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yes our teeth and ambitions are bared….

2P!s As 2015 Memes


2P!Romano: *shoving breadsticks into purse* / whAT ARE THOOOOOSE

2P!Germany: Left Shark / Why you always lyin’

2P!Prussia: trying to find [  ] in a crowd

2P!Japan: I’m always a slut for

2P!America: Netflix and Chill / John Cena

2P!England: you’ve heard of.. now get ready for..

2P!France: *looks at smuged writing on hand*

2P!Russia: hoe don’t do it

2P!China: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit   

2P!Canada: …okay..that sounds fake but okay…

  • Mathieu Williams: “LIES!”
  • Allen Jones: “ERROR DID NOT RECEIVE MESSAGE “Allen’s Iphone” IS SHATTERED TO A MILLION PIECES. Ps: This message is not a lie.”
  • Mathieu Williams: “Kk. That sounds legit.”
  • 2P Romano: Wow, the stars are so beautiful tonight...
  • 2P Prussia: Yeah...
  • 2P Romano: *looks into 2P Prussia's eyes and leans in* Guess who's more beautiful...
  • 2P Prussia: *groans* Let me guess: It's your stupid clothes again, right? They're not even cute
  • 2P Romano:
  • 2P Prussia:
  • 2P Romano: you know what, i'm not fucking you tonight

anonymous asked:

Do you have any romantic headcanons for the 2p Axis?

I do indeed! Forgive me for not bolding this dollface, I’m currently mobile as my little sister has my laptop. These are some of my headcanons!

Luciano/2p!Italy : Although he may seem like he is incapable of love, once he feels like he can trust you he’d drop slight hints as to giving you Italian sweets/cakes/cookies, wine ((assuming you’re of age)),even to giving you your favorite flowers.

Flavio/2p!Romano : Flavio is well the queen of the Another Color world. So obviously he’d treat you like the king/queen you truly deserve to be treated like! Just don’t ask where he gets the money from. ((incase you’re wondering it’s from robbing banks xD))

Lutz/2p!Germany : Lutz is the quiet one and he also is the most innocent in the Axis. So he’d kinda be shy and scared to mess things up. He’d be afraid to lose you, as you are his world.

Kyo/2p!Japan : Him being quite reserved like normal Japan, he’d be very inexperienced when it comes to any flirting or dating. Although he’d do anything to make you happy, even if that meant risking his power.

((Sorry I included Flavio I just feel since he is part of Italy he’d be included))
my headcanon if 2p prumano was a thing
  • Romano: say it
  • Prussia: never
  • Romano: *slaps Prussia's face* say that I'm cute AND fabulous, you bastard
  • Prussia: *spits in Romano's face* fuck you, bitch

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What about if 2p walks in on you changing? X)

you: *is changing, the door suddenly opens, it’s a 2P*

2p!america: *drops whatever he’s holding* …ah… *smirks* hey, keep going~

2p!china: *instant turn on* hh… hot…

2p!england: *SCREAMS* … *slams door and runs away*

2p!france: … *closes door and steps inside*

2p!russia: m-my apologies. *hurriedly shuts door*

2p!italy: *covers mouth to keep from giggling* ah… s-sorry about that, hehe… *slowly closes door*

2p!japan: *monotonous* … nice bra. that design is charming. *nods and closes door*

2p!canada: whoops. sorry. *leaves* … *shit he forgot to shut the door*

2p!romano: *laughs* I’M SORRY, BUT THIS WAS CLASSIC~ *closes door and thinks about how cliche that situation was*

2p!prussia: *faints*

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I really liked your stressed s/o scenario where they snap at them not meaning to with the axis, could you do it with the allies too? I love your blog btw!

//I got you sweetie, and thank you so much!! Sorry if this might not be as good angst is hard for me to write//

2p America: He would be completely shocked by his S/O’s outburst. He wouldn’t shy away from following them around the house and pretty much half interrogating them until he finally gave up to let them be. Later on that night he would be their in half a second doing the most to what he could at the moment to comfort them.

2p England: Half to tears at the S/O’s yelling he would be quite startled. He would give their S/O time without them, but the entire time he’s thinking and preparing for ways to make you feel better. When He finds S/O crying on the couch he’s prepared and has at least 20 things for his S/O.

2p Russia: Seemingly unfazed by it he already knew it was coming. He had seen his S/O becoming more and more stressed by the day and knew it was only a matter of time before they would snap. When he sees his S/O crying He would be their mainly giving them support by telling them things that would help them such as taking off more time for them self and such, but he would let them hug him and such as to comfort them.

