Today, Sealand went out with England so they could buy new clothing. England picked out a cute, pastel outfit for Sealand, and Sealand shouted, “GAAAY!”

England’s response was to tell Sealand that he’s spending too much time with America.


A lot of my (active) followers liked the previous post, and it has only been a little while since I posted it, so I’ve decided that Sealand will answer asks if you guys send them in!

Answers to asks will be tagged simply with “sealand ask” (block it if you only want “today” posts), and I’ll enable the anonymous option! You’ll still get a today post every day.

But remember, this is totally dependent on you guys actually sending in asks.  Just remember to keep it appropriate; Sealand is only 12!

You can send in asks now if you want to!