hetalia scan


I’ve been kind of doing some self study on European history, and have taken a particular interest in Prussia. (I’m reading a whole bunch of really cool books on it!) Considering I’m drawing a lot of France suggests otherwise though, huh? (France is the next country I plan to tackle though.)

Anyway, random sketches, a character study, and rough doodling. I’m still in that “limbo” between how I want the character to look, and how comfortable I actually am at drawing them. It hasn’t quite come together for me yet. Also, I get so bored drawing in just certain styles, I have to go and do others every so often…

France is very pretty, yes? (No joke though. Even after more than a decade of having visited Paris I can still remember that feeling of awe~~!)♥


Title: SHIKI/冬
Circle: ぐさり
Pairing: FrUK
Language: Japanese
Rating: PG-13 (idk how this rating stuff work, there’s kissing and implied sex but nothing erotic) 
Page: 45 pages 

Finally I can scan this after 1.5 years haha *shot* thanks Rainy for this gift. This doujin really gorgeous and different from the other doujins that I have. Also I’m sorry for the scan quality, it’s my first time doing it. Anyone wants to translate?

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