hetalia weeaboos

Ameripan is so damn canon

Alright… IDK is it just me or what, but srsly… Have you seen Alfred in “Beautiful world” 18 ep.? when nations were watching Indian horror movie?

His reaction is not that much extreme. but let’s look at his reaction from “Axis powers” 51 ep.:

On top of that: The scene from Indian movie was obviously scarier, than the one he saw in 51 ep.
So does it mean that he just pretended, that he was creeped out?
Was watching a horror movie just an excuse to hug Kiku?
I know that I’m just a smol lil ameripan trash, but really… that’s too obvious! I mean, man… America’s scream sounded kinda fake. Has anybody, but me noticed this shit?

Everyone’s going on and on about Feli’s duck face, but look how casually Lud fishes out his phone and takes a picture of Feli.
Considering that Feli also took a picture of Lud on Oktoberfest, does that mean they normally take embarrassing pictures of one another?

How many embarrassing pictures of each other do they have on their phones??

Teacher: so America and Russia were freind-emies but then became mortal enemies in the cold war. You get what I’m saying?

Some student: why not be friends with benefits? Or enemies with benifits

Teacher:….. I don’t know how you’d do that between 2 countries????

Me, a fucking weeaboo that still is Hetalia trash and has no hope in the world:
:/ :/ :/ it’s like the world is testing me

Me in school
  • history teacher: Ok, guys, take out your history books.
  • me: *takes out hetalia manga*
  • language teacher: Today we will be learning German phrases, does anyone---
  • story telling teacher: For today, I want you to think: What fictional character would you want to be?
  • me: *raises hand* Haruhi Fujioka.
  • math teacher: You may begin your quiz.
  • me: *aggressively doodles Armin all over the papers*
  • during lunch: *aggressively eats bread*
  • friend: You're acting like Sasha, slow down.
  • me: Why are you the only one who understands
  • music teacher: I want you to see if you can play a song but entirely in your head.
  • me: *Kiss, Kiss, Fall in Love plays in the distance*
Mod B: Hetalia Cosplay Weebs Harass WWII Vets

This happened at my hotel last year during a con that will remain unnamed. It’s a smallish con and the people staying at the hotel were split between random stayovers, con people, and a group of WWII vets celebrating a reunion.

These four dumb cunts in Hetalia get up (one dressed as US, one UK, one Germany, and one Japan) were in the lobby. They were WEARING their flags as capes. They were being loud and talking in weeaboo Japanese.

A few of the vets and their spouses walked through the lobby towards the elevators. The UK decided it would be awesome to run up to them and tell them that they had “captured” Japan and Germany. These people shook their heads and one of the old men told the kids go to away.

I was walking over towards the girls to tell them this was really inappropriate and they needed to get out of the lobby, when the Japan ran over to the older people and screamed, “Well, you got what you deserved when I destroyed Pearl Harbor!”

One of the old ladies was a sassy one and told the girl, “Shut your mouth and go home to your Mama!”

I confronted the weeaboos, learned they were not staying in our hotel but merely “waiting on a photoshoot” (which wasn’t taking place in our property) so I told them to leave.

So…here’s my question. Why do people think shit like this okay?