hetalia texting

France: So you’re in love with me?

England: Well, “love”– see– what does that even mean? Love is just a bunch of chemicals–a propagation of the species– a survival note– an easily manipulated aspect of biology. It’s nothing special. Just science. 

France: So you’re in love with me?

England:…. at this point in the proceedings, it would be imprudent to claim otherwise. 

Reblog if you go to fictional characters for comfort.

Whether it be when you feel you don’t belong, when you feel upset, when you’re angry, when you’re going through a hard time or when you’re feeling empty. (Social Experiment: I want to see how many people do this)

The Four Different Types Of Fanfiction
  • The Smut: You're favorite couple is doing the do once again. It could be kinky or vanilla, whatever. You stare at the screen, unblinking, your face showing no emotion. Inside, however, you are screaming.
  • The Orgasm: Fluff. Pure, unadulterated fluff. You convulse with feelings and try to hold back your squeals of delight. The worst to read in public.
  • The Drama Queen: It's a sad story with happy undertones. You tell everyone you cried but really you laughed throughout the torture scenes. Really, it was a good fanfic, it just wasn't... that.
  • ANGST: Your tear tracks don't leave for days after reading this fanfic. You haven't slept in days. You feel for the characters on a personal level. You cry for them weeks after and you still feel depressed when you try to go about your normal daily life when such horribleness just happened to your favorite character.

only 90s kids remember:

  • auf wiedersehen sweetheart 
  • catch perfect
  • anything by george devalier like honestly
  • disco pogo
  • gutters
  • hetalia the nordics /  farbroresterspojkar
  • skadipirates amvs
  • that one tik tok parody cmv
  • aph seychelles hate
Summoning him
  • England, talking to America: Remember, America, you can't say the word if you don't want to summon...him
  • America: what word?
  • England: *looks left*
  • England: *looks right*
  • England: *looks up*
  • England, leaning closer to America, whispers: memes
  • Russia: *falls from ground* did I hear memes
2p's as april fools pranks

2p america: air horn. (96% evil)

 2p canada: kraft dinner as orange juice. (88% evil)

 2p england: mayonnaise as toothpaste. (10% evil)

 2p france: personal lubricant instead of hand sanitizer. (50% evil)

 2p russia: cups of water. (40% evil)

 2p china: soy sauce instead of coke. (99% evil)

 2p italy: key board garden. (60% evil)

 2p germany: play-doh as gum.  (80% evil)

 2p japan: switch out the chocolate chip bread for the cinnamon raisin flavor. (101% evil do not do this unless you’re tired of having friends)