VERSION 5.0: Slavery-incompatible. For continuing access to slavery, use previous versions of Bible.


VERSION 6.0: Homosexuality-compatible. Homosexual colors added back (sea-foam green, fire-engine red).

6.1 Eve now known as Steve.

6.2 “Original Sin” glitch fixed; basic human goodness implied.

6.3 “Bad Things Happen to Good People” bug still presents problems. “Marijuana” patch now allows program to function until solution is found.

6.4 Fish removed owing to climate-change bug: whitefish, sea bass. “Fish” expansion pack: nuclear-mutated fatty tuna.

6.5 “Black people” now known as “people.”

6.6 “Gay people” now known as “people.”

6.7 “Sodom” now known as “West Hollywood.”

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6.11 “Gay Marriage” expansion pack (available in certain areas).

6.12 “God” feature removed entirely. Replaced with “The Cloud.”

(Originally published in The New Yorker.)

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I see a bunch of historians acting like a sexual relationship between Hamilton and Laurens definitely could never have happened, but is there actually any proof one way or another? I mean, they wouldn't have put anything like that in writing so how would we know?

Hamilton used enough sexual innuendos to give rise the possibility. But, typically unlike heterosexual intercourse, which leaves behind babies as evidence, sex between same-gender couples is very difficult to prove unless they either leave a letter or something admitting to it, or they get caught. And straight historians know that, which is why they force queer historians to play the “smoking cock” game (”pictures/criminal records or it didn’t happen”) to prove an historical figure was same-gender-loving. And I don’t like playing that game, because it’s bullshit. It equates same-gender-love solely to sexual acts while going out of their way to stress that no matter how many love-letters two men or two women wrote to each other, that was really just close camaraderie; it basically accuses queer people of “tainting” allegedly “pure friendships”.

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your playlist is perf but why are you for antifeminism? is it because of the stigma and those girls who call themselves feminists when they are really just irrational, ignorant, selfish misandrists? honestly, feminism in itself is a good movement which preaches the EQUALITY between men and women and recognises women's rights bc it is true that in the world we live in, women are STILL considered inferior. but yeah i'd like to hear why you aren't for feminism

“honestly, feminism in itself is a good movement which preaches the EQUALITY between men and women”

I’m pretty sure feminists aren’t making it seem that way

The function of pornography as an influence on consciousness is a major public issue of our time, when a multibillion-dollar industry has the power to disseminate increasingly sadistic, women-degrading visual images. But even so-called soft-core pornography and advertising depict women as objects of sexual appetite devoid of emotional context, without individual meaning or personality: essentially as a sexual commodity to be consumed by males. (So-called lesbian pornography, created for the male voyeuristic eye, is equally devoid of emotional context or individual personality.) The most pernicious message relayed by pornography is that women are natural sexual prey to men and love it; that sexuality and violence are congruent; and that for women sex is essentially masochis-
tic, humiliation pleasurable, physical abuse erotic. But along with this message comes another, not always recognized: that enforced submission and the use of cruelty, if played out in heterosexual pairing, is sexually “normal,” while sensuality between women, including erotic mutuality and respect, is “queer,” “sick,” and either pornographic in itself or not very exciting compared with the sexuality of whips and  bondage.Pornography does not simply create a climate in which sex and violence are interchangeable; it widens the range of behavior considered acceptable from men in heterosexual intercourse-behavior which reiteratively strips women of their autonomy, dignity, and sexual potential, including the potential of loving and being loved by women in mutuality and integrity.
—  Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence, Adrienne Rich (1980) 
Terf is a word that was designed specifically to start a witch hunt and silencing tactic on women who did not agree with or did not want to engage in trans or queer politics, especially lesbians. Being robbed places, of our security, of our space, of our voice, of our standing and our safety, simply by the nature of this word being used as a maliscious threat everywhere online and off. It is effectively silencing mostly lesbians and victims of sexual assault who do not want to be “gay converted” into having heterosexual intercourse with “male lesbians with female dicks”, because words matter and women know the truth, especially those on the periphery, who have long lived this truth unchecked, and it wasn’t until the calls for the 23283583275gazillion transwomen that apparently get killed every year that someone decided to take a peek at the ACTUAL percentage of FEMALE DEATHS resulting from DOMESTIC HOMICIDE, which FAR SURPASSES any of tw claims of violence as to render them a blip. Women, open your eyes, you’re not defending yourselves, your teenage children, the little girls in your community if all you worry about is the comfort of mainly well off men in their own skin, meanwhile throwing under the buss the immense amount of sex trafficked women, forced prostitutes, homeless women, drug addicted women, inmate women, women of color, women of lower incomes with no opportunities, girls who suffer from ritualistic sexual abuse, girls who get married off at 9, rampant rape and misogyny at alarming rates and yet you’re still worried that the worst you can do is challenge someone’s feelings with the basis of THEORY? We have several Radical Feminist theorists, and before your friends tell you to throw away in the garbage, you should give it a read yourself; it might illuminate some points greatly to you. Read about male socialization. Read Marx. Read Sheila Jeffreys. Read Andrea Dworkin. Female sexuality as a concept cannot even exist as a whole because we weren’t permitted to evolve it without the interference of men, and now you want men back in our beds? To insist a lesbian is a bigot for saying no to every single trans person she meets (as it is her right)? What about men, are they being harassed with THIS amount of vitriol for not wanting to fuck transmen? Somehow I don’t think so. ...something something socialization. “Give me the world and I’ll shape it as I see fit If I don’t like it I’ll destroy it”

