“The Asian Peace Sign”
As demonstrated by Japan, China, South Korea, and the Philippines


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Based on this post: http://9gag.com/gag/5515299/asian-peace-sign



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The Philippines and his Veloricaptors. [Get it get it, no, okay never mind. //slapped]

“Tried that method, didn’t work.”


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The Philippines Myths

Alright. Time to crush some fans hopes and wreck their theories with logic. Just prepared my ask box for all the bullshit I’m going to receive after this. Remember, this is Himaruya’s comic, not mine. Thank you.

Myth: the Philippines is the maid in episode 1 that serves Spain coffee.

Holy shit if I had 50 cents for every time I heard this theory, I would have enough for a ticket to the Philippines. This is probably one of the most popular fan theories next to the Asia3 fan theory. It is supposed to be a normal human. I honestly don’t understand how this came to be. If the Philippines was a country wouldn’t you see her, oh I don’t know, SITTING AT THE FREAKING MEETING? Or maybe the countries have one person on coffee duty every meeting and everyone awaits the day when it’s Turkey’s turn. As fun as that sounds, it still not true. She was classified as a normal Spanish Housemaid.

Myth: The Asia3 design was a scrapped sketch of the Philippines. Himaruya said she was “close to America and had a complicated love story.”

The Asia3 sketch above, was a design by Himaruya when he was making Vietnam. Another very popular theory. Just a conspiracy theory that was made up by fans to spark hope in the Filipino fan base. And even so, Hima probably wouldn’t create a love story. You can just barely call HRE and Chibitalia a romance. You know how ambiguous Hima makes thing when it comes to romance and Hetalia. Romance and cannon Hetalia do not mix.

Myth: Philippines will be a girl and will appear in season 3.

Though many OCs have been created, and the Filipino fanbase is rather large, there is no cannon character yet. Not even in the manga. I understand the hype. There are many fans from the Philippines and other countries waiting for a character and here’s Hima making characters like Mr. Newspapers. However, all we can do is wait for a character to be made. Though it may take forever.



“Paano Ka Dapat Manligaw? Idaan mo sa diskarte!”


((That’s Brunei aka Aadila btw, the girl I mean ))

(( Okay, so there are quite a handful of peeps who didn’t get the gist of this parody/commercial. This is NOT a real/official way of courting someone (i.e. Muslim, Buddhist, etc, or even Christian), it’s a parody of a commercial. ))(( And as visually seen, this is clearly a PHILIPPINES X BRUNEI comic/illustration. It’s supposed to be a history-related pair thing, PhilBru/BruPhil [Philippines X Brunei]. Reason for that is the history and relations the Philippines and Brunei had during the time of the Kingdom of Tondo. She’s not supposed to be simply a Muslim woman, but a country representing every single one of her people, though Islam is the main religion in Brunei, there are still Christians and other religions mixing insider her (as a nation. ))

(( Same goes for the Philippines, remember that although the Philippines is a Christian-dominated country, IT IS NOT ALL CHRISTIAN, the Philippines also has Islam, Buddhism, and the other religions in it. ))

(( The Sprite Commercial had us laughing XD ))


Parody based from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78rfYXfLUhY



SNAPPLE SHARED THIS NOSTALGIC THINGIE TO ME AND LAKJSDFLKASJDFLKJ DS WAS SO HAPPY I remembered always doodling in scratch papers for these before, back in DA and stuff aahahha ;;;


Blank Meme & credits: http://harteus.tumblr.com/post/94827150145/remember-these-kids-they-used-to-be-so-popular    @harteus