‘EnglandDoll’ : “Oh America, thank you for rescuing me! You are my hero!”

'AmericaDoll’ : “You don’t need to thank me. It was my obligation!”

'EnglandDoll’ : “Let me give you a kiss as reward!”~

England : “America, what are you doing?”
Amerika :  "….“


Sorry the last pictures doesn’t move anymore ^^;

I saw those doll-related comics pretty often and I wanted to do one too ^-^)/
Please forgive me ^^;


I thought of this while watching the Simpsons and couldn’t stop myself. (Better then doing homework though)

Sorry for lame quality I only have SM paint at home, also this is for laughs it’s not hating on France I think he’s cool!

NEW EDIT: Was such bad quality that I changed the image into 3 separate parts for better viewing.