Okay, tomorrow I’m finally going on a trip I’ve wanted to go on since I was 5, which is to Japan <3

So I won’t be able to have internet access over there, but I’ve put everything for while I’m going to be gone on queue (lets just hope it didn’t mess up)~  And even though I won’t be able to answer anything right away, I’ll still love any questions, requests, comments, and anything else~! <3 

I love all of you and I’m going to miss you all so much for the time I’m gone!! 

Hey guys… so it’s been a few months…

I know I kind of unexpectedly stopped posting, and I apologize for doing so. I’m going to finish this line of best/worst compatibilities for each sign, and based on how I feel about doing it all again and on how people respond to it, I’ll keep going and keep posting or I’ll keep this blog up but no longer make new pictures.

Thank you all for still following me even through this hiatus kind of stage… I was really shocked when I went on here after a long time and saw the follower count doubled as I was gone (as did the message count) <3 I really love all of you, and all of your encouraging messages about how much you loved this blog almost put me to tears.  I hope I can keep doing this for as long as a I can so I can make you all happy <3

So without further ado, here’s a new post, one for the Virgos!

Kay kay~ Time for a new line~

Okay I got a lot of requests for cusps, since we seem to have a lot of cusp babies out there ;) 

So the new line is going to be the Cusps~!

EDIT: a cusp is when you’re born on the edge of two zodiac signs.  For instance, Poland’s birthday is July 22, so he’s a Cancer-Leo cusp because Cancer reign ends on July 22 and Leo starts on July 23.

(Which is gonna be really interesting… I’m a Pisces Aquarius cusp so I can’t wait!)

And for you non-cusps out there, or any of you that have an idea, do you have any recommendations for any future lines?

Tag, I'm it?

Haha this is my first one of these kinds of things :D I can’t wait~!

hmm what to sayyy…

1) I love Hetalia <3 (haha if you didn’t already tell XD)

2) My favorite couple from Hetalia is Spamano <3 (Spain and Romano)

3) I’m a Texas gal (and no, I don’t ride a horse to school)

4) I’m a procrastinator (then again, aren’t we all?)

5) I wear glasses (mainly contacts, but I wear glasses in the evening~) 

6) I’m a 90’s kid! (i miss the old Disney channel *sniff*)

7) I have many pets, but my favorite is my hedgehog (her name is Bubbles <3)

8) My favorite musical is either A Chorus Line or Sweeney Todd (attend the tale~)

9) I always have that feeling that it’s the wrong day of the week (like it’ll be Monday and it’ll feel like a Wednesday to me)

10) I love the smell of the bread isle at the grocery store <3

YAY FOR EXTREMELY RANDOM FACTS~! i hope you know a little bit more about me now ;) 

late reaction...

but dang… i’ve done 100 posts?

84 of them were pictures… what the heck was i doing for the other 16? o.o 

but 100 posts… and 240 followers… i feel… i feel…

…yeah i think that all sums it up XD 

thank you guys! i love you all so much!! I wouldn’t of even gotten here if it wasn’t for all of you! <3

Changed Layout

Haha so if you didn’t notice, I changed the layout…

the request and ask buttons are at the top of the page now, just in case no one knew… 

but it’s so much fun to see everything like in a new layout and now you can like search for stuff like legit and it’s so much better than the last one hyaaaaah!!

XD sorry for spazzing… but yeah i hope you guys like it~

Just wanted to point this out 

guys, i’ve researched everyone’s “birthdays.”  In Austria, they celebrate the anniversary of the Declaration of Neutrality, which they consider to be their “National Day,” on the 26th of October.

October 10 has pretty much nothing to do with Austria, except for that they were he was in the Battle of the Isonzo during WWI

I do my research, and I do my Tumblr.  That’s all there is to it, just trust me :)

New Idea Line

These and a bunch of other requests made me think of the idea that

I should do all the characters for each zodiac sign together in one photo~

They’re starting tomorrow~ I hope you guys are excited!

(I’m gonna go from the smallest groups to the largest groups btw ;)

Well not all the facts apply to everyone~

like, I’m a Pisces, and there was something or other about how Pisces like people to touch their feet… o.O if anyone touches my feet, i scream and burst out laughing, in the bad way.

so maybe you or whoever you know doesn’t like surprises, but i know a few other pisces who love getting surprises

(unless of course, you’re talking about my spelling error, where i put “suprises” instead of “surprises”… i realized it after posting it but i didn’t have time to change it DX)

Goodnight, everyone!

I really can’t stay up anymore D: (i’m gonna fall over I’m so tired…aru)

I’ll finish up the requests I didn’t do throughout this week, as well as a start of a new line that has the fem! versions of characters :P  

I had a lot of fun tonight! thank you all for such great requests! :D

(and keep requesting, even when i don’t do these crazy late-night request-a-thon thingys!!)

~hetaliazodiac (wow i have never signed a post… no real need to since you guys know who i am… whatever, i need to sleep =o=)