• APH Denmark: So this is pretty cool, huh, Peter? An electric car.
  • APH Sealand: I guess. What happens when the batteries run out?
  • APH Norway: You plug it in and recharge it.
  • APH Sealand: Yeah, but what if there's a blackout?
  • APH Denmark: Then you sit in the back seat with a loaded pistol and wait for the looters just like any other car.
  • APH Norway: Denmark...
  • APH Denmark: It's a cool car, Peter.
1812: War of 1812
  • America: England, how could you release a monster to me!!! I know that you're mean, but I didn't know you were evil!
  • England: what, what the bloody hell are you talking about?
  • France: how dare you scar my trading partner!
  • England: he's not your trading partner when I have full authority of the sea, Frog. And I have no idea what you're talking about, America. I haven't done anything... yet.
  • America: then who sent a demon to come into my place and burn the White House????
  • England: what? The only person I told to deal with you is-
  • Canada: hello, everyone~
  • America: *shrieks and runs away*
  • Canada: hm? What's wrong with him- ... why are you two looking at me with a scared expression?
  • England and France: ... what did you do??

made up some parent hc design, but the people who have the other countries as muses can make up their own designs too! c: (and of course APH Mom), we now have Matthew and Alfred’s parents, Laura and George (laura secord and george washington eyyy did my history homework), and for Roderich he has his Super Embarrassing parents; his dad likes to tell uncool jokes and be hip with the kids while his mom is just a sweet nice lady who cooks too many pastries and cakes for guests

Canada: But if it came down to it, if it really came down to it, you wouldn’t destroy everything right? You’d hold back? You’d have some sense? you’d be a better nation?

America: *Stroking the nuclear detonation button*^ It’s called mutually assured destruction for a reason. I wouldn’t want to be rude.

^There isn’t actually a button. It’s much more complex than this and involves keys and pass-codes and outdated technology.