The lone volcano peaking out of the clouds, over a snow covered forest. Now that’s a shot.


What is taking? by 猫島 警部

Easy Hiragana - Row: H
  • Easy Hiragana - Row: H
  • Crunchy Nihongo
  • Crun

Easy Hiragana - Row: H
HA - HI - FU - HE - HO

Below is the list of words use as a sample in the sound file:

はいざら (灰皿) = ash tray
はいる (入る) = to enter
はこ (箱) = box

ひかり (光) = light
ひがし (東) = east
ひく (引く) = to pull

ふうとう (封筒) = envelope
ふかい (深い) = deep
ふく (服) = clothes

へた (下手) = unskillful
へや (部屋) = room
へん (変) = weird

ほか (他) = other
ほし (星) = star
ほそい (細い) = slow


Happy valentines day everyone

Just in case you needed some Seungri dancing with a puppy in your life