I don’t know, I think I’ve seen a picture of angel!Arthur giving demon!Alfred flowers before and I really liked it. Or maybe it was the other way around? Can’t really remember, but I’ve always want to draw something like this :)

I was thinking of possible AUs for this, and came up with a situation where the angels and demons are not really angels and demons, but more like two different species of winged humans that lives in different areas. They’re neither foes nor allies, they just don’t interact much with each other.

Let’s just say these two meet at a meadow in between their respective territories and become unlikely friends. For some reasons like climates or something, flowers can’t really grow at the demons’ place, so Al has never seen one before. One day, Arthur surprised him with a rain of flowers :)

Would love to read ff/drabbles about this if anybody interested in writing this =¬=//

“ℳonaco, the land of rich culture!

The land of good people!

Who would not want to travel to such a beautiful place?

I long to return to my home in Monaco…






◆ included in hetalia fandom

2+ years roleplay experience

◆ personal & historical interpretation

◆ semi-selective & semi-active

◆ possible triggering topics due to historical take

◆ open to au’s and new rps



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  • Russia:...what is this?
  • America:uhh I think that's called... a pad?
  • Russia:A what?
  • America:A pad? Women use it for something, I think. To absorb blood or something.
  • Russia:Blood? What blood? Where does the blood come from?
  • America:uhhh... I don't know dude....
  • Russia:... Women are weird.
  • America:Yeah...
  • Russia:.......
  • America:......
  • Russia:so.....
  • America:I think it would be easier if we were gay.
  • Russia:Yes. Yes I agree.

(( I kinda wanna start RPing with some people outside of the Hetalia fandom but only a very very select few. I just wanna avoid the 
“What are you” “Oh that’s cool” “where am i”  “wheres that” 
repetitive dialogue that comes from doing crossover rps ))

anonymous asked:

I'm an huge history nerd and does love things being accurate, but somehow I leave Hetalia as an exception. My reason why? It's because the characters are unique, interesting and relatable. They aren't just stereotypes and joke characters to laugh at. They are their own characters. I usually hate dere characters, especially Yandere and tsundere, but somehow characters like Romano and Belarus are in my favorite lists, because they are interesting and unique. (Anon con)

(Anon con) Of you look closer on how the characters interact or what they say, then you’d sometimes notice that there’s some depth in them. That’s what I love about the Hetalia characters. There’s no character at I hate or dislike, maybe except for HRE and the 2Ps, because they are likable and unique.

I totally feel you. I hate the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ but I love Hetalia because I know it’s not meant taken seriously. It’s just a show making fun of history really through a person’s interpretation. Scandanavia and the World does it too, so why are people making such a huge deal? 

This is what bugs me about people wanting something to be accurate. Unless it’s supposed to be taken seriously, then it’s not going to be accurate. Hetalia isn’t supposed to be taken seriously in the least bit. It’s a satire. It’s like those Western movies with John Wayne and the such. Everyone knows duels didn’t happen every single day. It’s just supposed to be entertaining and playing around with some topic. Seth Macfarlane does that all the time. Have you seen ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’? And Mel Brooks as well! 

You want accuracy? Stop being a lazy shit and read a textbook or watch a documentary that’s meant to be serious. Sorry I totally went off on a tangent, but it just bugs me when people complain about accuracy in something that’s not supposed to be taken seriously.

Two new students in my class who saw I was alone and befriended me. They ended up not really talking to me once they settled in though, soon having their own large group of friends. That same year, I realised I liked someone in my class and confessed to them at the end of the year in an attempt to get rid of my feelings. I was rejected as I had expected. I remember it had happened one day before my birthday. A memory I hoped to replace the indirect confession in year two. That person wasn’t interested in romance or that kind of thing I suppose, and it knew they wouldn’t be the type to spread things about me. They were however the type to keep quiet, even if something bad was happening in front of them. I’m pretty sure that person was outside the toilets during the year eight incident.

Character: Canada / Matthew Williams
Anime: Hetalia
Art by me.

I do not own Hetalia or the character, the only thing I own is the drawing.
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