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Can i ask for nyo!italy and germany headcanons?


•Guess what

•Luddy loves her so much

•Felicia is ultimate wife material, I ain’t lying at ALL!!!

•She cooks for the two of them all the time but Luddy makes breakfast almost every day to let her sleep in!!!! He takes the dogs for a walk and showers then makes breakfast and by that time, his lovely lady has finally rolled out of bed. Her hair is everywhere and she has little circles under her eyes and a mark on her cheek from sleeping on the sheets but?? To Ludwig, she just looks perfect

•She isn’t that tall, she’s eyelevel with Lud’s chest. Does it bother her? A little!! She has to stretch to kiss him!! That never fails to make Ludwig laugh though

•These two go out all the time cause Felicia has too much energy to just stay inside all day! They’ll go shopping, maybe go to the park, get something to eat, they’re just all over the place! But they never get tired of eachother

•Ludwig is famous for stressing himself out. Some days he’ll come home from a meeting and he’s just so out of it, only able to think about that one time he stuttered in front of his officials or that stack of paperwork he has to get done by tomorrow- and then Felicia hugs him and everything is okay again…

•Felicia cries a lot(like her male counterpart) but her little scenes don’t last long. She’ll cry for five minutes or so and tell herself to suck it up, then she just stops. Luddy always tries to be there when she needs him cause he knows for a fact that being upset when you’re alone isn’t fun at all. He’s always supportive and if she needs to cry longer? He’ll be there

•She’s constantly buying Lud new clothes cause uuhhhh honey, you can’t wear the same green turtle neck and khaki pants forever!! She’s especially pushing him to wear jeans cause she may or may not like to smack his rear ;) Luddy doesn’t think it’s as funny as she does, he always rolls his eyes

•Felicia is an expert at wine tasting and stuff like that. She can tell what grapes were used just by taste but ya girl can sometimes drink a bit TOO much. Of course, Luddy takes her home, helps her into her pajamas and lays with her while she falls sleep “Luddy~ I loooove you~” “Mhmm…I love you too…Go to sleep…”

Hetalia Headcanons 6#

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Why they’re in jail


.Punched open a car window to save the puppy inside that turned out to not be real


.Got mistaken and arrested for something America did


.Overdue library fees for a manga book he can’t get back from South Korea


.Fought an old women for a hello kitty stuffed animal


.Held the Baltics hostage for a free pizza


.Hacked the government to try and take down an embarrassing picture he accidentally posted


.Bumped into and ripped a painting at an art meusume


.The stolen items got thrown at him and he stuttered so much they assumed he did it


.Found with a knife in public while stalking Russia


.Can no longer get away with the “show them your boobs” trick


.Tried flirting with German girls and was arrested for public disturbance


.Got into a shouting match with Spain over the phone, people got worried


.Took the blame for something Prussia did to get him out of trouble


.Probably scared all the kids on Halloween but took it to far


.We all know why he’d get arrested


.Summoned a cop on accident when practicing spells, the cop was not pleased


.His out in the open gun made foreigners assume the worst


.Doesn’t get arrested, but gives out cookies at police station


.Mistook someone for Prussia and hit them with her frying pan


.Scolded a musician in the middle of a concert


.Probably set something on fire


.Stole a Ronald McDonald statue


.Got drunk and thought he called Finland but it ended up being a very scared random person


.Flicked someone off and a cop happened to see it


.Caught using fake ID


.Found sleeping in ancient ruins and was presumed drunk when he started talking about cats and philosophy


.Chased away birds while sea turtles were hatching and was told not to mess with nature and then proceeded to steal all the turtles

Dinner Conversations with the 2P! Face Family.

2P! England: You know Franny you looove me~.

2P! France: *Scoffs* I’d sell you to Satan for a cigarette 

2P! England: That’s silly! You know you wouldn’t..

2P! France: *Looks over at Allen* Do you think I’d sell Oliver for a cigarette? 

2P! America: *Snorts* You fucking with me? Not for a cigarette.

2P! England: See! I told you-

2P! America: You’d do it for fucking free.

2P! England: *Gasps and puts hand over heart*

2P! Canada: *Scoffs* That’s rude to Satan.

