Goood Old Fritz

If ever the Opera house was unbearably cold during a performance, Fritz tasked the military to sit in during the performance.


Cause he firmly believed that military men generated more heat so having them sitting with them would heat the place up.

Also: this makes me think that this would be the only time that Fritz would allow such public intimacy with Gilbert. A.K.A : He’s gonna sit on that Prussian’s lap and have the man wrap his arms around him like a hot blanket on a horribly cold winter morning.

Moral of the story: Gilbert is Fritz’s decorative heating chair.

Childhood Hetalia - Living by yourself

The Beilschmidt drama queens ladies and gentlemen!

Germany, Prussia & Hungary © Himaruya Hidekaz

Childhood Hetalia - Grown-up magazine’s

Very good literature.

Germany & Prussia © Himaruya Hidekaz