When I was watching the Buon San Valentino Hetalia episode, suddenly I made a connection between the Johann Friedrich Overbeck painting and the Germany and Italy clothes. 

Full image If you want to read better.

“While painting Italia und Germania, Overbeck wrote to his friend Friedrich Ludwig Zacharias Werner (a German poet, dramatist and preacher):

Italia and Germania are both somewhat elements, that on one hand, confront each other with a foreign presence,but however my mission is now to melt them into one. It is on one hand a tribute to the homeland and on the other, a charm of everything beautiful and lordly, for which I am thankful to enjoy presently”

Quoted text link: http://italiaundgermania.blogspot.mx/
Image taken from (the web site address is shortened by Google url tool):http://goo.gl/iFCoUl

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