hetalia progress


An aph Spain redraw! 2015 to 2017. If I went back in time and showed myself how much I would improve in two years, I wouldn’t have believed it. I have a lot still to learn and improve upon, but it is so nice looking back and seeing the progress, and it was so much fun to visit this fandom again!

2015 vs. 2017 Germany

((In previous asks I was talking about looking at your improvement. This is my improvement! The picture on the left from 2015 was the very first time ever I put on that jacket. The two from 2017 on the right are the most recent ones (form recording). Talk about improvement. 

This is just to show that no one is super great at their beginning. You learn over time and improve almost automatically. So, keep up the good work everyone!))

Let’s talk spamano

Am I the only one that’s bothered when people portray Spamano abusively?

So like okay… Romano can have a bad mouth on him (not really)… but he doesn’t like… constantly call Spain names and demeans him like that’s just mean wtf

I only recall Romano being outright mean to Germany and sometimes N. Italy. There are tons of reasons why Romano wouldn’t like Germany, the most obvious one being that Germany is bossy with him and Feli. As for Feli, they’re brothers. It’s not unheard of for siblings to not get along, especially considering how Romano is the oldest and yet is constantly brushed aside because of his brother. (Note that I said because of his brother and not by his brother.)

And Romano actually likes Spain? He humours Spain’s eccentricities like in the April Fools episode when he agrees to take a picture with his head stuck through the tomato thing, and when Spain’s queen was “punishing” Spain for his failures, Romano worried about him and wanted to help him get better so Spain’s queen wouldn’t hurt him anymore.

Romano cares a fuckton about Spain and Spain cares a fuckerton about Romano. Sure, Romano would call Spain an idiot once in a while, but the general tone of it is always “but at least you’re my idiot” and Spain will take that little bit of abuse because he likes how the tone shows that Romano cares in his own emotionally constipated way damnit, and yeah, “I’m your idiot, so stick your head through that tomato already so I can take a picture of you.”

TL;DR: Romano doesn’t swear and insult people like an Italian fucking trucker, and although Spain is enough of a softy with the people he loves to allow name-calling and belittling, Romano would never do that to him because he actually fucking cares.


WIP of the upcoming Hetavision album cover project. I feel like I spent way too much time on certain outfits and not enough time on others. This year’s ensemble will include the official Czech Republic and Croatia who I had a lot of fun drawing.

Blog Progress

I’m currently editing my blog. I’m trying to make it look polished and overall, not an eye sore. I know I’m taking a very long time and I haven’t answered posted that many asks for the past few days, but I’m redeveloping my blog, because I want it’s appearance to look more appealing. Hopefully, you think the same thing.

I know my blog looks hideous compared to what it used to, but please be patient. It will look better in the future.