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So I’m already seeing people play a game of telephone with Dream Daddy discourse

There’s people who are citing those who have been told by a friend of a friend who may or may not have played the game why it’s SUPER HOMOPHOBIC and how disappointed they are that they cannot buy it now etc all up in my gaming circles rn and it’s making me slowly lean my head against the wall and hum “Mad World” to myself, tbqh.

And not naming any names but there’s also half-truths and hyperbole going around from people who seem to mostly just not… like the game. Like, I’ve seen people say “it MUST be queerbaiting, bc I thought the game felt soulless, so they clearly don’t care about gay couples!” Like no, you just didn’t like the damn game.

So let’s clear up a couple things.

  • Multiple people, including at least one writer, who worked on this game in important capacities are LGBT. This was not made by an “all cishet team”.
  • There is no “cult ending”. There is a maybe-happening-maybe-not Halloween DLC (as confirmed by an artist who worked on the game, albeit not through official channels) that isn’t accessible in game at the moment but was found by data mining. Even if you think a parody ending involving jokey violence is inherently homophobic (spoiler: I think that’s stupid and limiting to LGBT media, go away), the context of it being halloween themed DLC puts a different framing on that altogether. HALLOWEEN IS THE GAYEST FUCKIN HOLIDAY GUYS PLZ
  • It’s not canon. Seriously. DD has no “bizarre twist”. It has an unused side-route that was horror themed.
  • Any and all humour in the premise is just Dad jokes. There’s no goddamn gay jokes, guys. “It’s funny and gay and therefore homophobic!” is obnoxious as shit, sorry not every Big Ol’ Queer wants to live a pious, humourless existence. I’ve played through most of this game by now and it’s not got fucking gay jokes (or trans jokes) in it.
  • There’s legit a good discussion to be had about the way Joseph’s ending plays into some uncomfortable tropes, but I’m gonna be honest, “never allow for anything except a 100% happy ending, for any character” is not a useful mindset to enter that discussion with. “It sucks that the character resembling some real-life experiences around being a closeted religious figure is the one who doesn’t get a ‘good ending’“ is closer to a good jumping off point.
  • (Also, I see u all telling trans fans, fans of colour, etc not to get a game where they get treated decently bc you think the blonde Christian got the short end of the stick.)
  • It’s short because it’s an £11 indie game not because They Don’t Care About The Gays or w/e jesus christ chill.

I keep coming back to the stupid “cult ending” bullshit bc it’s like, my guy, “lgbt people are often demonized so doing a joke route where someone is literally possessed is Bad” is allowed to be taken in a slightly different context when the followup is “also nobody important in this game is goddamn heterosexual and the actual content of the game is totally different to this”. Criticism of media isn’t supposed to be a binary checklist of “does or does not have [x]”, you’re supposed to engage with it using the context of the work. Can you- and lbr, a lot of this is coming from cishet allies- just CHILL and let us have a sense of HUMOUR once in a while.

anyway i played a trans dude dad and gay dated and gay fucked some dudes and had a blast, it was SWEET, dd is a fun game

you: mary whitney wasn’t able to peel the apple in one piece and find out the first initial of her future husband because she died unmarried

me, an intellectual: mary wasn’t able to peel that apple and find out the first initial of her future husband because she was a lesbian

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This is super self-indulgent to ask but it's relevant to the current eps so : 5 times Suiren was very much Not Straight ? (ft whoever you want, it doesn't HAVE to be Kasumi >w>)


1. As a toddler, Suiren would cry at the first lick of waves, to the despair of her proud fisherman father. Fish Pokémon were slimy, sand was itchy, the water was cold, and the roar of the sea was terrifying, not to mention the wild Sunaba or the occasional Hidoide. There was no getting baby Suiren anywhere near the beach.

Eventually, her mother, remembering hours of playing at being a mermaid princess in her own childhood, sat her down in front of the small TV with a tape of The Little Mermaid.

Though it didn’t exactly have the expected result, when four year-old Suiren came to tug at her daddy’s pant leg to beg for a fishing rod so she could “catch the pretty me’maid!”, both agreed it was a clear success.

2. After that, though, she learned to swim impressively fast. She would ask to go to the beach every day and practice for hours with the cutest expression of steadfast determination on her round childish face.

The swimming teacher was a pretty redhead.

3. Mao is just a friend. Suiren will be first to call her super cute, but she doesn’t make her face heat up or her heart thump like the Little Mermaid or the swimming teacher or the fish stand vendor or the nurse or the café waitress or the babysitter. Still, when a new student arrives at school and becomes the instant target of all of Mao’s care and attentions, there’s a weird, unpleasant feeling between Suiren’s ribs, not quite pain, but a tightness, like something is knotted up there, twisting and pulling on her insides.

Fortunately, the new student is also a super cute girl.

4. Lillie’s poor self-confidence manifests in many ways, such as constantly second-guessing herself and being incapable of making her own choices even in small things like shopping. It’s a tragedy. Suiren is totally okay with dedicating weekend afternoons to helping.

“Definitely that one.”

Lillie tugs at the thin straps around her neck hesitantly. “Are you sure?”

“Yup. Positive. Ask Mao if you don’t believe me.”

Mao flushes crimson and yells at Suiren until her own ears go just as red, which in Suiren’s books is only proof that Lillie should totally have gone for that skimpy bikini, but alas.

