Um lol yeah excuse me, but if you’re straight, white, cis, and a man or any of the above??? You are literally equally as deserving of love, respect, kindness, and understanding as any LGBT+ person, racial/ethnic minority, or woman, I’m sorry sweaty I don’t make the rules :)

5 Tips for Non-lesbians
  • Don’t say dyke
  • You can’t reclaim dyke
  • Don’t use the butch/femme identifiers, they’re not for you
  • Don’t use the “stone” of stone butch/stone femme identifiers, its not for you
  • Listen and don’t speak over us, especially when it comes to the misappropriation of our history and terminology

Please respect us lesbians and these five, very small, things we’re asking of you. Yes, this includes non-lesbian WLW.

Thank you, and good day!

you’re not automatically a good person because you’re a PoC
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re Caucasian
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re transgender
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re cisgender
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re heterosexual
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re not straight
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re religious
you’re not automatically a good person because you’re atheist

shut the fuck up


Heyo! I’m Abbey! For a long time I thought I was straight. But recently I’ve begun toying with the idea that I’m biromantic or panromantic. Sexually I have a strong preference for guys though. I’m a Hufflepuff/Wampus and I’ve been a fander for a long time now. Every time I see Thomas on my dash I get excited and it brightens my day. Nice to meet you all!



(The pixie cut is my current hair.)

If attraction was a conversation about flowers
  • Straight person: I like roses!
  • Gay person: I like tulips!
  • Bisexual person: I like roses and tulips!
  • Pansexual person: I like every type of flower!
  • Demisexual person: I'm not a big fan of flowers, except I saw these dandelions at the store yesterday and OHMYGOD THEY'RE WONDERFUL
  • Asexual person: I'm allergic to flowers, but I still think they're pretty!
  • Aromantic person: I just don't really get the hype about flowers.
  • Homophobic person: WHY ARE YOU NOT ALL ROSE LOVERS??? HELL FOR YOU!!!

It’s like a woman has to be either gay or straight no matter what. She might be engaged to a woman but have an affair with a man so people will automatically be like “so is she a lesbian or straight??” Even in the LGBTQ community, the B in there is like it doesn’t exist at all.
You know how the famous Ancient Greek poet and lyre musician Sappho is seen as having a romantic relationship with her female pupils but in her poems she expresses her love for a man and people do not know whether she’s a complete lesbian or not and it’s like everyone has heard of the word bisexual but no one gives enough of a shit to even consider it to be real.
Even fucking Piper Chapman from orange is the new black, the only labels she receives is being either a lesbian or a heterosexual character. She is in love with both a woman and a man but she’s not bisexual?? She just HAS to be either a lesbian or straight as though the spectrum is as simple as that, oh good lord stop with this bullshit

I really hate the idea that straight trans people dont have a place in the lgbt+ community, or at pride. like, what do you think the t stands for? stonewall was started by a trans woman of color. trans people are intensely discriminated against, and also deserve to celebrate even if they aren’t gay.

the same goes for bi/pansexual people in “straight” relationships. or asexual people in the same situation.

it isn’t just for gay men and lesbians.

I haven’t heard this is a while but it used to be a big thing, so let’s just abolish this idea as a whole.

Some nerd: Pete Wentz is 100% completely heterosexual

Me: Okay, that’s cool. But did you know that he and Mikey Way dated? They dated. They were boyfriends. For real. In real life. Did you know that fact? It’s a nifty one.