Spackling (USUK)

The building superintendent of Arthur’s new apartment building was hot. Actually, he was so hot, Arthur filled the rental application he was given without much thought because he wasn’t able to think straight at the time.

Actually, well, he was having trouble thinking straight for a while now, but he was still coming to terms with the fact that he, maybe, perhaps, was gay. But looking at that guy, that handsome, strong, tall, blond man… gosh, Arthur thought, I want to kiss him, I want to fucking kiss him, and that was pretty much when he accepted the fact that he was at least a little bit gay for sure.

He rented the apartment and the good part about not having thought too much about it was that the apartment had some problems, such as an annoying dripping faucet and creaking doors and some small holes on the walls where frames used to be, and the reason why those were good thing was that…

“Hello? Hi, Jones, right? Sorry to bother you, but my kitchen faucet is dripping again… could you come fix it?”

“Yeah, sure, no problem! I’ll go there in one hour, is that okay? I need to finish some things first.”

“Yes, of course. No problem.”

… he could call Alfred Jones to come fix them.

Arthur always pictured superintendents as old people for some reason, but as he learned from Jones’ visits to fix things in his apartment, Arthur’s Super (hot) was only twenty-five and he had taken the job because it granted him free rent.

“And I’m a mechanical engineering student anyway, so I don’t mind fixing some faucets and stuff, it’s easy, I mean, a few faucets and taking out the garbage and removing snow? Heck, I used to do these for free for my parents, and now doing it grants me free rent, I’m living the dream, man.” Jones had said, laughing, and Arthur had laughed too because Jones had such a precious laugh. Kinda loud, actually, but still precious.

Arthur wished he could tell him that without sounding too creepy. That is, Arthur had no idea if Alfred was into “dudes” or “ladies” or “other genders and stuff, I don’t know much about them actually, but I heard there’re others? And I wish I knew more about it but I feel kinda awkward asking people these things, like, I don’t wanna sound like an asshole since I know some people think I’m one coz I play football and all… I mean, I’m not, just in case you’re wondering…”, so he didn’t want to assume. Jones was pretty much the only person he talked to in the building, and Arthur didn’t want to lose it. He liked Alfred a lot.

He liked Alfred so much he made sure to find something wrong with his apartment at least once a week, so Alfred would come over, fix it, and Arthur would offer him a glass of juice (since he didn’t like tea; nobody was perfect, after all) and ask him about university and football and video games, just to keep Alfred talking and to get to know him better, to know everything there was to know about that person and maybe, perhaps, some day all that talking would lead to kissing, and it was not like Arthur caught himself thinking about such things oddly often, but… but he did.

So that week, after having all his faucets, doors, windows and carpets fixed, Arthur decided it was time to get rid of that small, almost insignificant hole in the bedroom wall because he didn’t have anything else to fix and he wanted to see Alfred, he kind of needed to see Alfred, because even if he tended to get nervous and awkward around him, talking to Alfred relaxed him and he had been up all night finishing up a project, so he really, really wanted to relax a bit so he’d be able to get some sleep later.

So he called Alfred in his sleep-deprived state and said:

“Hey, Jones, it’s Arthur. I was wondering if you could come over later and fill a hole for me in my bedroom?”

And he was so tired he didn’t even find the quick silence strange until Alfred said:

“Damn, I thought you’d never ask.”

And Alfred was chuckling a bit, which was strange because Arthur didn’t think Alfred had ever noticed that hole before, so he answered with a confused:


To which Alfred echoed:


There was a bit of confused silence before Arthur explained:

“I… I was talking about the hole on my wall? I think there used to be a frame there or something…”

Awkward silence now.

“Oh… sure, yeah.”

“… What… what did you think I meant?”

“Uh, nothing? I was talking about the same thing as you were, all along. No idea what you’re saying, dude.”

“Aw.” Arthur let out, and then died inside in embarrassment, but only until Alfred added:

“I mean? Unless there’s, uh, there’s other holes you want me to take care of?” awkward laugh, “I dunno, just saying. That’s my job after all. Not filling people’s holes, I mean… no, wait, what?” more laughter, “Oh, geez. Sorry, please don’t hate me now! I’m just—anyway! I’ll just… I see you later!”

And he hang up.

Arthur was too tired to think straight, but not tired enough to not think gay, and, okay, he was totally sure Alfred was at least a little bit gay too now.

And it was a very gay thing to be happy about, he thought, but he was also sure he himself was more than a little bit gay, so that was alright.

hot shower

USUK, highschool

i was trying to go somewhere but i got sleepy and i just lost track but since i was just gonna delete it i thought, why not Post it anyway so

Alfred could not, for the life of him, figure out that shower.

And that was the reason why he had to wrap a towel around his waist and awkwardly leave Arthur’s bathroom to go ask him how his rich-people shower worked. The number of knobs and levers was just ridiculous. There was too many of them, so how the fuck was Alfred supposed to know which did what?

Rich, British people were so weird.

“Arthur?” Alfred called weakly, popping his head from the bathroom. Arthur’s room was empty, so Alfred stepped outside hesitantly, looking around the posters on the wall, the neatly made bed, the organized book shelves. Being there he felt his chest aching a bit with the realization of how much there was of Arthur that he didn’t know about and the fear that he maybe would never know. He tried not to think of that, because he was there now, to get to know Arthur. He was trying.

“Arthur?” he called again, leaving the room and holding the towel in place just in case. He was already too embarrassed and he did not want to make any of that worse. Besides… he wasn’t sure yet if Arthur was gay or not.

So he had made a plan, after he invited Arthur to watch movies and Arthur told him to come over since his mother would be out of town for some work related thing. And his plan was very simple: they were going to watch horror movies together, and Arthur would be scared and hug Alfred and if he liked guys, he’d smell Alfred’s cologne and notice how much of a good match Alfred was. And then they’d settle more dates to watch movies and eventually they’d be dating. It was a very good plan.

However, how was Alfred to know he’d have to bike to Arthur’s apartment and climb the stairs to the sixteenth floor because the elevator was broken?!

By the time he got to Arthur’s place, he was all sweaty and stinky. He had had to ask to take a shower, or else his plan wouldn’t work. And Alfred wanted very much for his plan to work.

“Arthur?” he called one more time, this time on the hall to the living room. He saw Arthur there - he was sitting in the loveseat with his cat in his lap, looking at his phone.

He was so charming it hurt.

Arthur looked up when Alfred called, “You alrea–oh.”

“Sorry…” Alfred said, laughing awkwardly, scratching the back of his head, “I, uh… I really can’t figure out your shower…”

“Oh.” Arthur said, then laughed, “I’m sorry! I forgot to explain it to you.” he got up, the cat meowing unhappily.

Alfred followed him back to the bathroom, where Arthur explained to him how everything worked. It was so overly complicated… why couldn’t he just have a normal shower?

“Thanks, Arthur. I wouldn’t ever have figured it out.” Alfred said.

“It’s okay, I myself took a bit to learn.” Arthur laughed. And then the looked at Alfred and blushed, which made Alfred think that his towel had fallen, but it had not. He sighed in relief and thanked Arthur once again,

“I’ll be quick, then we can watch the movie.” he said, and Arthur nodded,

“Yeah, the movie. Sure. Take your time. I’ll be waiting.”

And he tripped as he walked and tried to look back at Alfred at the same time. Alfred tried to get closer to help him, but Arthur quickly left the bathroom, his face all red.

As Alfred showered he realized that maybe Arthur was really into guys, which meant his plan would work. He smiled happily to himself, never before being so happily anxious for an horror movie.