So I log into tumblr and today there seems to be a plethora of misinformation about the Catholic faith and homosexuality. Here’s what I have to say:

  • “Unwanted same-sex attractions”… Honestly, I do not understand why the idea that you can change your sexual orientation with enough prayer and Confession-going is still so prevalent among Catholics.
  • I feel sorry for anyone who feels that they have “unwanted” feels because it is a terrible struggle to feel at odds with yourself. Sure, we have a lot of unwanted feelings and temptations, but having a near to complete attraction to people of the same sex is not something which we should feel at odds with, since it is a very normal and natural variation among humans.
  • To say that “same-sex feelings” can be"cured" is to make the assumption that the nature of having these attractions is a disorder, when in fact the Catechism merely states that the inclination is intrinsically disordered, but not the act of having them.
  • This model of thought is extremely damaging to people who, like myself, have struggled and continue to struggle with living as a Catholic while being gay. In one place we want to live in a holy and chaste way, but another side is injured by the blows of Catholics who have little to no understanding whatsoever of the nature of same-sex attractions, nor what it is like to be gay.
  • I say “gay” and not “same-sex attracted” because the word “gay” describes my day-to-day experience of life which also encompasses my attractions, while “same-sex attracted” is a mere reference to my sexual attractions. My homosexual orientation affects the way I speak, my mannerisms, the way I think, and the way I act around others- around men and women, and the same goes for heterosexuality. These things are involuntary effects of my sexual orientation and not merely my sexual attractions. To say that we can change someone from being “gay” to “straight” is saying that we can change fundamental aspects of a person’s identity, and I think that is one of the most damaging things to say to a person.
  • To say that you can go from being straight to gay is denying fundamental constructions of your core personality. Yes, we can indeed find ways to express these and our sexual attractions in an acceptable way in accordance with the Church’s teachings, i.e. heterosexuals refraining from intercourse before Sacramental Marriage, but it is to err beyond measure when someone says that you cannot be heterosexual or homosexual simply because of someone’s misguided viewpoints on what sexual orientation is and its fundamental effect on you.
  • Conversion and reparative therapy has no success rate because even those who claim a “change” still report recurring, albeit infrequent, attractions to people of the same gender.
  • To all Catholics liking and reblogging these articles, please take time to consider the drastic effects your actions are having on Catholics who are trying to understand their sexual attractions in light of what the Church is saying, as well as how these articles are consolidating within you an extremely misguided viewpoint of homosexuality which is not at all the experience of gay Catholics. And to brand bishops who attempt to welcome and encourage Catholics with same-sex attractions as “evil” or themselves “misguided” is cruel and unnecessary. It’s high time the Church takes to extending a compassionate hand with those struggling with SSA, and people should be ashamed of themselves for pulling this hand away from people who need it.