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What would the dad 2ps do if they saw Thier teenage daughter about to kiss Thier date good night on the front porch?💋

2P! Italy:
- tries to restrain the urge to purge someone
- slides in between them
-“eHEM. It’s already past mi bambina’s bedtime, so please leave…rat”
- deadly glare from the 9th circle of hell
- dates have been officially banned for now

2P! Germany:
- “wHOOO! GET SOME, SWEETHEART” “DAD OMG” “o shit, um did I interrupt something,,,,,,?”
- realizes he ruined shit for his daughter
- “oh ahahahah….carry on”
- walks inside the house
- casually spies on them through the window

2P! Japan:
- cue murderous aura
- his daughter saw a very unamused Kuro through the window
- “w e ’ l l t a l k l a t e r”
- “ehehehehe I think you should really go”
- prepare to feel the wrath of Kuro Honda

2P! Romano:
- fucking videotapes it
- “my sweet baby *sniff* they grow up so fast”
- gives her the tape for her birthday
- gets disowned for 2 weeks

2P! Prussia:
- how to delete a memory
- Protective Dad Gilen™
- “(daughter’s nAME)–”
- his daughter immediately rushes inside
- glares at the poor dude while closing the door

2P! Austria:
- creeps behind his daughter while l o o k i n g at the guy
- confused daughter
- “looks like your moment got cut short (like his life)” “….did you do something?” “I just arrived”
- like she’ll believe you

2P! America:
- he literally just said ‘cough’
- gets in between them
- “go on”
- smug grin

2P! England:
- waits for his daughter to come inside “sweetie, can we talk for a bit?”
- proceeds to give her ‘the talk’
- “dad I already know about that wth”

2P! Canada:
- tries to remain calm (unlike last time)
- casually destroys the doorknob on the way out
- “dad what happened omg” “who tf was that piece of shit” “someone,,,,,, oH- WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOOR //SWEATS”
- chases after the guy
- he was never seen again

2P! France:
- ignores it for now
- but breakfast is all like
- “so what else happened with you two last night?” “wOT-”
- daughter rambles some shitty excuses
- “…i was just asking”

2P! Russia:
- usually v calm n shit
- unless it comes to his daughter
- males are officially banned from existing (except him)

2P! China:
- “what the shit???? I didn’t even get any dates when I was her age”
- acts all sad n shit when his daughter came in
- rip zao
- disowned for 10 days

2P! South Korea&
- poor guy practically shat his pants
- yonsu wtf
- disowned for a month

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Hello! What would the allies do if their s/o is an artist and they want to start a new project but lack of inspiration? Would they try to help? If yes how? thanks for answering my question!


“How about we go some place? Maybe you’ll get inspiration?”

  • His tactic is to distract them for awhile, he thinks that taking their mind off it for a bit might help!
  • He’ll take them to wherever they wish to go. Hell, He’ll take them on a plane to France if they want! (Art in France is lit)
  • If they would allow him, he’ll set up a little…surprise for them. What is this surprise? well…
  • Paintball art. He will take them to a paintball ring and get a massive canvas for them to shot at.
  • He is praying that this will get them inspired, as odd as his tactic may be he really hopes it will get them inspired.
  • When they get back home and back to the arting he’ll ask if it’s all going well. He tried if not.


“hmm…Maybe we can go for a walk for scenery?”

  • In his mind a nice walk through the woods might give them some inspiration, might give them both some fresh air too!
  • He’ll bring a picnic with them too, just in case they get hungry at any point. He’s just prepared for these things.
  • As they are walking through the woods, he will try to comment on the how all the trees have different shades and tones.
  • When they sit down to eat he will let them pic and choose whatever they want to eat, he’ll eat the remains he doesn’t mind at all.
  • Walking back the sun will be setting, he will try to point it out through the trees, it’s very pretty!
  • Once they get back home he’ll leave them be until its time to sleep. He thinks giving them some quite time to draw is best.


“Nothing a good meal can’t fix, dig in!”

  • When in doubt, eat. You can’t think on an empty stomach after all~ He will spoon fed his S/o if he must.
  • If his S/o wants his help getting inspired he’ll tell them some myths and legends that he knows of; that could help right?
  • He’ll go through his box(es) of old stuff to see if he has anything. Maybe if he digs deep enough he’ll find some of his old stuff!
  • After leaving his S/o for a little while trying to find some stuff, he’ll sit them down and show them how art has changed.
  • If they want to he’ll make some art with them! He’ll even model for them if they really want him too!
  • However he can help, he will. He knows starting off is hard but with effort and passion he’s sure they can make a masterpiece!