(Inspired by @babyjayjay123)

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What are the axis + romano + spain + Prussia’s majors/area of study if they were college students?


Prussia: Gilbert would probably wanna be a pilot. Why? He just loves being up in the sky and traveling too! It would just be so fun for him!

Germany: Luddy would be an amazing cop! He’s very understanding and stern when he needs to be. He gets the job done and he’s probably specialize in family disputes or house calls when people are fighting

Japan: Kiku would probably be a translator! From Japanese to Chinese or Japanese to English! He’s very patient with others and learning new languages is really easy to him!

S.Italy: Lovino would certainly become a fashion major. Maybe he wants to run a fashion magazine? Or maybe he just wants to create his own clothing line? I can see both man

N.Italy: Feli really really loves little kids so I’d see him wanting to be a teacher! Maybe an art teacher or a math teacher who makes math fun and easy for students who are falling behind :’)

Spain: Culinary!! Toni’s an amazing cook so he’d probably want to become the best chef he can be! If not a chef, maybe a singer? His voice is rather lovely too!

Hetalia Headcanons 18#

Who Carries Around Their Partner


Feels manly carrying around partner- America, South Korea, Italy, Romano, Prussia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Hungary, Australia, Slovakia

Carries around partner in times of joy- Canada, England, Turkey, Belgium, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, Vietnam

Barely lets partner stand on their own- France, Russia, Spain, Greece, Belarus

Probably hasn’t ever carried around partner- Japan, Austria, Ukraine, Taiwan, Czech

Doesn’t feel like carrying partner but would- Switzerland, Monaco, Netherlands

Gets really embarrassed- England, Iceland, Egypt, Latvia, Estonia, Liechtenstien

Would throw out their back- China


hetalia nations and the gap between Expectations and Reality tho. i like to fit in the existence of the dirt children into our world itself. so; some new member of parliament expects fierce Britannia or John Bull and they get neither because it’s a grouchy, scowling man and his siblings instead of one beautiful large bosomed woman riding astride a lion. especially during ww2. no gleaming roman helmets, tridents or flowing hair. just some haggard-looking guy next to His Majesty in a wheelchair, with dark circles under his eyes, a bandage around his head who snorts at the idea that 9am is Too Early to have a shot of alcohol. (‘good day, chaps. bloody awful morning isn’t it.’)

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Do you have any headcanons for the countries as dads?

So, once again, forever ago, we did a huge post about dad headcanons!!
Though, it was about two months ago, so it’s old..I’ll go ahead and copy and paste the answers below, and maybe add some more new ones while I’m at it!!! Enjoy!!

America: All the dad jokes, white dad dancing at the neighborhood BBQ (you know exactly with that means), good homework helper, A master griller, not super strict but has rules. Fun dad, game night with kids. Dance parties around the house.

England: Strict when young, gives them space when they’re older, paranoid about safety, more books than electronics, turns off Wifi for family meeting, all children must be sorted into a Hogwarts house and watch Harry Potter.

France: King of Bake Sales, fun dad, if not married flirts with single moms, drinks wine with the other moms, goes on vacation with his kids a lot, hosts neighborhood get-together’s often, teaches kids to speak French as first language…then English. Loves to go dancing with his kids.

Canada: Quiet dad, always volunteers to be a chaperone for school trips, has a hard time saying no to his kids, good at helping kids with projects, loves playing board games with his kids.

Russia: The almost perfect dad-bod. Other parents are sometimes scared of hims. Trains kids in self-defense. Very sweet with kids, but is still strict. Kids would be very well behaved.

China: Strict, but still fun. Big on family time. Always buys his kids little gifts. Teaches kids to cook from a young age. Very respectful kids. Plays both mom and dad roles.

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Ok now for America’s weed twin, by @marfacat

Everyone acts like Canada is the sane one but I REFUSE to believe that’s the case. He just does all his crazy shit in solitude. Mostly high as balls, in the middle of the wilderness, forming mental connections with moose. In fact, he spends so much time dicking around in the woods that he forgets to show up to important things like world meetings so people kind of forget about him. He doesn’t trust computers and has had the same flip phone since 2005 (It’s held together with duct tape and prayers). America is the one person who is UNABLE to forget about his brother’s existence because at for random periods of time he is dragged kicking and screaming into the Yukon when Canada thinks he needs a ‘technology cleanse.’ Canada hasn’t slept in an actual bed in a year. It’s almost frightening.

