heterosexual content!!!

Translation: Look at me, I’m so different and unique! All these other people are so boring!

And as far as actual rebuttals go

Why does identifying as the gender one was born with have to mean “squeezing yourself into a box”? It’s like they think cis people say “I’m a girl so I have to only like dresses and nail polish and shopping and cooking and…”

I was born female and I’m happy being female. I like to wear dresses and makeup and I lose my shit my when I see cute baby animals. I also play rugby and I find fart noises funny and I pull clothes from off my bedroom floor in the morning and wear them if they pass the sniff test and some days I just want to put my hair up in a ponytail and put no makeup on and wear sweatpants all day.

Jesus christ I must be trans. Or genderfluid. Because there’s no way I can fully identify as female if I have any non-feminine hobbies or characteristics.

Also, to follow up with that font post for the OW thing: dude. Why the fuck do you have such a problem with LGBT headcanons. I get that this hellsite has done that thing where they claim that a character is canonically falls in an LGBT category but without the official creators confirming it and tell someone that if they think otherwise that they’re [insert sexuality/gender identitiy]phobic but come the fuck on. It was an innocent post that someone made saying that they had a dream like that and someone decided to make it come to life. What kind of cactus or log do you have shoved up your ass? Why can’t you let people have their fun? Do you not know that heterosexual content is all we’ve had for CENTURIES? Mostly because of the influence of religion too? And now that LGBT are getting their works out there, you’re COMPLAINING that everything is turning gay?! You can stop being a piece of shit by getting your head out of your ass and leave. It. Alone. You talk about cringey left wing people and ‘triggerolis’ but you pull this shit. If you want people to take you seriously, here’s a concept: BE OPEN MINDED ABOUT IT. Ass.