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How the final episode of Hetalia will be:

1) The song above will be playing in the background

2) There will be an animated version of this:

3) After that, a fade out. Then a fade in with all the Axis and Allies together. They speak to the audience

America: Hey everyone. We want to thank you all for being with us. It’s been an amazing journey. But I think it’s time for us now to say goodbye.

Germany: It has been such an amazing experience. You laughed with us and we laughed with you. You will not go unappreciated.

China: You don’t even know how you, our fans, have contributed to make this such a success-aru. Thank you.

Romano (sobbing): Not even crates of tomatoes can replace you. You are all wonderful (Romano breaks down while Veneziano comforts him)

Russia: But as they all say, all good things must end. Sadly, Hetalia must end too.

England: But as long as we have you guys, Hetalia will never die. As long as the fans continue to sing our praises, Hetalia will still be alive.

France: Au revoir, my friends.

Japan: Sayonara.

England and America: Goodbye!

Germany: Auf wiedersehen

Russia: Do svidaniya

China: Zài jiàn

Veneziano and Romano: Arrivederci!

Soon, every Hetalia character comes on to join the main eight characters. They all say goodbye to the audience in their own language.

Germany: Any parting words, Italy?

Italy (after thinking about it, and saying it through tears): Ti amo! (Veneziano wipes his tears and smiles at the audience while the scene fades out)

Then, simple text appears on the screen saying “Thank you for everything. It’s been fun. From all of us at Studio Deen and Hidekaz Himaruya.”

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Reblog if you mean it!! And not just because you’re a Hetalian now!! Reblog if you really mean you will be a Hetalian forever!!
Like, years from now I’m not going to be the person who says “Remember when I was 18 and I watched that anime about countries?”!
I won’t have to remember because I’ll still be doing it.
Even after Hetalia ends I will not just cast it off as a dead fandom and be done with it! Hetalia helped me through some things! Maybe they weren’t overly terrible things but when I needed help suddenly here came the countries and I’ve been a much happier person since then! How fickle would it be for me to just up and walk away like it never happened??
No. I will not abandon Hetalia. Even if I’m the last Hetalian left I will remember it and continue to love it as I do now.
The stories we love, in whatever form they are (books, anime, movies, TV shows, comic books, etc.), make an impact on us and become a part of us. They only really end when we let them. And I won’t let the stories I love end.
Maybe I’m being overly emotional about this. Maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion a little. But I do know that I’m telling the truth when I say “Hetalian Now. Hetalian Forever.”