“Well, the art gallery hasn’t closed yet. How about a quick look around?”

  • His method? Show them other peoples art so that they can be inspired! Sometimes when he’s stuck it takes someone else to pull him up after all!
  • He’ll drive them down to a nearby art gallery and let them wonder around for as long as the wish.
  • England on the other hand, will be having a nice cup of tea and shortbread in the cafe downstairs, his S/o can meet him there.
  • Once he is done with his tea or his S/o has finished looking around he’ll drive them home and recommend them a bath to think.
  • Leaving them be his another part of his tactic. To him, time by yourself to think can really help!
  • The next day he’ll go into the room that they do art in, he’ll grab a piece of paper and draw a heart with a little note inside of it saying how much he loves them. 


“Hmm…Perhaps some pampering will get you in the right mindset, Non?”

  • His tactic for helping his S/o is pampering and letting them have some relax time, no harm in doing so after all~
  • He will not let them lift a finger, he wants them to be completely relaxed before worrying about their next project! 
  • Once they are completely relaxed he will only then talked to them about what their next project.
  • What he’ll do to help them is show them his old art. Somehow it’s all amazing, not a line of paint is out of place. 
  • Depending on the weather, he might go outside and pick some flowers for his S/o to draw till they know what they want to do.
  • If all else fails he’ll draw an outline of something for them to practice with. Hopefully this will help them out.


“You could draw some sunflowers? I can take you to a place that has many!”

  • Maybe taking them to a field of flowers would get them inspired, no? Are they sure? Okay he tried.
  • He will think of randoms things for them to draw, some of them are pretty good! Others are slightly concerning.
  • A hug and some TV might help them come up with some new ideas for a project, Maybe this show will inspire them.
  • What about a nap? Napping can open up the mind and some cuddling wouldn’t hurt either~
  • He’s got nothing, he tried his best but he’s not really an arty person. Maybe calling one of his sisters could help?
  • He’ll call every arty person he knows to help his S/o. Even if he can’t help them himself he’ll try is best to get someone that can!

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Reactions by Yandere axis and allies (except gilen and viktor) to s/o kicking them in the crotch during kidnapping attempt and running away?

Blood will be shed : Luciano, Allen and Oliver
May contain sexual content ages 18+ : Kuro, Zao,
*gross sobbing: Lutz and Flavio
*keeps a blank face through the pain* : Françios and James

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Can u do the allies section of the sick s/o close to dying and throwing the rare drug supply into the fire so the nation doesn't have to suffer anymore? Plz

America: NOOOOO! Would be devastated. He would fall to his knees and just stare at the fire. He would just crumble, even his cowlick would fall. IT’s over. His s/o was as good as dead. his s/o, his superhero, it can’t be over. When he realized why his s/o had done it, he would cry. They were never suppose to sacrifice something for him.

England: Would turn to anger, even though he won’t mean a single word that he will say, he will yell and scream at their s/o. How DARE they do that! Don’t they know that it was for them, all of it? He worked so hard to get it, and they literally threw it away. He wold just stare at his s/o, his beautiful s/o. He has seen so much, to much. He has seen lovers sacrifices themselves for the other, but he never thought someone would do that to him. He will feel so guilty, because at that moment, he would feel loved.

France: Non, non non non! He would just repeat those words over as he stared at the fire. He would turn to his s/o and ask, why? Why? Why? He would quickly embarrassed his love in a tight hug. He know why they did that. But it hurt, it hurt so much. This was it, his s/o was done.

Russia: Oh well, he can always get more of the drug. He would do anything for his s/o. They must not have been feeling well if they threw the drug. He would smile at them, lead them to the couch and told them to wait while he goes gets more. He heads to the medicine cabinet and just stare inside it. There was no more of the drug. Then, it would hit him that his s/o will die, and soon. He won’t understand. He finally has someone that loves him. They can’t leave, they can’t. 

