I really, really love them.
Arthur -England- and Vittoria -my eldest OC, which represents Central Italy-, in this sketch of mine, are represented like two Hogwarts’ students -Crossover:we love it.
Yeah, I know, Arth is better as a Slytherin, but this Arthur, in a roleplay group on facebook, was a Ravenclaw, and… He really was a good Arthur (I said was because the player just give up with roleplay, leaving everything, even her), and both my character and I were really attached to her. But, well, this is just the past.
Now my OC is happily married with an Arthur very faithful with her, and I’m satisfied for everything. This is even a good player of a DeathEater/Slytherin!Arthur, and I’m really, really proud of her.

But still, You know, I miss that Arthur. And those roles, those smiles and the fucking role AU!1984 I’ve lost because of facefuck.. I Just miss her, and I think it’s kinda normal.

This feeling, by the way, will never change my idea of Arthur and Vittoria as a perfect couple. Because they are, and what they have passed is just a simple evidence.

And this time, Prosecution sees Evidence.

Yes, Terezi, get over it.