♥ Fanime 2013 Randomness

I’m really late on updating since Fanime, I know this ;;A;;
But I had a really amazing time!  I made a bunch of new friends and was so happy to be reunited with old ones! It was really awesome~! I got to cosplay with so many beautiful and amazingly talented people, too! Kikikabuki, Yirico, and SailorBee I really can’t thank you all enough ♥  Our Adventure Time group went over so well!  And doing Sarumi was so much fun ;;w;;  I’m especially happy with our Military Jackets.  Kiki and I made them despite being states away from each other and we somehow managed to make them the same!  ((Not to mention, I had made mine a bit bulkier than hers, and she literally was able to fix that IN THE HOTEL ROOM in like 10 minutes while I just paniced like an idiot…dude I still can’t believe she did that like wow ♥ OTL)) 

All in all, I had a really great time with everyone~
I’ll have more pictures soon, but until then have this load of derp~ ouo