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you know the scene from hetalia paint it, white! with Romano in Florence standing near the cathedral

so I compared it to a picture I took myself when I went to Florence - the picture I took was taken from on top of the cathedral, shown with a red “x” on the previous picture

I noticed there are some similar buildings, eg. the one circled in the two pictures - even the mountains match. Romano’s actually standing in the Giotto’s bell tower, shown with a red “x” here:

meaning my picture is taken a bit more from left, while the screencap shows the view from the bell tower (Meaning they’re from different perspectives, but studio deen still obviously studied the landscape well and made the city like it really is)


okay but this official art really fucking confuses me cause????what the hell is germany leaning on???he sure as hell isn’t leaning on italy i hope cause in that position he’s going to break feli’s fucking neck. also why the fuck is china tilting??? why is the world always tilted in old official art??? how the fuck is england standing with his legs like that???  what the fuck happened to russia’s hair why is parted like that?? wHY IS GERMANY’S OTHER ARM SO FUCKING SHORT OH MY GOD EVERY TIME I LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PICTURE IT GETS WORSE

diana-egalla-montrier  asked:

i know this might be dumb, but how did studio deen not do their research for the anime. i haven't read the manga, so i don't really know why/how

No problem! I´ll explain:

The manga, on the other side, did portray almost everything accurately:

See? Good research (some inaccuracies occur, but it´s nothing important), accurate clothing, and extremly important extra information (Semi-confirmation of the HRE theory?!!) I was really excited about this strip, and was quite angry when I saw how Deen ruined it. This could´ve been such a great episode! Hima knows a lot about Germany, it´s a shame it turned out this way.

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