hetalis axis powers

  • Macedonia: My mate is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips what should I do?
  • Serbia: Punch him in the stomach. Then when he doubles over in pain, kill him.
  • Bosnia: Tackle him.
  • Slovenia: Dump him.
  • Croatia: Kick him in the shin.
  • Montenegro: Don't kiss him.

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What are some of yandere!Sweden's kinks??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Berwald’s definitely one of the kinkier yanderes, but also one of the more patient. He understands that you’re probably scared of him; he’s intimidating enough as it is, even without his yandere personality. He’ll keep it vanilla with you unless you do something naughty (or unless you want it) and even then only if you’ve done something really bad.
  • Of course, once you’ve misbehaved enough… he’s not afraid to completely unhinge his edgier fantasies. He’s rough and dominant, and hair-pulling is definitely something he loves to do.
  • Bondage is another kink of his, but only sometimes. Sometimes he wants you tied up beneath him, completely helpless against the onslaught of his brutality. Other times he wants to feel you squirm under him, in pleasure and in pain, without any restraints. He wants to tame you himself.
  • If you’ve done something particularly bad, he might be in the mood for some knifeplay. Not necessarily enough to draw too much blood; he’s a hygienic person and the idea of getting blood on his nice sheets horrifies him. But holding the cold metal against your skin, running it gently along your cheek, your throat, and the rush of pure power it gives him gets him going like nothing else. And the fear in your eyes, that gets him off too. 
  • Perhaps you succeeded in running away, at least for a little while (After all, you’ll never escape his grasp for more than a week, at best~!). And perhaps, he’ll feel a little bit of punishment is necessary; at this point, he may indulge himself in spanking you. It’s not as enticing as his other kinks, but it makes him feel more in control, even if physically hurting his beloved so directly isn’t as nice.
  • As long as it reasserts his dominance, reminds you of who you belong to, he’ll do what’s necessary to ensure you stay with him~!

well after all the fuss in my country… tbh i only feel sad for Em ppfff tt 

it was hard for me to see Justin hand in hand with my PM o(-( // its so weird why do ppl even ship it

sorry im too lazy to trans hahaha o)-)

also i want to draw more interaction of canfran and their boss ;; u ;;

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“hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the older sibling my best friend always talks about hahah wow tHEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au Spamano please!

Pairing: Spamano (Spain x Romano/South Italy) (Human names used)


  • Spain (Antonio) as himself
  • Romano/South Italy (Lovino) as the hot older brother
  • Veneziano/North Italy (Feliciano) as the younger brother

Antonio usually got a ride to his apartment with his classmate, Feliciano. However after Feliciano fell ill, he had called Antonio to let him know that his older brother by the name of Lovino would give him a ride instead. Antonio shrugged it off, thankful that he had a ride. Nothing else crossed his mind…until Lovino rode in.

“You Antonio?”

Antonio turned, his eyes widening slightly as he looked up and down at the young man in the car. He had stunning olive colored eyes, and dark brown hair in a hairstyle similar to Feliciano’s, curl and everything…he was attractive as hell.


Antonio snapped out of his thought. He smiled. “Y-Yeah. I’m Antonio. Lovino, right?”

“Yeah, hop in.” Lovino insisted. Antonio got in the car, getting his seatbelt on as he took a closer look at Lovino.

“So you’re Feliciano’s older brother…” Antonio couldn’t help but to glance Lovino for a bit longer.

“Yeah?” Lovino looked over at Antonio, taking not that he was kind of handsome…and that he was staring at him. “What? I have something on my face?”

“No,” Antonio smiled brightly. “He just never bothered telling me you were this hot!”

Lovino gripped the steering wheel tightly, his face flushing and his eyes widening at the honest comment that came out of Antonio’s mouth. “H-Hum, thanks?”

“Your brother always talks about you. It’s great to finally meet you in person, Lovino.” Antonio added. Lovino breathed, trying to calm himself down.

“R-Right…hopefully he hasn’t said anything bad about me.”

“Oh no! Lots of great things. Especially of how stubborn you are.”

“Great~” Lovino could only imagine what Feliciano would run his mouth about while he wasn’t nearby. Where did he find this guy anyways?

“Your girlfriend or boyfriend is rather lucky to have someone like you, if everything that Feliciano has told me is true.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

“Is that so~”

Dammit. He fell right into the trap.

“No…What about you? How you know my brother anyways?”

“We’re in the same art class.”

“Really? What kind of medium do you use?”

“Oh I don’t paint. I’m the nude model.”

The phrase alone had Lovino skip a heartbeat as he slammed the breaks, stopping on the red light right on time. His face burned up as he breathed heavily. He snapped at Antonio. “Nude model?! You better not be hitting on my brother!”

“Oh no, of course no.” Antonio assured, suddenly purring. “I’m more interested in you right now.” 

“Go the hell you bastard.” Lovino muttered, continuing driving as the light went green. Now he felt flustered. Not only was the guy flirting with him, now Lovino’s mind wouldn’t stop playing around by trying to imagine the man naked.

“Seriously though. Had Feliciano mentioned how cute you were, I would’ve asked to be introduced earlier. You even have the curl like your brother does.”

“Stop it.” Lovino squeaked, wanting to melt. Eventually the ride came to an end, Lovino parking right in front of the apartment building. “There. You’re home. Get out of my car.”

“Thank you so much, Lovi. I owe you one big time!”

“You don’t owe me anything just get out.” Lovino growled. Antonio was about to get out, but not before stealing a kiss on Lovino’s cheek. Then he got out, walking away. Lovino growled to himself, gripping the steering wheel as he felt his body burn up. 

…he’d need Feliciano to lend him Antonio’s number later.