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Can I request some RusGer during IIWW? Or maybe some GerAme

Uuuuuuuuuhh not really because I don’t think WWII is the appropriate setting for romance, particularly not romance involving literal Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

I’ve drawn like one 1939 sketch that could be seen as shipping, but in the end isn’t really about romance lmao; it’s been sitting in my files for ages now so might as well post it I guess. But for future reference: no WWII romance with Lud on this blog.

Meanwhile, in Smoking Romance
  • France: *Hanging off the edge of a cliff*
  • Louis: *Holding France up* I'm too weak to pull you up, what do I do?
  • France: Trust your instincts!
  • Louis: My instincts tell me...To let go.
  • France: Actually, listen to your heart.
  • Louis: My heart says...I should let go.
  • France: No! Go with your gut!
  • Louis: Guts says to let go.
  • France: What about your kneecaps?
  • Louis: C'mon, man.
  • France: PLEASE

i got demons to deal with, unsheathe the sword, blue flames ablazeok let’s do this