> America: bro are you putting weed in your fucking quiche???

Canada: weed is nature’s candy and goes with everything. Except for pancakes. Those are sacred.


Canada: you coward. You absolute fool. You think you’re naturistic because you invite woodland creatures into your home like a Disney princess. I make the WOODLANDS my HOME! Nature gave us EVERYTHING!!

America: so, a week then

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which countries chuck empty cans at America to mock him from his memes?

kghskdfgkgfh BYE


Arthur is far behind the meme era - he still thinks those shitty facebook minion memes and troll face comics are funny!! It’s because he’s an old man shhh. The first time he saw a vine, he felt like he discovered The Crown Jewels.

“Oi! Alfred!! This bitch empty - YEET” Arthur tosses his full cup and whips - he cackles before pressing his back and cringing.

“Ya - that meme is dead. What are you 40? HA!”


“this bitch empty - YEET” *chucks his body at a wall*


HUNTY - Gilbert is the embodiment of a meme. He doesn’t only chuck cans at America either - add his brother, Austria, and Hungary lmao


He’s a fucking savage - he’s done it thrice and nobody knew it was him. Alfred turned and blamed whoever was closest that wasn’t Mathew


This is slightly off - Francis has chucked a can at Alfred - but it was supposed to hit Arthur at first


Ivan doesn’t know what a meme is - he just likes throwing shit at Alfred lmao

Soccer War 1#

I couldn’t care less about soccer

Till now

If this ends up between England and France then oh my god


1. The Fruk

2. Revenge

3. Fan fiction

4. Fan art

5. History will be made


One last war between England and France

What’s black and white and red all over?

The soccer ball

aesthetic: arthur bloody kirkland wandering the aisles of a tesco superstore at 6am trying to find some aspirin for his hangover-induced headache because boots isn’t open yet. he lets out a sound that is half anguished sob, half impotent rage when he can’t find his favourite brand of tea. 

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How would the 2p Allies and 2p Axis comfort their daughter after she sees her boyfriend kissing another girl?

2p France: “Love hurts…but not as much my hand will.”
Francois wouldn’t want his daughter hurt by love, despite having warned her, he knows that the feeling is very hard to fight. He wouldn’t say ‘I told you so’ or ‘It was bound to happen’, instead Francois would teach his daughter how to get the sweetest revenge on the cheater. He would teach his daughter everything from subtly placing gum under the handle of his car door, to the more extreme of stealing whoever he was cheating on his daughter with. 

2p Canada: “Hm…how do we want to go about this?”
Matt may not show a lot of emotion, but if his daughter is hurt, he won’t hold back. He wouldn’t want to be obvious about their revenge on the cheater, and as much as he would want to he wouldn’t want Kuma to eat the cheater. So, instead he would talk with his daughter about her ideas and what she wanted. Though he would make sure that everyone knew that the boy was a cheater, just so the boy could feel the loneliness that follows being caught. 

2p America: “I’ll break his fucking face!”
Allen’s daughter is his world, and if anyone hurts her they run the very real risk of meeting his bat head on. He would be about as furious as his daughter would be about the whole cheater. He would brainstorm with his daughter about getting back at the cheater, but the most important part would be making sure not to get caught. Whether those two decide to trash his car, graffiti his house, maybe spread nasty rumors or just confront him head on, it will be vicious and very angry.

2p England: “Oh that is horrible. I am so sorry.”
Oliver would be so upset that someone hurt his daughter. Unlike everyone else, his first instinct wouldn’t be immediate revenge. He would teach his daughter to kill them with kindness, first be nice and sweet then when he lets his guard down give him sweets laced with laxative…especially if he has a date planned that night. Oliver isn’t about confrontation, but more focused on stealth that can’t be traced back to him.

