Hetalia Character Name Meanings
  • Alfred:Name of a king
  • Arthur:Strong as a bear
  • Francis:Free or Frenchman
  • Matthew:A saint who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus
  • Ivan:Gift from God
  • Yao:Dazzling or Born on a Thursday
  • Kiku:Chrysanthemum
  • Ludwig:Famous fighter
  • Feliciano:Happy one
  • Romano:From Rome
  • Antonio:Beyond praise
  • Gilbert:Oath
  • Elizabeta:Devoted to God
  • Roderich:Famous power
  • Vash:Cow (can be interpreted)
  • Natalia:Born at Christmas
  • Peter:Rock
  • Feliks:Happy
  • Eduard:Rich benefactor
  • Tino:To honor God
  • Berwald:Bear Ruler
  • Heracles:Glory of Hera
  • Sadik:Honest
  • Im Yong Soo:Brave and great

Let’s review what we have learned here:

  • Sealand is more well known in hetalia than in real life
  • Italy’s curl is more searched than his location
  • People want to see a hot Prussia
  • Moose nor Pancakes show up for Canada…but Goose jacket does
  • America is obsessed with his next top model VS his own flag
  • Hungary’s hetalia form is a top search VS her country
  • Spain has girls and a word, i wonder what word they are speaking of
  • Belarus likes tractors
  • England’s eyebrows are more poplar than the royal family