5. It takes her six years to find one, but the mermaid of Hanada City Gym is well worth the long search.

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i just want to know if you hate heterosexuals? i enjoy your comic and wouldn't change a thing! its just really gay and i don't know if you hate hets and refuse to put them in there

OH GOODNESS NOOOO NO NO I do not hate heterosexuals aaa

The reason why my comic is so gay is that there is a LOT of heterosexual content and you can basically find it anywhere. Gay content has been expanding, yes, but I want to add to it!

Please be aware: 

I will NOT hate anyone over their sexuality, race, gender/sex, and age. You didn’t get to pick and choose these things and they should not define who you are as a person.  

bullshit beliefs tvtropes apparently has

  • every single character in Julius Caesar is a villain?? apparently?? because nuanced characterization doesn’t exist
  • there’s “no gay subtext in Catcher In The Rye” because… the author is very very heterosexual apparently
  • the gay content in the raven cycle belongs on a page about subtext. did y'all ever actually read the books
  • that bisexuality and gay characters are media tropes. they’re fucking sexualities oh my god
  • same with trans characters
  • just everything I hate this bullshit website it’s full of Bad media interpretations I’m going to bed

Y'all know those straight ships? Like those ships that when u hear them ur brain is like “wow that’s some heterosexual content right there only consumed by the straights”?? Y'all know those ships I’m talking about???

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oh shit,, my to-read list is EXPANDING


I’ve considered making a rec list for my fave books a few times but,,, i don’t read a lot of ~book~ books anymore. mostly fanfic and other online content

Translation: Look at me, I’m so different and unique! All these other people are so boring!

And as far as actual rebuttals go

Why does identifying as the gender one was born with have to mean “squeezing yourself into a box”? It’s like they think cis people say “I’m a girl so I have to only like dresses and nail polish and shopping and cooking and…”

I was born female and I’m happy being female. I like to wear dresses and makeup and I lose my shit my when I see cute baby animals. I also play rugby and I find fart noises funny and I pull clothes from off my bedroom floor in the morning and wear them if they pass the sniff test and some days I just want to put my hair up in a ponytail and put no makeup on and wear sweatpants all day.

Jesus christ I must be trans. Or genderfluid. Because there’s no way I can fully identify as female if I have any non-feminine hobbies or characteristics.

How much yall wanna bet the same garbage test audiences that determined that all of Mike’s scenes should be cut and that the scenes showing Henry’s abusive home life should be cut also saw like any homoerotic subtext or implications with Henry and Patrick and were like “yeah I don’t know I can’t really relate to this I mean its like there’s no content for heterosexuals anymore :/”

there are miles to go before I can sleep, though my first steps were taken so long ago - MatildaSwan - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Kate Stewart/Serena Campbell, Kate Stewart/OMC=Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (Doctor Who/Holby fusion!verse). Mature, 3.5k+. CW: Compulsory Heterosexuality, Lesbian Realisations, Sexual Content, Childbirth, Gordon breaks his arm, stuffy old dudes are yikes about women in STEM and also single mothers.

Summary: ‘Science leads,’ her father had said. Kate had listened and let it guide her. Though the path she took never looked quite the way she thought it would, it got her where she wanted to go, so for that, there’s very little of her life she’d change.

I don’t know if you know what Nuts magazine was, Tumblr.  It’s on my mind.

It was a magazine for insecure men.  A weekly magazine for the price of a can of Pepsi, it featured naked women (glamour models), features on cars and comedy, and misc.

Do you know the sort of thing?  I think it was part of a genre called “lads’ mags”.  Mags for lads.

It worked so hard to make everything as masculine as possible.  I talk about it a bit in my standup: there was a section at the end of interesting facts, little bits of trivia.  The section was called PUB AMMO.  That’s right.  They rebranded … information.  To make it more manly.  Don’t worry, these facts aren’t a threat to your masculinity.  They are BULLETS for your PUB GUN.  You’re now equipped with weaponry for the pub.  Man man man.

The magazine doesn’t exist anymore.  I think it magically vanished as soon as the phrase “toxic masculinity” hit the mainstream.

The mag seemed to be aimed at a certain type of man.  An aggressively heterosexual man, confident and content, who enjoys cars, women and beer.

But it’s actually not.  My friend, the brilliant comedian Chr*s Chopp*ng (I’ve censored each letter “i” in his name so his fans don’t find me), made a brilliant point about this - which is that it’s a bit like the magazine Just 17.  This mag was supposedly aimed at 17-year-old girls, but the real target audience was closer to 13.  To be 17 was aspirational, so 13-year-olds would read it to feel more mature.

Nuts was a magazine for insecure men.  “You’re a top lad,” the magazine would tell you.  “You’re a real man.  A man’s man.  You like cars and beer, and sometimes you need a wank on a train.  And so what if you like learning random facts?  That’s absolutely fine for a straight man like you, you legend.”

It was naked manipulation.  Every page calculated to reinforce the reader’s self-image as a proper bloke.

And maybe some readers knew that.  After all, people buy hypnosis tapes to quit smoking.  Maybe they knew these magazines were using various techniques to improve their confidence.

I really think they made it a lot harder than it already was for boys whose gender identity didn’t fit their cartoonish idea of man, though.

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Me looking at all this new content: What heterosexual tomfoolery are they hiding?

I can’t wait until I video chat with them about this oh yes