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Now would you do a jealous Alfred fic please??!!

Title: Secret Date
Pairing: USUK
Words: 2, 323
AU: Human/High School
Genre: Romance/Drama
Story summary: Alfred is jealous of his best friend’s mysterious new love interest.
A/N: Thanks for the request! Enjoy! <3 

When Arthur had first explained to Alfred that he couldn’t come over that weekend because he had a date, Alfred had hardly been able to believe it. He’d stared at his best friend incredulously from across the lunch table, blue eyes widened and thin brows furrowed with obvious distaste. 

“Dude, what?” Alfred had said after a moment, dropping the half-eaten ham sandwich in his hand onto his lunch tray. “A date? With who?” 

Arthur’s pale cheeks, littered with freckles, went red in a way Alfred usually found entirely too adorable. Now, though–knowing that Arthur was blushing at the thought of some other boy and not him made Alfred sick to his stomach. “None of your business!” He huffed, averting his eyes. 

Alfred’s frown deepened into a scowl. “But we always hang out on Saturdays!” He whined childishly, eyes fixed resolutely upon Arthur’s face from behind his glasses. 

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A Queen’s English vs. American English standoff.  Inspired by the thought of “What would happen if a nation tried to do something that another nation does on a daily basis?”

Can I just point out how adorable England is?

(Ok, as funny as I find it how much people are freaking out about what the boot means, the trunk of the car is sometimes called the boot in certain parts of England)

(Seriously, half of the notes are “WHAT IS THE BOOT?” It’s so great :)

Head cannon that England doesn’t know people refer to Florida as Americas junk and he genuinely likes Florida and going to Disney and stuff. So one time in a World meeting or something, as a joke, someone asks if he likes Florida and he says he loves it and everyone loses their shit and Americas all flustered but he just doesn’t know.

USUK fanfics

It’s funny how in fanfics Alfred is like this super confident smoothtalker who’s totally open with his sexuality (like Francis) and just goes up to Arthur like “what’s up cutie ;)” without wondering if he doesn’t swing that way for even a second.

But in reality Alfred would more likely be the most “no homo” person ever.

Alfred: *currently undressing Arthur with his eyes*
Matthew: If you want to bang him so much just go talk to him.
Alfred: What? No he’ll think I’m gay or something.
Matthew: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

au where arthur is some kind of forest spirit and alfred is a prince

not sure where this is going but i like it