When I was out with family yesterday, I was wearing this really nice jacket and all of a sudden, my brother turned to me and said “You know, with an outfit like this you should be playing transverse flute and lead a riflemen’s procession.”

I secretly lost my shit because just earlier that day I had thought of Gil playing the flute, so now I ended up drawing Gilbert wearing the jacket I wore~


I’m muuuuuuuch too lazy to make a remotely clean and actually good version of this so take what you can get

Anyway, I drew this to illustrate a certain vision I have of Gilbert: he is a man of the military and of ideals (although he is a pragmatist) and he knows little mercy when it comes to his own men. Harsh on others, harsher on himself still, in line with the Prussian virtues. If you are part of his military he has very high expectations for you.
Friedrich used to be at the receiving end of Gilbert’s…ah, criticism in his youth. But it was easy to forget about the treatment once he’d gained Gilbert’s favor; well, sometimes he still got a reminder of what slumbers inside Gilbert.