heterosexual content!!!

Gaydar Readings
  • Homosexual: Positive.
  • Heterosexual: Negative.
  • Bisexual: Continuous oscillation between positive and negative.
  • Pansexual: Readings jump all over the scale.
  • Asexual: No reading. Undetectable. Invisible.
  • Demisexual: Can be picked up after prolonged exposure to high-sensitivity Gaydar.
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Translation: Look at me, I’m so different and unique! All these other people are so boring!

And as far as actual rebuttals go

Why does identifying as the gender one was born with have to mean “squeezing yourself into a box”? It’s like they think cis people say “I’m a girl so I have to only like dresses and nail polish and shopping and cooking and…”

I was born female and I’m happy being female. I like to wear dresses and makeup and I lose my shit my when I see cute baby animals. I also play rugby and I find fart noises funny and I pull clothes from off my bedroom floor in the morning and wear them if they pass the sniff test and some days I just want to put my hair up in a ponytail and put no makeup on and wear sweatpants all day.

Jesus christ I must be trans. Or genderfluid. Because there’s no way I can fully identify as female if I have any non-feminine hobbies or characteristics.

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Lardo and Shitty start dating after Lardo graduates. During Shitty's last year at grad school, he proposes. There's a sign on the front door of their house that says "Lardo, follow the pedals." She thinks it's a typo, but when she goes inside, there is a trail of bike pedals leading to their room where Shitty is waiting. They throw one last kegster to celebrate their engagement.

this is random af but so them!!!! I love!!!!

Hey y’all! Hope all of you are having a great life. I found this article and wanted to share it with you. I’m pretty sure most of you have heard or read the book Captain Underpants at one point for the book is really popular especially with young students. It has been sold countless copies and every parent might know of it, but did you know that a school in Michigan has actually banned the book for containing some LGBT content. Turns out one of the main protagonist of the book, Harold, grows up to have a husband and has two children. The book doesn’t go in to deep into the topic of their marriage, but regardless it has been taken out from the shelves at the school fair as a result of this. The staff felt the need to involve parents and as a result informed them of the LGBT content presented, but why is there such a strong focus upon this? Parents aren’t informed of the heterosexual content of other books so why should this one be any different just for containing this portrayment of a homosexual married couple. According to the article some parents believed that their children are too young and that they might need to be explained all of this. 

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How do you feel about the fact that Nintendo patched out same-sex relationships in "Tomodachi Life" (the new mii game coming from Japan) due to being apart of a "gamebreaking" bug? The fact that it was a bug doesn't concern me, but rather that they actively do not want such relationships ingame.

for background: Nintendo apparently never actually intended for same-sex marriages to be an option in Tomodachi Life. They were achievable by japanese players as a “glitch” and are being patched out of the original jp release, and it’s considered likely that they won’t be in the western release either.

When Mii characters were imported from a Wii console, or the previous game in the Tomodachi Collection series on Nintendo DS (which was only released in Japan), into the Nintendo 3DS version, it could lead to scrambled Mii data within the Nintendo 3DS version.

This could result in different Miis being randomly assigned to existing in-game relationships, such as already married Mii, or as just one other example, giving the appearance of same-sex relations. Because this bug caused the inability for the player to save the game data and continue the game, we released a patch.

Obviously a patch is necessary, as this glitch not only provides same-sex relationships but also breaks the game - however I’d rather they patch the game to make the same-sex relationships actually a part of the gameplay.

It is worth bearing in mind that I have heard (though I can’t find any solid sources, and I’d appreciate if someone could) that having homosexual content in a videogame will give it a higher content rating than heterosexual content. (i.e. a game with homosexual romance would receive a higher age rating than one with heterosexual romance) This differs between consoles and, as the Nintendo handhelds are generally marketed towards children and families, Nintendo may be feeling that it’s more financially savvy to remove homosexuality from their game and keep the rating lower, thus making it appear more family friendly and less controversial. I’m sure I don’t have to explain how ludicrous that is morally, but it’s a possible and likely situation.

Personally? I’d like the game to be like the sims, and have the little characters all be pansexuals / bisexuals. However, Tomodachi Life is a game that expressly encourages the player to put themselves and their friends in the game, so perhaps it would be better if the player was able to define a mii’s sexuality during the character creation process, when they’re defining their voice and characteristics.

The main argument I think people would have against the inclusion of same-sex relationships in the game is “what if I put my friends in there and our miis become attracted to each other? I’m not gay!“ to which I say, what if a lesbian player puts a male friend into their game and their miis become attracted to each other? What about when I put my girlfriend in the game, and our miis can’t be romantically interested like we are in real life because we’re both women? Isn’t that just as disappointing and awkward for us? Surely the better choice is the have the option available? Or, if they’re going to patch out homosexuality, to remove all reference to sexuality and romance and just make the game about platonic relationships?

Anyway, that was a lot and I apologise if I stopped making sense. My point is that it’s 2014, it’s about time we stopped treating anything that isn’t homosexual romance as an “other”. Straight is not the default! There is no default! Should I have to play as a guy too, because women are an “other”? Should games be nothing but stories of straight white guys having platonic relationships with each other? That’s boring.