“I.. I… I have to go… I need to change my clothes right now”

“Allen! love! You can’t… we promise”

“I know… but Oliver!”

“Nope… sorry and don’t make that face!”


“you’re so cute…”

soooooo soooo soooo sorry guys… u.u  I can’t get used to my job and the schedule… but I’ll try… I promise… see you soon <3 

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa OMG this is so amazing
@pammspamm eres la mejor!!! El color te quedo hermoso… I’m crying this is so beautiful!!!

I made the lineart and @pammspamm the colours and is so amazing… Pammm darling UsUk fandom is really blessed to have you. I feel so happy to met you because this fandom.

Love you girl. You deserve lot of happiness you are a wonderful artist.

And… You have to teach me how to make the colours like you 😘

USUK fanfics

It’s funny how in fanfics Alfred is like this super confident smoothtalker who’s totally open with his sexuality (like Francis) and just goes up to Arthur like “what’s up cutie ;)” without wondering if he doesn’t swing that way for even a second.

But in reality Alfred would more likely be the most “no homo” person ever.

Alfred: *currently undressing Arthur with his eyes*
Matthew: If you want to bang him so much just go talk to him.
Alfred: What? No he’ll think I’m gay or something.
Matthew: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

  • England: so, how are you America?
  • America: haha
  • England:
  • America: hahAHAHAHHA
  • England: ???
  • America: Ḧ͚̏ͥ͗͋̚A̛̙͉̐́̎̋̈͛̚ͅH̴͒̀̉A͒ͯ̊ͭ͏̯͎H͆ͬͭͭ̚A̧̭̭̟͚̣̯H҉̯A̖̳͚͈̥̭̗̅̽͐̍̿H̙̲͈̭̪̜̎ͫ͋̓̓̔ͩͅH̲̖̣̗͊ͅA̴̜ͥ̽̽H̞̘̪̥̮̙̊͊Ȧ̞̋̉̚̚H̦̯̀̉ͨͫ̚A̤ͅĤ̠͍͍͎̠̓ͭ̑A̸ͯ̾́Ȟ̫̈A̍͆ͨͯ̍̌͗͏͈̫̬ͅH̙̒Ḁ̷ͮ̆̑ͩ̈ͦͅͅḤ͚̘͉͙̰̗̈̅͆̋ͬ̐ͣ͡A̮͆ͣ͘H̦̪̰̫̜̠̅̓͜A̸ͩ̓͆HA̧͇͑͐̎̽̑H̪ͭ̊A̜̥͍̘ͧͬ̅̉͆͘

Teacher: *Looks to see their student writing diligently during their class*

Teacher: Look at that student. Always so on top of things during lectures. What a great student they are.

Me, writing gay fanfiction: He leaned down to whisper sweet nothings into his boyfriend’s ear as one his hands caressed his lover’s inner thigh before traveling up further…

The Four Different Types Of Fanfiction
  • The Smut: You're favorite couple is doing the do once again. It could be kinky or vanilla, whatever. You stare at the screen, unblinking, your face showing no emotion. Inside, however, you are screaming.
  • The Orgasm: Fluff. Pure, unadulterated fluff. You convulse with feelings and try to hold back your squeals of delight. The worst to read in public.
  • The Drama Queen: It's a sad story with happy undertones. You tell everyone you cried but really you laughed throughout the torture scenes. Really, it was a good fanfic, it just wasn't... that.
  • ANGST: Your tear tracks don't leave for days after reading this fanfic. You haven't slept in days. You feel for the characters on a personal level. You cry for them weeks after and you still feel depressed when you try to go about your normal daily life when such horribleness just happened to your favorite character.