• France:big brother France is happy to announce that your dinner for today is Escargot~!
  • America:yay! What dat?
  • Russia:are these... Snails?
  • China:we're going to eat snails for dinner??
  • France:Yep~! And I made a special and unique one for England~ *winks*
  • England:um... You sound very suspicious but okay- THESE SNAILS ARE ALIVE!!!
Don't diss Pluto
  • Denmark:I think Pluto is the best planet ever!
  • Norway:It's not a planet
  • Denmark:...
  • Denmark:*Leans in*
  • Norway:Hang on-
  • Denmark:Listen here you little bitch, Pluto is a planet whether you like it or not. It's the best planet in our solar system and you better not fucking say anything hurtful about them again.
  • Norway:Calm down it was a joke!