heteronormative bullshit

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: scorpius and rose being together is the biggest load of heteronormative bullshit i have ever seen in all my years on this God forsaken planet and i will not stand for it. its so clear in the beginning that rose cares for no one but herself, and especially dislikes scorpius - scorpius, who imagined albus when surrounded by dementors trying to get him back. scorpius, who was heartbroken when albus said they couldn't hang out anymore. scorpius, whose only friend was albus and felt a pang of jealousy when watching him talk to a girl he had just met. the very thought that scorpius had a crush on rose, even after her mistreatment, is outrageous and the fact that she actually said yes to him is ridiculous
  • straight people: *sees a baby boy make any gesture of acknowledgment to a girl* w0w wHAT a ladIES MAN!!! such a stUD!!
  • also straight people: *sees someone age 13-19 being romantic with someone of the same gender* i just don't understand??? like you can't know that you're gay until you're an adult??? why do you have to force your gay agenda on the children™???

Okay but can we talk about the beautiful symmetry of the Captain America movies for a second

Steve picks up the shield and becomes Captain America because of Bucky

Steve lays down the shield and stops being Captain America because of Bucky

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Non-heterosexuality is continually being looked at by society and the media as inappropriate and more inherently sexual than straight relationships, identities and interactions, which in turn creates the illusion that relationships of two people who aren’t cis/het man and woman are something to be kept private, leaving queer people feeling dirty and embarrassed just for being in a relationship or existing.

Dean and Seamus have been the one constant in each other’s lives since they were eleven years old, and are almost never seen apart, and hold hands and smile lovingly at each other and look after each other but because Dean dated one girl and Seamus took a girl to one dance they couldn’t possibly EVER be in a relationship, right?!?

I want a new version of The Cursed Child

I just wanna a new version with:

  •  Harry being and Auror and never saying mean things to Albus.
  • Ron being something different, like he always wanted.

  • Rose being kind like her mom, because Hermione would never leave Rose to be mean with Scorpius, not like other children treated her in the past.

  • And without heteronormativity.
reblog if you’ll support taylor no matter what her sexuality is.

this is serious because i have seen so many people who only want taylor to be straight and nothing but a heterosexual. what if she was bisexual? what if she was a lesbian? would you still love and support her? please show homophobic people that we don’t have a hetero-normative mindset. because we do support taylor, we do support her decisions, and we do support her happiness.

I don’t understand how people can look at a 2 day old baby or like a toddler and go ‘oh he’s going to attract all the ladies when he’s older’ or 'she’s going to be a maneater with that face’ and think those children are not 'too young’ to know their sexualities but the moment I, a grown ass adult declare myself anything other than straight I’m 'too young to decide’ or 'haven’t found the right man yet’

fuck off with your heteronormativity please and thank you

“So, what’s down there, a bomb?”

Have we talked about this? (Serious question. I want to know where the already-extant meta is on this scene, please.)

TEH Context: Sherlock’s just had a brainwave about the Underground terrorist network, and now they’re trying to find out how Lord Moran and the last train car could’ve disappeared, and where they could have gone.

John: This whole area is a big mess of old and new stuff. Charring Cross is made up of bits of older stations– Trafalgar Square, Strand…

Sherlock: No, it’s none of those. We’ve accounted for those. […]

So, this could just be because I have the TAB post-mortem interview permanently seared on the inside of my eyelids right now, but that sounds an awful lot like how Mofftiss describes their process for adapting the Doyle by picking and choosing things that they like, things that resonate with them, the beloved tropes of Holmesian detective fiction that are recognizable to pretty much everyone with even a passing familiarity with the stories, and then twisting/updating them for the contemporary timeline. We’ve accounted for those.

(And this then makes me think of Season 2, where they did the Big Three: The Woman, The Hound, and The Fall, which I remember thinking in those days before I’d seen the TJLC light did feel a bit like they were shooting their whole wad quite early… anyway.) 

BBC Sherlock is made up of bits of old and new stuff, just like the tube network. By this point in the story, we’ve accounted for the most iconic and familiar and culturally-pervasive old bits. What we’re looking for– what we’re supposed to be interested in now– is none of those.

Train Lad: Hang on, Sumatra Road? You mentioned Sumatra Road, Mr. Holmes. There is something; I knew it rang a bell! There was a station down there.

John: Well why isn’t it on the maps?

Train Lad: Because it was closed before it ever opened. 

John: What?

Train Lad: They built the platforms, even the staircases. But it all got tied up in legal disputes, so they never built the station on the surface. 

Down underneath, beyond what ordinary people just going about their lives and not paying close attention might normally see, there’s something else to this story (and the metaphorical equivalent of the Underground station). It’s always been there, and it’s fully-formed and intentional. There’s nothing accidental about this. The station’s got platforms and staircases, and could easily have been opened and functional– out there in the world for everyone to know about and reference– except it got tied up in legal disputes. 

Shout-out to all my Wilde peeps and the 1895 crew, from whom I’ve learned so much more about the legalities and restrictions put on queerness at the time that Doyle was writing, and who can do a much better job than I can in explaining all the historical and biographical indications that Doyle meant the stories to be read as a subtextual (subterranean) romance. The above-ground station couldn’t be opened when it was built because it got caught up in legal disputes; being a writer of queer fiction got HELLA way more dangerous with Wilde’s conviction, and the real story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson got lost amidst the precarity with which queer folks had to publicly navigate the world.

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So we’ve accounted for the most iconic and familiar parts of this story that we think we know, but the most essential bits have been buried for a long time. And knowledge of those essential bits of the story now has the potential to literally save lives, and preserve the integrity of history. 

And what’s going to happen when we find that station/story and let the world know of its existence and importance? 

John: So what’s down there, a bomb?

Darn skippy, John, my dude. It’s a bomb called “You Guys are Super Queer and Always Have Been”, and Mofftiss is about to open up that train station to the public and let us all ride that fucking thing around.