“And that’s called-…Hey, are you even listening?”

Kiku trying to teach Al about the galaxy and stuff but Al’s to busy admiring how pretty he is  (  ͡ °  ͜ʖ  ͡ °)

Left to Right: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hetalia, Homestuck & Supernatural

Sherlock: Hmm.. A camera, let me look cool- GUYS
Hetalia: Paaaasta!/Draw a circle that’s the world!/Ne ne papa-COLYPSE/Shine bright like a doitsu~
Homestuck: Shut the f*ck up demon-boy/Heta’s mine
Supernatural: F*ck you Monster-thing/GET THE SALT

The only fandom I am in this photo, is Hetalia. My Dad’s in Doctor Who and Sherlock so.. And maybe I should get into Homestuck.
Anyways, Fandomstuck is basically Fandoms personified, and usually the main ones are these lovelies here.
Anyways, ship everyone with Hetalia, the moral of the story-
Jk xD

Anyways, personify your own Fandoms, I haven’t seen a MysMe one so.. (*Cough* Totally not a suggestion *Cough*)
And the Diamond thing between Heta and Stuck is apparently a “Moirail”. That is apparently in the Homestuck universe is, and I quote:
“They are a protector of their moirail’s heart. They keep each other grounded. A troll (or a fandom in this case) is compelled by fate to watch over their moirail and keep them in line. Despite the platonic appearance of this role (as we currently understand it) to us humans, trolls consider it a type of romance .”

So there, Hetastuck is cannon.

-Every time someone bitches about Homestuck, Hetalia beats them to death. When someone bitches about Hetalia, Homestuck agressively lectures them. But if they still don’t get it, they die or go to the hospital

-If Hetastuck (Heta x Stuck) and Supertalia/Hetanatural (Supernatural x Heta) are cannon, they’d want to get to him. But since Stuck is Heta’s moirail, Stuck is destined to be with him (I guess)

-Hetalia, Homestuck and Undertale hang out a lot. Undertale immediately liked Hetalia due to him being able to make extremely good pasta

-Hetalia can speak every language, even lost ones. (Don’t reveal him to the government them xD)

-Doc. Who always brags how he could go back and relieve the past in History while Heta could only have memories, which then is followed my a bash by a frying pan/wok/pipe/sunflower.

-Supernatural always throws salt at Stuck


Some fandomstuck Hetalia and Homestuck!
I read this really nice cardverse fanfic called “Feliciano and the king of hearts” on AO3. The name doesn’t sound very appealing BUT, the writing and world building is amazing! So I drew Hetalia and Homestuck in place of aph Germany and Italy!
I’ll post a full body of their clothes later!

Ignore the math notes;;


homestuck is ruining my life

@angryreesespuff told me their Ameripan Homestuck AU and of course I had to dr aw,,, so thAnK


Your name is THE ARTIST, and here is where you take a bow and leave your children alone for now. They’ve made it this far. It’s about time we trust these weirdos to take care of themselves.


To the few who guessed Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared as being the final fandom I’d add, you’ve earned one universal “I told you so”. Use it wisely.

Thank you all very much for the love and support for this past year, everybody. c: It took a lot longer to finish than I expected, but I’m so glad I did. It’s been a lot of fun and totally worth every late night spent on these colorful beasts.

Long time Hetalia fan crying for help! (=ヮ=)೨

Hey, I’ve been on tumblr since 2012 and when I began there was A LOT of Hetalia activity. Anyway, most of the Hetalia blogs I used to follow are inactive now so I am calling out to anyone who are still in the Hetalia fandom, like myself, and who reblog Hetalia. Just reblog or like this post and I’ll follow you (you can even delete it from your blog later if you want)! I’ll follow everyone who reblogs this post. :) Seriously, Hetalia has been a big part of my life and has helped me through some really rough times, and I feel really nostalgic and sad that the fandom has shrunken. Even if you reblog Hetastuck, I’ll follow you! (does anyone remember that back in the day?). I have a Hetalia blog if you want to follow that: lunchtimeisgeritatime.tumblr.com. I haven’t abandoned it, I just need more Hetalia to reblog to keep it going. I hope that us Hetalians can band together again! (And please no shipping wars, the Voltron fandom is getting out of hand!).

P.s. Does anyone else miss Hetalia and feel nostalgic? Does anyone remember George deValier? Shine bright like a doitsu?