2p France: Not expecting the sudden outburst he would stand their half confused as his S/O ranted off at him yelling angrily. Like 2p Germany he feels greatly that it was his fault that they were so stressed. He would almost avoid his S/O the rest of the day because of it. Finding his S/O crying on the couch most likely he would have a smoke with them or something similar for the both of them to calm down.

2p China: His normal carefree personality is replaced with pure concern for his S/O. Unsure whether or not his S/O is angry him is a pretty high point for him, and he would try and find out without having to ask his S/O. Seeing His S/O crying on the couch He would pet their hair slow and calmly almost the entire night listening to their S/O.

2p Canada: With his S/O yelling at him he would start arguing with them, but a lot gentler to try and end it. At the end His S/O would probably end up walking away angrily. Giving his S/O Space like many of the other 2p’s he would mainly be going over the whole argument in his head afterward. He would probably be sleeping close by when he heard his S/O crying. Going over to them he would pick them up holding them as he let them vent off to them.

My top ten OTPs

As tagged by: @cosmicfox3

Ten: 2p FrUk (Hetalia: Another Color)

Nine: Jalex (Alex Gaskarth and Jalex Barakat)

Eight: ReGisa (Free: Iwatobi Swim Club)

Seven: JeArmin (Attack on Titan)

Six: Ereri (Attack on Titan)

Five: HiJack (How To Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians)

Four: FinnPoe (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Three: PruAus (Hetalia)

Two: RoyEd (Fullmetal Alchemist)

 One: UsUk (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

(All Credit to Original artist.)

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  • Oliver Kirkland: “I want you to tell your brother I strongly disagree with his decision to get a twat.
  • Mathieu Williams: “Wait...hes getting a sex change?”
  • Oliver Kirkland: “TAT! I meant to type tat...like tattoo..”

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How would they react if their s/o(female) started vlogging on their day out? Like you see famous youtubers do, and it turns out she was indeed. Youtuber?

S/O Is A Youtuber?!

2P!Italy: He will most likely be hella confused and salty, telling you to “Get the damn camera out of my face.” even if you aren’t aiming it at him. However, he secretly wants to be in the video despite his utter state of salt and will make side comments loud enough to be picked up on the audio.

2P!Romano: Literally becomes the star of the vlog. Like, it doesn’t matter what she does to try and stop him. Flavio is the vlogger. This is his channel now.

2P!Germany: All for it!! He will get really exited and want to be in it, but won’t force her into making him. Like Luciano, he’ll make side comments and accept any questions or random face shots willingly. He might even ask to be in more videos or become a permanent part of the channel.

2P!Prussia: He’ll be really camera shy and try his best to stay out of shot. Poor baby doesn’t want to ruin the video – aaWWW GILEN LeT ME LOVE YO u– 

2P!Japan: He’d actually be a little excited, surprisingly,  but won’t let it show. Kuro’d probably make more sarcastic remarks and small humourous comments to let her fans know she’s got a hella chill boyfriend. Still, he isn’t gonna want the camera up in his business. If his s/o can respect that, he’ll respect her vlogging.

2P!America: Alright, doing this around him was a mistake. Allen becomes a mixture of both Flavio and Lutz, and will refuse to be left out. He’ll want to make a show, letting his s/o’s fans to understand that her boyfriend is the coolest, most rad little shit ever. He’ll also make it extremely fun for her and will expect to be in more videos. 

2P!England: I’m sure Oliver will attract more fans than his s/o herself. He’d be the ones they’d request constantly to be a guest because he’s just so diddly darn adorable. He’d be surprised by the sudden camera, but accept it instantly and encourage her to continue. He might be a little upset that it’s in the way of them spending time together, but get over it once he realizes it’s just a documentation of how much fun they were having.

2P!France: Francois isn’t going to care. He’d continue to do whatever he was doing, but wouldn’t want the camera all up in his space. 

2P!Russia: Viktor is going to do his damn best to get the hell outta the shot. He does NOT want to be recorded. He won’t be angry, but will be a little salty and complain some.

2P!China: Much excite! Such fun! Wow! Zao is really ecstatic to be included in the video, and also a bit moved. How kind of her to think of recording how absolutely awesome of a person he is! A bit like Flavio, but won’t overdo it.

2P!Canada: He’s chill with it. He might make a few sarcastic and funny comments on a whim and will enjoy that his s/o is happy with doing what she loves.