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Also first boy x boy ship in this event and the first one without Cro feel free to send more like that ofc and even for my canon ocs if you like them

I did say that and yeah that is true however that was when they were young so it would be cuter as a puppy love kind of thing when they were younger. Also I read a bit more about their relationship there is not much obviously but Spain did help a lot in the Bosnian war like they sent aid and guarded the safe zones against Serbian invasion from May 22 1993. Personality wise I do like it because its a kind of like bright and dark type of person, the enthusiastic and melancholic. Spain is a very sunny country so he is the sun and Bosnia means water and headcanon that he loves the rain so also sun and rain. I really like those kind of couples so they would be cute. Once again the gay thing would bother Bosnia as much as the rest of them and I don’t know about Spain so if anyone is Spanish or knows about that I would like to know     



QUOTE BASED ON: http://brooklyn99.wikia.com/wiki/The_Apartment


ARGENTINA OC © http://chiaky.deviantart.com/…/LH-Argentina-Shimeji-2160338…

Having an Italian Boyfriend (with an Italian family)
  • <p> <b>Spain:</b> Roma we haven't eaten for nearly two days!!! Why don't I just make us some paella and-<p/><b>Romano:</b> Shut the fuck up Antonio. We are about to visit my Nonna and other relatives. Now, this is extremely dangerous so I want you to listen to me very carefully.<p/><b>Spain:</b> …<p/><b>Romano:</b> When the door opens, stay behind me at all times, and trust me, those two days are going to come in handy. And whatever you do, don't refuse the cooking or waste food!<p/><b>Romano:</b> *rings doorbell to house*<p/><b>Romano:</b> *breath in*<p/><b>Literally the entire house:</b> DO YOU WANT TO EAT?? COME EAT! GUESS WHAT TUA ZIA JUST MADE??? OI VUOI MANGIARE??? MIO DIO IS THAT MY LOVINO HE LOOKS SO SKINNY, COME EAT!!! WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE MY COOKING?? EAT! EAT!! *loud, incoherent, Italian screaming*<p/></p>
Hetalia's favorite thing to do at a world meeting
  • Germany: Looks into the camera like he's in The Office
  • Spain: Thinks of the Wii music and dances in his seat
  • Japan: Draws his OTP in the room
  • America: Dabbing whenever England looks at him because he knows he hates it
  • Prussia: Taking every pen in the room and making a pen castle out of them (Only France, Spain and him are allowed)