Okay, tomorrow I’m finally going on a trip I’ve wanted to go on since I was 5, which is to Japan <3

So I won’t be able to have internet access over there, but I’ve put everything for while I’m going to be gone on queue (lets just hope it didn’t mess up)~  And even though I won’t be able to answer anything right away, I’ll still love any questions, requests, comments, and anything else~! <3 

I love all of you and I’m going to miss you all so much for the time I’m gone!! 

Hey guys… so it’s been a few months…

I know I kind of unexpectedly stopped posting, and I apologize for doing so. I’m going to finish this line of best/worst compatibilities for each sign, and based on how I feel about doing it all again and on how people respond to it, I’ll keep going and keep posting or I’ll keep this blog up but no longer make new pictures.

Thank you all for still following me even through this hiatus kind of stage… I was really shocked when I went on here after a long time and saw the follower count doubled as I was gone (as did the message count) <3 I really love all of you, and all of your encouraging messages about how much you loved this blog almost put me to tears.  I hope I can keep doing this for as long as a I can so I can make you all happy <3

So without further ado, here’s a new post, one for the Virgos!