hetalia: n. italy

Fun fact about Russian language - it has 3 genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. And it just so happens that most country names (especially the European ones) are feminine! In fact, out of the 8 “main characters” of Hetalia the only one with a masculine name is China (Китай)

so when i watched Hetalia with Russian subs i couldn’t stop imagining China as a harem anime protagonist %D

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Relatives have said Today

America: “If you talk about politics you get no alcohol.”

Canada: “Can we have one holiday without someone bringing up what happened in 96?”

England: “I’m not drunk yet but I will be by noon.”

N. Italy: “Next year let’s just make lasagna!”

Prussia: “Um excuse me but I’m the family favorite!”

Germany: “Why didn’t you bring your dog? I was looking forward to petting it…”

How Extra™ Hetalians and their 2ps are

N. Italy: slightly above average extra. increases when doing his infamous seizure dance 6/10
2p N. Italy: very extra, somebody stop him 8/10

Germany: not extra at all, a very straightforward boy. unless he’s proposing to feli 1/10
2p Germany: a good soft boy, occasional extra 4/10

Japan: don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, he is an Extra Boy 5/10
2p Japan: so extra, yet…so subtle about it 10/10

S. Italy: smidge more extra than his lil bro 7/10
2p S. Italy: the Queen of Extra himself. the ruler of the extraworld. You will not find another quite as extra as this one 11/10

Prussia: *puts on sunglasses* brace yaself for extra 10/10
2p Prussia: a good Soft Boy™, extra rating nonexistent 0/10

America: tone it down a bit alfred 8/10
2p America: a tame boy, only extra around crushes or his friends 3/10
edit: i have seen the error of my ways: vegans are always so fukin extra and 2p america constantly acts like he’s had 15 red bulls 8/10

France: calm your shit francis 10/10
2p France: haha nope not this lazy fucker 0/10

England: he’s got the magic thing going on which is kinda extra tbh 6/10
2p England: a soft boy, very extra sometimes 7/10

China: this senile old man,,,, so extra 9/10
2p China: 4000 years and still hoeing 9/10

Russia: kinda extra with the whole “i’m going to kill you but with a pipe” like lmfao just use a gun or something 5/10
2p Russia: cease this tomfoolery at once 0/10

How N. Italy Kiss:

1P N. Italy/Feliciano: Sweet, Passionate, Gentle

This boy sure knows how to tell what his partner likes and smother them with it. Feliciano loves to be affectionate and he adores kisses of all kinds. He is not a big fan of lip biting or being rough, but if it pleases his partner, he will do it just for them. Other than kisses on the lips, he likes giving and receiving kisses on the nose and forehead. In fact, its a rare occurrence if his partner’s face wasn’t smothered in kisses several times over in one sitting.

2P N. Italy/Luciano: Rough, Intense, Amazing

Like his 1P counterpart, Luciano is a very good kisser and knows how to use his partner’s weaknesses to his advantage. But since he prefers to be in control, he is a bit rough when he kisses. Luciano likes lip biting, using tongue, and appreciates the occasional kiss on the cheek. When he is done with you, you are left with wanting more. 

♡ axis ♡

Germany / Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig would be pleasantly surprised and would immediately offer his help if they needed. He would give them tips on pronunciation and spelling if they need. Overall, he would be incredibly pleased that his significant other wants to learn his language and study it. He would probably give them mini tests every once in a while and have them carry on a conversation with him in German.

N. Italy / Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano would be absolutely thrilled to find out that his significant other wanted to learn his language and study it. He would offer his help whether they asked for it or not and would be giving them pointers on the basics of it. He would help them learn by only speaking Italian around them and being incredibly encouraging.

Japan / Honda Kiku

Kiku would be a little shocked to find out they were interested in his language. He would be overjoyed at the fact, but he would also hope that he didn’t ruin any surprise they might have had for him. He would offer help if they asked, but wouldn’t force them to let him help.

Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt

Gilbert would be a little overexcited about it. He would offer them countless tips and would give them as much help as he thought they would need. He would speak more German than usual around them to help them out with their learning. Gil would be a great coach/teacher when it comes to helping his significant other learn his language.

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Grandparents Say

America: “Your grandmother once served me tea instead of coffee…that’s why we divorced.”

France: “Sometimes I like to connect to my French roots by flirting with the nurses…maybe that’s why they sent me home so soon!”

Canada: “I say I don’t have a favorite grandchild but you all know who my favorite is so let’s just stop this game.”

England: “I am an old man I have lived through 3 wars too many presidents and 30 years of living with your grandmother I can smoke and drink if I want!”

Germany: “Move out of the way and let me help you clean! I like cleaning it keeps me active!”

N. Italy: “I think it’s time I told you all my secret…my pasta sauce…it’s not from scratch!”

//So I got the opportunity to meet Todd Haberkorn and I asked him if he could give some words of encouragement as italy; and I thought you all might like to see it!(sorry the audio can be quiet at times ^^“”)

Germany / Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig would be the perfect roommate. He would be neat, organized, and easy to get along with for the most part. Of course, he would have a chore chart so he and his roommate equally take care of their shared living space. He would also have the cooking split between the two unless his roommate couldn’t cook. He would be the perfect roommate to have, a little strict but only when necessary.

N. Italy / Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano would be very laidback. He would take care of all the cleaning and cooking, but in his own time so he may not get to it straight away. He does think his roommate should clean up the messes they make and such. He would also think they should spend some time together to become more friendly with each other so he would plan activities for them to do together. He would be a very nice roommate to have.

Japan / Honda Kiku

Kiku would be a quiet, reserved roommate. He would only interact with his roommate when necessary. Of course, he would eat meals with them and he may watch television with them occasionally, but he wouldn’t make plans with them or anything like that. He would clean up after himself and do his best to make sure the home he shares is nice and presentable in a way. He’s a very polite roommate, though he is a little standoffish.

Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt

Gilbert would be a loud and somewhat messy roommate, but still tolerable to live with. He would often invite his own friends over which may or may not annoy his roommate depending on the type of person they are. He also cleans up after himself for the most part, but he’s still a little messy. He would still do his chores and he may cook from time to time if he felt like it. He would be a tolerable roommate, but he can be a bit of a bother from time to time.

S. Italy / Lovino Vargas

Lovino would be a lazy roommate. He would much rather nap than do the chores his roommate would ask him to do. He would do anything to get out of doing them, honestly. On his good days, however, he might clean up a bit and cook, too. If he feels like it. He’s not incredibly intolerable, though, since he does have his good days.