Some Sexual Orientations Explained with Ice Cream
  • Heterosexual:I like chocolate ice cream
  • Homosexual:I like vanilla ice cream
  • Bisexual:I like chocolate and vanilla and strawberry and mint and pistachio and…
  • Pansexual:I don't give a fuck what flavor it is, just gimme some ice cream
  • Asexual:I'm lactose intolerant
  • Asexual (with a sex drive):I mean that's some nice looking ice cream but it's not worth it if my tummy's gonna hurt for a week
  • Asexual (sex repulsed):Get that ice cream the fuck away from me
  • Asexual (sex averse):I mean you were really thoughtful to get me this ice cream and I can tell it means a lot to you so I'll have a little bit and I won't hate it
  • Demisexual:Ice cream was an acquired taste for me
  • Grey-ace:I don't usually go for ice cream but damn that is a nice pint
What not to say

Don’t tell Asexuals they’re too young to know yet
Don’t tell lesbians they haven’t met the right man
Don’t tell gay people they haven’t met the right women
Don’t tell bisexual people they’re just confused
Don’t tell aromantics they just haven’t met the right person
Don’t tell trans people that it’s all in their heads
Don’t tell gender queer/ Agender people that they can’t make up their minds
Instead- try keeping your mouth shut.

Identities As Mythical Creatures
  • Romantic and Sexual Orientations:
  • Heteromantic / Heterosexual:Vampires. They must feed on others to survive.
  • Homoromantic / Homosexual:Werewolves. They are loyal to their pack.
  • Biromantic / Bisexual:Hybrids and Mutants. More than one builds who they are.
  • Panromantic / Pansexual:Cupids. Love is everywhere they go.
  • Polyromantic / Polysexual:Cherubs. Similar to cupids, except they still need that certain magick to appear to someone.
  • Aromantic / Asexual:Mermaids and Sirens. They are immune to air breathers and earth dwellers.
  • Demiromantic / Demisexual:Faeries. They are only visible to certain, special people.
  • Relationships:
  • Monogamous:Doppelgangers. They are devoted to one being.
  • Polyamorous:Incubi and Succibi. They have more than one partner.
  • Gender Identity:
  • Cisgender:Dragons. They are fine with they are.
  • Transgender:Psychics. Their mind decides what they can do, not their body.
  • Agender:Angels and Demons. They do not fit mortal ideas.
  • Demigirl / Demiboy:Witches. Can use magick in both the natural and divine worlds.
  • Non-Binary:Unicorns. They are very powerful, despite some people doubting their existence.
  • Genderfluid:Shapeshifters. They can change how the world sees them and who they are.
  • Pangender:Gods and Goddesses. They are everything, and are very powerful.
  • Bigender / Trigender:Hosts. They are more than one entity.
  • Androgynous / Neutral:Phoenixes. Their beauty and power is the same between all. They are undefined and mighty.
  • Genderflux:Walkers Between the Realms. They cannot be controlled, no matter what.
  • Other:
  • Ignorant Assheads:Weaklings. Mere mortals.
  • If I have forgotten anyone in the scribe of the world, please inform me.

Pride Puppies

Just something I threw together today as an expression of pride. Everyone should be proud of who they are, no matter their orientation.

These are transparent and you are free to use them as you choose. You do not have to credit me but please do not claim them as your own.

I tried to be as inclusive as possible, but if I forgot someone please feel free to shoot me a message and I will add to this.

Gender Identities (x)

Edit: “Lithiosexual” a spelling error on my part, the correct term is “Lithsexual” but the flag colors I used were actually Lithromantic. Therefore it has been corrected to Lithromantic. More info on Lithromantics can be found here:

Sexualities as Salads

Heterosexual: I like this kind of lettuce in my salad.

Homosexual: I like this other kind of lettuce in my salad.

Bisexual: I like both kinds of lettuce!

Pansexual: If it’s a salad, I’ll eat it. Not that I’m a pig of course.

Demisexual: If I have salad, it has to be really special, like with peppers and olives and things like that.

Graysexual: Sometimes I like salad, but usually I don’t? I dunno, it’s confusing.

Aromantic: No salad, just give me straight lettuce please. I don’t really need the extra stuff.

Asexual: Get that green shit away from me! I’d rather just eat the toppings. Give me a bowl of croutons, sir!



Have I got the hang of defining bisexual/bigender now? Also thinking of possibly making one for romantic attraction. Again, if I’ve mistaken something or there’s anything i could add it’d be nice if you let me know! Thank you :3

Always always always remember

  • It’s okay to be non-binary, ya’ll can be what you want to be
  • Gender and sexuality are not fixed things, they are scales
  • You can place yourself anywhere in the circles
  • and you can be questioning/non-binary and not fancy being in the circle at all at any point
  • Its okay to change where you place yourself along the scales at any time
  • Gender and sexuality are not fixed things!
  • also, ‘sexuality’ as an umbrella term doesn’t have to be just sex appeal, you can be romantically attracted to someone but sexually attracted to another!
  • eg, could be asexual, but biromantic

I originally intended for this to be a… “starter pack” essentially for people less educated on this, with an obvious butt tonne of room for improvement, so possibly it could gradually turn into a more specific, fluid way of explaining it? I’ll get working on that!