Don’t tell me to not shove my sexuality down anyone’s throat because my entire life has been one big ass mess of heteronormative bullshit. But I’m shoving my sexuality down your throat by being proud of it? So what do you call it when every movie in theaters is about a straight couple? When every greeting card in CVS has a bride and a groom on it but never two brides or two grooms? When almost every song that comes on the radio is by a straight boy written about a straight girl or vice versa? When you tell me I should never be allowed to get married because of YOUR religion but straight couples never have to worry about that? But I’m the one shoving my sexuality down your throat apparently.

I don’t understand how people can look at a 2 day old baby or like a toddler and go ‘oh he’s going to attract all the ladies when he’s older’ or 'she’s going to be a maneater with that face’ and think those children are not 'too young’ to know their sexualities but the moment I, a grown ass adult declare myself anything other than straight I’m 'too young to decide’ or 'haven’t found the right man yet’

fuck off with your heteronormativity please and thank you

The very first words Missy uses to describe the Doctor in any way are “my boyfriend.”

40 plus years of characterization and built up history and subtext and friendship/hatred/need, all at best skirting around the idea that they could be something more.

But it isn’t until the Master is played by a woman that the subtext becomes text. Doctor/Master is my OTP, but this is not how I wanted it to become canon. It reeks of heteronormativity and misogyny. I much would’ve preferred Missy to have the same subtextual relationship with the Doctor; no forced kissing, no “boyfriend”, no “two hearts…and both of them yours”, just subtlety and sniping and “I’m going to destroy/take over the Earth, possibly to get your attention, but no it’s cuz I’m evil, but please pay attention to me” and “I want to stop you but I can’t kill you for reasons.”

Dean and Seamus have been the one constant in each other’s lives since they were eleven years old, and are almost never seen apart, and hold hands and smile lovingly at each other and look after each other but because Dean dated one girl and Seamus took a girl to one dance they couldn’t possibly EVER be in a relationship, right?!?

Sexuality doesn’t ‘serve’ the storyline, it is an accurate reflection of real life. Having only hetero characters encourages an inaccurate heteronormative view and, as a result, homophobia.
—  snuggydeamon, this post, about queerbaiting.  Everything about this is so on point, I can’t even.  Read through the post, absorb it, know it, understand it, and spread the word.  Queerbaiting is a real and damaging thing.

You know what?

You know WHAT?

FUCK heteronormativity. FUCK alloromantic normativity. FUCK allosexual normativity. FUCK acephobia. FUCK arophobia. FUCK monosexism. FUCK biphobia. FUCK panphobia.

This aromantic bisexual is fucking tired of this “everyone is str8 until proven otherwise” and “romance is the most important thing”. Fuck your romantic heterosexuality heteroromanticism as the “”“"default”“”“ identity.

From now on everyone is AROACE until proven otherwise.

On TV shows
  • *close relationship between two men*
  • "God why can't you see they're just friends!"
  • "Friends can be close too!"
  • "Stop demeaning the value of true friendship!"
  • *close relationship between a man and a woman*
  • "I don't believe in pure friendship between a guy and a girl."
  • "They're gonna get together, just wait and see."
  • "They're so into each other. Look at how they are acting. Of course they like each other."

This needs to be heard.

So sometimes hetronormativity can be rather hilarious, now before you all attack me hear me out. Tonight my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and a movie and before the movie we hung around outside on some benches (well light public 8pm-ish) so she could have a cigarette. It was cold and we were cuddling and some guy comes up and asks for a cigarette so she gave him one and he sits down to talk to us and the more we talk the more he starts hitting on her and he dismisses me starts sending out some mad annoyed vibes ie "shut up I like your friend not you, go away", now I knew what he was up to and that he was hitting on her, but she the blissful flower of innocence had no clue and just thought he was being nice. So he mentioned his girlfriend and how they broke up and how he's lonely and jealous of her and proceeds to hit on my girlfriend infront of me, now he was quite pissy with me at this point and wanted me to leave them alone, but obviously I wasn't going anywhere. So he asks her if she's got a boyfriend. So she took my hand and was like "no no, not a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend" and motioned towards me. Now this guy was an international student who didn't have English as a first language so I was awarded about 30 seconds of pure perfected confusion, dawning and realisation as he put 2 and 2 together. He was really confused and stamnering all like "...w..wait what you mean like you and you are girlfriends?...y-you like girls no?" To my girlfriend and she was like yeah I do, and so does she and we both also like guys", to which he responds "you two are dating? Like for real? ... no way you dont like girls..seriously?" And we were just there repetitvley confirming we were infact a couple, until he made the unavoidable statment of "prove it...go on kiss her cause I dont believe you" so we did. He still asked for her phone number and asked her if she was sure another few times but the best part was the filthiest of filthy looks he sent my way once he'd realised and I had my arm around her waist and the shit eating grin I knew I had on my face; coupled with the look of recognition on my girlfriend's face once she realised she was being hit on by him. Anyway we had to leave for the movie in a bundle of stiffeld giggles and my girlfriend's embarassed blushing. Anyway for the rest of the night we made jokes and giggled uncontrollably every time it crossed our mind. I've never seen a better look of confusion in my life.

Poor guy, he really did try.

don’t you love it when people come up to your queer ships and say yeah no these two would obviously never have any kind of sexual relations and give you a whole logical rundown of why two people of the same gender would never fuck and you’re just there like

  1. wtf
  2. why have you gone to so much trouble
  3. to tell me
  4. my queer ship 
  5. is impossible
  6. take off your heteronormative goggles
  7. and leave me alone
  8. it’s just fiction
  9. if you don’t like it
  10. stay away from it
  11. and also fuck you
  12. i’d make this character fuck a goddamn mountain
  13. just to piss you off
  14. and god forbid it’s a mountain of the same gender