2p China: “Ooooh he wants to play? Alright. Let’s catfish him.”
Zhao’s first instinct would be to make the cheater pay by getting played. He would set up an account with his daughter and message the cheater knowing that if he cheats once he will do it again. Zhao would love going all the way and cackling with his daughter the entire time before setting up a date and having both of them there to meet the cheater. Though that wouldn’t be all. Zhao would make sure to bring the other girl along as well. Just so all parties could see how bad this boy was and everyone could get a good laugh at his expense. 

2p Russia: “Then why don’t we crush his heart like a bug?”
Viktor’s vengeance is swift and brutal. He would have his daughter sit down with him and set up an elaborate and cruel plan to get back at the boy. There would be many minor points of embarrassment and shame for the boy, but the big reveal would be carefully executed and planned, with everyone from the boy’s parents to all the girls involved in attendance. Viktor would make sure to teach this boy a lesson about messing with girls hearts and it would be brutal. 

2p Germany: “Well, why don’t we go teach him a lesson?”
Lutz would grab his coat and wrap an arm around his daughter’s shoulders as he brings her to the car. He would have a plan to make sure this boy learns a lesson he won’t forget. Now whether that plan involves teepeeing his house, getting his parent’s involved or scaring the ever loving piss out of him is all up to his daughter in the car, but Lutz would make sure this boy learns that his daughter is not someone to toy around with.

2p Italy: “He did what?! Oh, no, no this won’t stand.”
Luciano would be furious. How dare some insolent punk hurt his darling princess! He would be up and on the phone in an instant. No one hurts his princesa and walks away from it scratch free. He would debate informing the boy’s parents of his plan, but whether he does or not depends on his daughter. He wouldn’t give the full plan details to his daughter, but it would involve a kidnapping, some interrogating, and enough scares to scar the boy for life. 

2p Japan: “Now I will have fun with this…”
Kuro is a sadistic man. If given freedom to o as he pleases, the poor boy would be scarred for life. Kuro would not hold back and the worst part would be he would never have to see the boy. Kuro would find a way to haunt his dreams just by subtle online messages or just being at the right place at the right time. He is a master at being creepy and unsettling, so his daughter would just have to trust her father and let him work.

Allies crushing on you

America: This adorkable baby will be the ultimate fanboy of his crush: he constantly thinks about you when you’re not there for him to silently stare at; he will make up excuses just so he can catch a glimpse of you; like many guys and girls, he’ll picture scenarios in his head that seem unlikely to happen in real life (e.g. saving you from a car and getting kissed, you walking up to him and confess your undying love) and; he will be one of those people who have already planned out how he is going to celebrate his wedding with you. When you’re around, he’s either ultra-super-loud or unusually-creepily-quiet. There’s no in-between with this young man. Expect him to blush and maybe even squeal when you notice him.

England: England, just like everybody else, is composed of layers but he has layers that are often difficult to predict and harder to peel off. He is grumpy and snarky on the outside because of how the people around him keeps treating him. However, when someone manages to gain his trust even by just a bit (a la Japan or Chibi!America), he will instantly let his guard down. With you who treats him kindly, he’s polite and sweet—an actual gentleman. He blushes when people tease him about how he acts differently towards you, and though he’ll be defensive, he won’t correct them—something that will not go unnoticed by his French sitcom arch-nemesis.

France: Much like Italy, he won’t deny or hide how he feels, but he is able to express it in a more mature and experienced way. Like England, France will show a different side of himself reserved for people he deeply loves and cares for. He’s still a bit of a flirt but he won’t be constantly joking about wanting to sleep with you. Of all the countries, he will be the one most capable of handling his emotions and smoothly expressing them to you. When he blushes, it’s usually because you did something adorable or sexy, or both.

China: Despite his age, China doesn’t have that much experience in romance since work and his siblings came first. He’s not that shy towards you, on the contrary, he constantly fawns over you. He blushes when you compliment how responsible and mature he is.

Russia: This cute giant teddy bear will take extra precautions when it comes to you, afraid that he may do something to offend and drive you away. He’ll end up thinking he failed, and his mood will turn and stay sour for a while, scaring everyone. Well, mostly everyone. You would gently put a hand over a sulking shoulder and offer him a sweet smile before sitting next to him. A tear may even roll down his cheek before he pulls you into a hug, tripling the fear of everything and everyone surrounding the two of you. His cheeks are almost always with a tint of pink, but turn a darker shade of red when you’re there to keep him company.

