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Fun fact about Russian language - it has 3 genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. And it just so happens that most country names (especially the European ones) are feminine! In fact, out of the 8 “main characters” of Hetalia the only one with a masculine name is China (Китай)

so when i watched Hetalia with Russian subs i couldn’t stop imagining China as a harem anime protagonist %D

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How would the BTT plus Romano react to finding their S/O crying and how would they comfort them? I love this blog and all of the admins have such brilliant and enjoyable writing styles. Thanks a bunch!

He had come home from hanging out with Romano and went to the bedroom to change. As he was changing he heard some small sound that he couldn’t make out coming from the bathroom. He went and tried to open the door but you had locked it.
“Y/n, are you in there? Wait are you crying?!” He would plead for you to let him in and after a while of him begging, you unlocked the door and he ran in immediately. He would sit there and hold you until you stopped crying and ask you what was wrong. He would also tell you to let him help in right away next time.
Before he made dinner he wanted to know what you preferred he make. He went to go to the study assuming you might be reading or doing work, but he heard sniffling coming from the bedroom and knew it was you. He ran into the room and wrapped his arms around you tightly like you would disappear. He just sat quietly with you as you friend into his chest. He wouldn’t ask what was wrong unless you wanted to tell him.
He had been calling out to for a while but you weren’t responding so he went to go look for you. He searched all around the house but he couldn’t find you. He went out to the garden and found you there crying. He didn’t know what to say or what to do so he just sat next to you and you grabbed onto him and started tying into his shirt. He just sat there and let you do what you needed.
He was getting upset that you weren’t responding to his texts so he went to your room to ‘give you a piece of his mind’. He stormed in ready to start talking but was immediately silenced when he saw you sitting on the floor crying. He froze, inside of what to do in this situation. He slowly like you were an easily startled deer. He softly talked to saying it was gonna be okay while petting you head awkwardly and when you held onto him he just wrapped his arms around you.
-Mod Z

((So I was doing my IB History project which is basically an essay on foreign relations (and I got assigned Italy and Germany) and so I found this wikipedia article and I thought oh it might be helpful so I looked:

then I went to notable people:


which one of you did this))

Advice from the Hetalia Characters

America: “Don’t let anyone’s judgements bug you! Eat what you want! Wear what you want! The haters don’t matter!”

Canada: “Even if its hard make sure your voice is heard.”

England: “Learn how to let go…”

France: “A little love will go a long way!”

Russia: “Never underestimate Mother Nature.”

China: “You can be mature and wise yet still be a kid at heart.”

Japan: “Being alone is okay but being with friends is even better.”

Germany: “Don’t be serious all the time. Make sure to relax every once and awhile.”

N. Italy: “Always tell your loved ones what you feel…”

S. Italy: “Don’t blame others for your own shortcomings.”

Spain: “Even the prickliest people need a friend!”

Prussia: “Live everyday like it’s your last!”

Finland: “You may stop believing in Santa Claus but never stop believing in the magic of Santa Claus!”

I have this headcanon that aph italy is actually the hardest nation to control. I don’t think he’s the type to disobey his bosses directly though (he’s a ditz not an idiot), he’s more subtle. For example, being really bad at fighting. According to turkey, feli was quite the warrior back in the day but somehow he ended up chilling in a tomato crate in the middle of an invasion and making nerf guns? The way I imagine it going down is basically his bosses ordering him to go fight and feli going “haha yeah you can order me here but you can’t order me to be any good at this check and mate, suckers”. I also headcanon that he disappears a lot. That’s actually his primary form of rebellion. Doesn’t like an order? He’s not gonna be in his room tomorrow morning. Doesn’t like a boss? Drop off the face of the earth while everyone’s at the welcome party. Forced to do something distasteful? I’ll be going on a retreat and focusing on health for the next decade don’t call me.

Feli doesn’t feel the least bit bad about doing any of this either. He apologizes to his brother or the other nations if his disappearances affected them, but he’s never apologized to any of his bosses. The guy’s a free spirit with a good sense of self awareness, distinct opinions, and an aversion to war and violence who keeps being dragged into war so he’s very aware that he’s some weird government pet/mascot/slave and he is not happy abt it. His logic is that if his governments are gonna keep him to use as a puppet for the rest of his life then he might as well make them work for it and maybe get a laugh out of it himself. He won’t say any of that out loud ofc, he’ll just smile and say he forgot to keep track of time and are u sure he was gone for 3 months? really? he meant to be gone for five…

How Extra™ Hetalians and their 2ps are

N. Italy: slightly above average extra. increases when doing his infamous seizure dance 6/10
2p N. Italy: very extra, somebody stop him 8/10

Germany: not extra at all, a very straightforward boy. unless he’s proposing to feli 1/10
2p Germany: a good soft boy, occasional extra 4/10

Japan: don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, he is an Extra Boy 5/10
2p Japan: so extra, yet…so subtle about it 10/10

S. Italy: smidge more extra than his lil bro 7/10
2p S. Italy: the Queen of Extra himself. the ruler of the extraworld. You will not find another quite as extra as this one 11/10

Prussia: *puts on sunglasses* brace yaself for extra 10/10
2p Prussia: a good Soft Boy™, extra rating nonexistent 0/10

America: tone it down a bit alfred 8/10
2p America: a tame boy, only extra around crushes or his friends 3/10
edit: i have seen the error of my ways: vegans are always so fukin extra and 2p america constantly acts like he’s had 15 red bulls 8/10

France: calm your shit francis 10/10
2p France: haha nope not this lazy fucker 0/10

England: he’s got the magic thing going on which is kinda extra tbh 6/10
2p England: a soft boy, very extra sometimes 7/10

China: this senile old man,,,, so extra 9/10
2p China: 4000 years and still hoeing 9/10

Russia: kinda extra with the whole “i’m going to kill you but with a pipe” like lmfao just use a gun or something 5/10
2p Russia: cease this tomfoolery at once 0/10

How hard is it to make the Hetalia Characters cry?

America: Depends. He’s pretty tough so he could be in a lot of pain but would be fine. But sad stories like a puppy with cancer or abandoned animals will make him cry like a baby.

Canada: He’s an emotional crier. He’ll cry when he’s really happy, sad or mad. He will even cry when he’s really embarrassed!

England: He doesn’t cry much. He especially won’t cry in public unless he’s really drunk. He cries when thinking of his colonies leaving him and also when reading books. (He cried for hours when Hedwig was killed.)

France: He will cry for added dramatics. But it’s hard to make him really cry! He mostly cries when Englands insults step over the line.

Russia: Barely ever cries! Only cries when a tragedy happens or when he drinks way to much vodka and feels lonely.

N. Italy: If you just look at him wrong he’ll cry. He cries about everything and is an emotional crier like Canada but 10x worse.

Germany: Doesn’t cry unless he’s under the perfect combination of stress and lack of sleep. Will cry during movies if the dog dies though.

Japan: Not really a crier unless his favorite character gets killed off in a show/movie/book.

S. Italy: Emotional crier like his brother but more when he’s scared or frustrated. He also cries when he gets really really angry to his mortification.

Spain: Really doesn’t cry. Will tear up a bit when depressed or something bad happens but he’s the type to try and find the positive in the situation and go from there.

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Relatives have said Today

America: “If you talk about politics you get no alcohol.”

Canada: “Can we have one holiday without someone bringing up what happened in 96?”

England: “I’m not drunk yet but I will be by noon.”

N. Italy: “Next year let’s just make lasagna!”

Prussia: “Um excuse me but I’m the family favorite!”

Germany: “Why didn’t you bring your dog? I was looking forward to petting it…”