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What do you think about fans saying everyone in HxH is gay? I mean that is the silliest thing, I have ever heard. Where is the diversity in it all?

That’s a retarded way of thinking.

1. its convenient for their yaoi wet dreams

2. its shunning out straight people. very heterophobic in my opinion

3. They think they own shit in hxh but they don’t and because they don’t their opinion is invalid like any other.

4.none of them give much thought to the actual story of HxH all they care about is ‘’SHIPPING’’ its all for the shipping because is ‘’cute desu’’
5. don’t visit the cringe side dear anon. its cringe content. stay in the sane side. its safer here. we have fresh baked cookies with warm milk


People that’re cisphobic and proud:

People that’re heterophobic and proud:

People that’re racist against white people and proud:

People that’re misandric and proud:

Yeah, you’re not a “special little snowflake” for being these things. You aren’t changing the world from “fighting fire with fire,” you’re only being as ignorant and idiotic as transphobics, homophobics, misogynists, and racists, except even more gross and self-proclaimed.


I’m mod Shadow. 

Male and an Atheist. Anti-SJW, Anti-Feminist, Anti-Gun Control, Pro-Logic. 

I chose Shadow the Hedgehog as an internet persona, as I relate to him when it comes to his hatred of humans, or in my case, social justice warriors

These SJWS think that fighting fire with fire will accomplish something. Well, in the real world, it won’t. I hope that, one day, these pathetic SJWS will come to their senses.