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Sorry but I’m bored of *~precious~* (aka weak-willed) England and The Top ™ France give me men who have fought against each other, for each other , with each other, who have spent 1000 years hating each other and loving each other and everything in between. Give me Arthur, a man who used to be an empire, who used to radiate power still learning to cope with just being England, learning that the others don’t see him the same, that he’s no longer a king amongst men. Give me Francis faking a smile and having to accept being seen as the flirt, the predator, the pretty face, the player, while he quietly tries to deal with pain, depression, a past of war and loss and still maintain the ‘big brother France’ act he has going on. Just, please, give me some 3D, in depth characters who are hurt and struggling to adjust to the modern world. P l e a s e.

Unlike y'all, I get my news from a RELIABLE source.


ummm, ok so I had Emily, Anya, and Maddie ready to post along with this as the heathers but after I finished coloring, some parts didn’t save :’’’)))),,

Some of my favourite screenshots from The Beautiful World pt 1

France as a dad trying too hard to be cool

Germany as the narrator who just wants to die

Germany and Italy as gay

Japan as the kid with big brother issues

Spain as Sportacus

America as the baby from Rosemary’s Baby

France and England as that couple that’s always fighting

and, Finally, Germany as the guy who’s always in the crossfire


an explanation to why kiku is wearing a skirt/ pretending to be a girl: Emily just thought he’d be more popular that way,, Maddie was really in to it as you can tell

  • Italy, hanging from Germany's ceiling: remember the pasta doitsu
  • Germany, swatting him with a broom: how did you get into my house

He lost 2 precious things in one day