hetalia: n. italy

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Relatives have said Today

America: “If you talk about politics you get no alcohol.”

Canada: “Can we have one holiday without someone bringing up what happened in 96?”

England: “I’m not drunk yet but I will be by noon.”

N. Italy: “Next year let’s just make lasagna!”

Prussia: “Um excuse me but I’m the family favorite!”

Germany: “Why didn’t you bring your dog? I was looking forward to petting it…”

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Grandparents Say

America: “Your grandmother once served me tea instead of coffee…that’s why we divorced.”

France: “Sometimes I like to connect to my French roots by flirting with the nurses…maybe that’s why they sent me home so soon!”

Canada: “I say I don’t have a favorite grandchild but you all know who my favorite is so let’s just stop this game.”

England: “I am an old man I have lived through 3 wars too many presidents and 30 years of living with your grandmother I can smoke and drink if I want!”

Germany: “Move out of the way and let me help you clean! I like cleaning it keeps me active!”

N. Italy: “I think it’s time I told you all my secret…my pasta sauce…it’s not from scratch!”

♡ axis ♡

Germany / Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig would be pleasantly surprised and would immediately offer his help if they needed. He would give them tips on pronunciation and spelling if they need. Overall, he would be incredibly pleased that his significant other wants to learn his language and study it. He would probably give them mini tests every once in a while and have them carry on a conversation with him in German.

N. Italy / Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano would be absolutely thrilled to find out that his significant other wanted to learn his language and study it. He would offer his help whether they asked for it or not and would be giving them pointers on the basics of it. He would help them learn by only speaking Italian around them and being incredibly encouraging.

Japan / Honda Kiku

Kiku would be a little shocked to find out they were interested in his language. He would be overjoyed at the fact, but he would also hope that he didn’t ruin any surprise they might have had for him. He would offer help if they asked, but wouldn’t force them to let him help.

Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt

Gilbert would be a little overexcited about it. He would offer them countless tips and would give them as much help as he thought they would need. He would speak more German than usual around them to help them out with their learning. Gil would be a great coach/teacher when it comes to helping his significant other learn his language.

//So I got the opportunity to meet Todd Haberkorn and I asked him if he could give some words of encouragement as italy; and I thought you all might like to see it!(sorry the audio can be quiet at times ^^“”)