China: Would be furious, they just wasted it! They needed that drug! He would yell and pace and be furious. But then he would walk slower, and slower, until he stopped. After his rant, the tears would come. He would slowly walk over to his s/o, and reach out his arms, wanting a hug.

Canada: He wouldn’t move a muscle. He would just stare at the stop the drug was, where it should have been. He would slowly move his gave till he saw his s/o’s face. Then the tears would come. Not because he was sad, because he hated himself so much at that moment, He felt relieved. Relieved that the pain his s/o was going through would finally stop, and that he wouldn’t suffer anymore watching them slowly die.

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What would the 2ps do if Thier s/o turned out to be an AMAZING chef like anything they make is the best thing the have ever eaten?

amazed af: 2P! Romano, 2P! Prussia, 2P! Austria, 2P! France

“how??? I CAN’T EVEN CRACK AN EGG???”: 2P! China (same)

acknowledges their skill but otherwise it doesn’t really affect them: 2P! Italy, 2P! Japan, 2P! Canada, 2P! Russia

“wowza”: 2P! America, 2P! South Korea

“can you cook for me, for like, ever???”: 2P! Germany

Things only in Hetalia

• An entire religion based on a character.

• Hetaoni and Dreamtalia.

• Gutters and Danish Slaughterhouse

• 23.5

• Being able to trigger an entire fandom at the mention of Davey, Pineapples, and Jeanne D'arc

• 5 minute episodes, 4 seasons.

• Russia’s hands.

• 2p Hetalia

• The elusive 3p Hetalia

• Fucking micronations

• Direct 3rd wall breaking like in the office

• Gay Countries™

• Every Hetalian suddenly knows how to perfectly cook pasta

• Vocaloids made for the characters in Hetalia; Hetaloids

• All Hetalians know at least bits and pieces of several other languages OTHER than Japanese like other weeaboos; Examples include German, any Nordic language, French, Italian, and Spanish (All of which I can say bits and pieces of)

• Ace-ing history class

• Asking your history teacher what Prussia is, and where Liechtenstein is, and if Sealand is considered a country

• Everyone can voice act well or do at least one good or great impression of a character

• Being able to name more countries off the top of your head than anyone else

• Dark Lord Hima

• Studio Dean Animation

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How would the Allies and Axis react to an S/O who is very studious? Like, they're always studying--working on mathematical equations or have their nose stuck in a book. (aaaaa I'm trying to get myself motivated for my junior year of hs and also bc I'm taking a handful of AP classes ;; also, I love your blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!! <3 )

I believe in you!!!! It’s my junior year too, so we can work hard together! Go go study yay!

America: Would create fun games out of the material to help s/o learn and have fun

England: Would stay with s/o while they study

France: Would make food for s/o so they can eat while studying

Russia: Would sit by s/o and look over the material with them

China: Would make sure s/o studies, mother mood turned on

Canada: a mix of America and France

Italy: Would try to help, but would end up distracting s/o

Germany: Would create a study schedule for s/o

Japan: Would study with s/o

Romano: would be sulky, he knows how important studying is, but he wants attention

Prussia: do all sorts of study tricks to help s/o, like the chewing guy trick

Austria: would play soothing music for s/o

  • China: America, your dinner's on the counter.
  • America: cool! Thanks, mom.
  • England: d-did you just call China 'mum'?
  • America: yeah? Don't we all?
  • China: I am NOT your mother!
  • France: but you respond to us whenever we accidentally or purposely call you mère.
  • Russia: yep, even when we call you in our own languages~ It's like your nickname in the group~
  • China: f-fine, then I won't respond whenever you call me 'mom' or anything like that! I'm not your mother!
  • America: yay, I don't have to eat my veggies then-
  • China: What? No excuse, I want those vegetables completely eaten! No one's going to waste any food in my watch! I've worked too hard growing those vegetables for it to go to waste! Plus, Russia eats his vegetables! Why can't you be more like him??
Nations in Theater

America, such a good actor it’ll make you reconsider how manipulative he is in real life.

France, that over dramatic actor who takes his roles to heart and off stage.

China, the actor that’s been there forever. Has been in everything

England, the Stage Manager. 

Germany, the Director.  

Poland, in charge of costuming. 

Japan, in charge of lights and sound.

Canada, head of stage crew. 

Spain, Romano, Prussia are said stage crew. 

Russia, built the set. 

Italy, all the extras.