Um lol yeah excuse me, but if you’re straight, white, cis, and a man or any of the above??? You are literally equally as deserving of love, respect, kindness, and understanding as any LGBT+ person, racial/ethnic minority, or woman, I’m sorry sweaty I don’t make the rules :)


Heyo! I’m Abbey! For a long time I thought I was straight. But recently I’ve begun toying with the idea that I’m biromantic or panromantic. Sexually I have a strong preference for guys though. I’m a Hufflepuff/Wampus and I’ve been a fander for a long time now. Every time I see Thomas on my dash I get excited and it brightens my day. Nice to meet you all!



(The pixie cut is my current hair.)


I, for one, love homosexual-scented candles.

but jeez I wanted to create a new sexualities post, bigger, better,  and more inclusive than the lizards sexuality one I did last year. I’m kind of proud of this! Have some informative pride candles, or something like that. A

Also huge props to @pride-flags-for-us because without them I’d be lost on a lot of these flags (and also wouldn’t have discovered a lot of sexualities). 

me when i have a crush
  • im so glad i have most of my classes with him
  • aw he’s so cute when he bites his lip
  • aw
  • oh hes staring at me
  • oh im staring at him too
  • oh he smiled at me
  • help
  • help
  • help
  • abort abort abort
  • friends who barely know this guy tell me if he likes me i value your opinion
  • what do you mean you dont know
  • ugh
  • i cant talk to him thats so hard
  • how do i talk to him
  • oh no he talked to me
  • help
  • what do i say
  • laugh
  • you look like a bitch way to go
  • go talk to him so he knows you like talking to him
  • no?
  • fine die alone then
  • lol im acting so weird in this class that i share with him just to get his attention
  • dont sit on the floor you loser
  • youre on the floor
  • fab
  • now hes definitely noticed you
  • gesturing frantically across the class is a great idea
  • oh look schools over now you failed
  • exams? no that is not a good time to meet him you have to sTUDY
  • these are your last ten minutes before the exam and youre spending them staring at him
  • youre creepy
  • he crashed into you and you didn’t say sorry?
  • congrats you failed as a human
  • stop
  • stop
  • stop
  • oh look he liked you this whole time you weirdo
If attraction was a conversation about flowers
  • Straight person: I like roses!
  • Gay person: I like tulips!
  • Bisexual person: I like roses and tulips!
  • Pansexual person: I like every type of flower!
  • Demisexual person: I'm not a big fan of flowers, except I saw these dandelions at the store yesterday and OHMYGOD THEY'RE WONDERFUL
  • Asexual person: I'm allergic to flowers, but I still think they're pretty!
  • Aromantic person: I just don't really get the hype about flowers.
  • Homophobic person: WHY ARE YOU NOT ALL ROSE LOVERS??? HELL FOR YOU!!!

this entire fucking post was a ship wreck. I didn’t intend to say ignorant things, I just thought I knew what I was talking about.

My intent was to express my opinion about all the fighting. I don’t want people to be mean to cishets ONLY because their cishet and I don’t want people to be mean to aces just because they’re aces. I understand if they’re being homophobic, that’s just terrible.
Also I now realize the ACTUAL meaning of -phobic and I now know that there’s no such thing as “cishetphobia” and “aphobia.” I realize the past post was ridiculous.

Despite how dumb it was, I don’t deserve all this hate I’m getting. I understand people are angry, but they have no right to insult me the way they did. I don’t deserve to feel suicidal after making a mistake that had good intentions.
If you see someone giving me hate or if you’re the one giving me hate, (tell them to) stop. Please. I regret making the original post so fucking much. Just stop.