Canada: He’s shy, but every time you talk to him he’ll start sweating and every time you touch him it’s like he’s gone catatonic. Since you’re one of the few people who actually takes the time to visit, he’ll coddle you by constantly offering you hot chocolate and snacks. Even when you tell him you’re fine he’ll regularly ask you if it’s too warm or too cold, and you’ll giggle as you tell him it’s okay. Like Russia, Canada will do everything to make you stay. But he’ll overdo it as well. You’re going to have to reassure this sweet baby a lot because he’s a bit insecure, especially when being put next to his brother. He blushes all the time but the butterflies come when you defend him from America’s antics.

toward the middle of the 20th century australia began to break bonds w/ england in favour of the usa in terms of the military, etc, so i’m picturing like…. aph america moving a bunch of his soldiers into the australian states in the second world war as happened, and after several centuries of primarily english influence and customs and language and everything else aph australia starts picking up habits from aph america and emulating certain aspects of speech and aph england is HORRIFIED like how DARE you corrupt my son this way… my own flesh and blood

Hetalia Headcanons 15#

Why they’re in the hospital


Wanted to see if banana peels were actually slippery and got a concussion


Got hurt while running away from someone that thought he was America


Caught himself on fire while cooking


Tried to be graceful to impress a girl and slipped and fell off the Eiffel Tower


Threw his back out trying to practice his Kung-fu


Was so hooked on a manga he forgot to eat for the entire week

South Korea

Tried to sneak up on China and fell of the Great Wall of china


Stopped a car with his foot then walked away fine but ended up slipping on black ice and hitting his head


Fell out of a tree while stalking Russia


Her bra broke and her boobs started hurting so bad she started crying and worried people called the cops


Belarus broke his hand when he waved to her


Sleep deprivation from hours of gaming


So afraid of a roach he passed out in the middle of the street


Worked himself to hard and had a heat stroke, Italy managed to make it worse somehow


Got himself glued to the ceiling


Got a bad nose bleed watching yaoi


Got lost going to super market and ended up in a forest by the highway and nearly froze to death


When his date couldn’t wake him up he ended up in the hospital and didn’t wake up for three days, he was wildly confused


Walked into a stop sign while he was flirting


Decided it was a good idea to boss around his mafia, hint- it wasn’t


Romano threw a tomato at him and he fell down a flight of stairs


Accidentally shot himself, he got so embarrassed he lied and said he’d been shot, the police investigation is still on going because he refuses to tell the truth


Twisted her ankle while running through a field for fun


Instead of eating a bucket of ice cream while he was upset he ate a bucket of butter and the affects were not to his liking


A Ronald McDonald statue fell on him when he accidentally threw his axe at it while spinning it around


He had a heart attack when he woke up and Sweden was watching him at the end of his bed


Went ice skating and fell through the ice


Went hiking and then the volcano erupted, he escaped via a bunch from of puffins but he passed out from heat rather than fear


Hottest day of the year and he still wore his coat and scarf while gardening, he got a heat stroke in the first five minutes

i love conceptualising arthur and alfred as father and son because i’m always here for metaphors about successors and abdication, and to me alfred is that child who swears to be nothing like his father—but years and years on, it’s obvious that he’s every bit his father’s heir. and the ironies. nations don’t have to die, arthur intended his empire to outshine rome. but he instead sowed the seeds for his son to eclipse him. america, his ungrateful firstborn (as he sees it) who rebelled, but who learned his ways and surpassed him at his own game. it’s a very familiar theme woven into many legends across cultures. the old gods die, overthrown by their children. 

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So, coffee mugs to Axis (plus South Italy and Prussia).

Germany: A basic coffee mug. It does it’s job: Hold coffee..that’s it.

Italy: Espresso cups with cute designs on them.

Japan: A mug that has been broken once or twice, but fixed using the kintsugi technique. 

Prussia: A funny yet narcissistic coffee mug.

Romano: A coffee cup with a warning so he doesn’t have to warn you.