• Norn: Where is everyone?
  • Ireland: This calls for drastic measures.
  • Norn: *uses his hands as a megaphone* ENGLAND'S FOOD SUCKS!
  • England: NO IT DOES NOT.

The 30 Years’ War does things to you, doesn’t it, Reiner?

Ahhh, poor Frederick William III - Such a shy and timid man who had to inherit the weight of the legacies forged by his grand-uncle Frederick the Great. He really did try to keep Prussia neutral during the Napoleonic Wars, offering to negotiate and refusing to be a part of any coalition, an effort that ultimately failed. To his credit though, at least he had his personal family life well put together - Now that’s something most of his predecessors can’t claim they had.

And of course, as you can imagine, the word ‘neutrality’ brings back some really, REALLY horrid memories for Brandenburg - After all, that same policy was what royally messed him up during the 30 Years. The invasion of Berlin must have been one big ‘mm-watcha say’ moment for Reiner tbh.

"Babe, Come Over."
  • Crashes through your window: APH Scotland.
  • Drives 20 mph over the limit: APH Ireland.
  • "I can't, I just put Bagel Bites in the oven.": APH Wales.


(( Also, Osomatsu-san ended yesterday -Monday for others, Tuesday for Philippine time eheke- and well, ending still summarized how wacky the series is though , XD ))

(( So if you guys still remember, I posted the ASEAN countries chars who I thought would fit these guys, so… I had fun kek. ))

(( Might do the rest of the ASEAN members if I still have strength left ahaha ))

  • Scotland: From now on we will all be using code names. You can all address me as "Eagle One." England is "Been There, Done That."
  • England: *chokes on tea*
  • Scotland: France is "Currently Doing That."
  • France: *high fives Scotland*
  • Scotland: Wales is "It Happened Once In A Dream."
  • Wales: *chokes on whiskey*
  • Scotland: Ireland is "If I Had To Pick A Girl."
  • Ireland: *sighs in relief*
  • Scotland: And Norn is... "Eagle Two."
  • Northern Ireland: Oh thank God.