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Work in progress shots of this year’s Hetavision project. If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Youtube you already know that, this year was the FIRST year EVER that I had to redraw characters. I’m so mad it’s not even funny.

The album covers will be released on April 1st as usual, however this year will include a poll, for fans to vote for their favorite ESC songs of 2017!


I forgot to make a video this week… I’m sorry. 

Oh well. Time for plan B.

Liebesträume: An Austria/Hungary 150th Wedding Anniversary fanfic

Title: Liebesträume
Genre: Romance, slice of life
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 11,088 (sssssorry)
Chapters: 7

Summary: On the morning of their 150th anniversary, Austria and Hungary are in awe at how long it’s been, a bit at a loss for how to celebrate. A phone call jars their memories more deeply than they expected, and they reflect on their relationship, how it paralleled the relationship of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth, and how it differed.

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Coloring Russia & Luxembourg for nyotaliafan while answering a collection of new questions. if you don’t want to hear my voice, you can always mute it and just watch the footage.

[ Video Contents ]
00:17 - Introduction
01:43 - “Why do you always read questions in a weird voice?”
02:07 - “When are you going to take free requests again?”
02:46 - “I sent you a fanart request a long time ago! Where is it?”
03:10 - “Are you ever going to open up for commissions again and can you give me a price estimate?”
04:15 - “Why [were] you so stressed out [last year]?”
07:01 - “Why don’t you use [insert new/popular art program here]?”
08:17 - “Why are you drawing [original] webcomics and why don’t you ever draw Hetalia webcomics?”
09:32 - “Did you enjoy Eurovision this year?”
10:10 - Closing



2017: Personification of the Sun (Soleil, finished art) and quick sketches of a demon.

2014: Personifications of Earth and Wind, ispired by Clow Cards (Finished linework)

2012: America from Hetalia (Finished art? I didn’t make his hands because I couldn’t draw hands)

I love how much I’ve progressed in just five years!!!!!

Let’s talk spamano

Am I the only one that’s bothered when people portray Spamano abusively?

So like okay… Romano can have a bad mouth on him (not really)… but he doesn’t like… constantly call Spain names and demeans him like that’s just mean wtf

I only recall Romano being outright mean to Germany and sometimes N. Italy. There are tons of reasons why Romano wouldn’t like Germany, the most obvious one being that Germany is bossy with him and Feli. As for Feli, they’re brothers. It’s not unheard of for siblings to not get along, especially considering how Romano is the oldest and yet is constantly brushed aside because of his brother. (Note that I said because of his brother and not by his brother.)

And Romano actually likes Spain? He humours Spain’s eccentricities like in the April Fools episode when he agrees to take a picture with his head stuck through the tomato thing, and when Spain’s queen was “punishing” Spain for his failures, Romano worried about him and wanted to help him get better so Spain’s queen wouldn’t hurt him anymore.

Romano cares a fuckton about Spain and Spain cares a fuckerton about Romano. Sure, Romano would call Spain an idiot once in a while, but the general tone of it is always “but at least you’re my idiot” and Spain will take that little bit of abuse because he likes how the tone shows that Romano cares in his own emotionally constipated way damnit, and yeah, “I’m your idiot, so stick your head through that tomato already so I can take a picture of you.”

TL;DR: Romano doesn’t swear and insult people like an Italian fucking trucker, and although Spain is enough of a softy with the people he loves to allow name-calling and belittling, Romano would never do that to him because he actually fucking cares.


Coloring Germany & Fem!Japan for unknownhetaliafan while answering alphabet tag game questions. If you don’t want to hear my voice, you can always mute it and just watch the footage.

I was tagged by @chelia27

Rules: Answer the questions, and tag 20 followers you want to get to know better!

[ Video Contents ]

0:20 - Just because I don’t like being ass-kissed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t kiss other asses!
1:45 - A- age:
1:54 - B- birthplace:
2:02 - C- current time:
2:06 - D- drink you last drank:
2:18 - E- easiest person to talk to:
2:27 - F- favorite songs:
2:46 - G- grossest memory:
2:56 - H- horror yes or no?
3:02 - I- in love?
3:07 - J- jealous of people?
3:19 - K- killed someone?
3:50 - L- love at first sight or should I walk past again?
4:05 - M- middle name:
4:10 - N- number of siblings:
4:20 - O- one wish?:
4:27 - P- person you last called?:
4:36 - Q- question you’re always asked:
4:52 - R- reason to smile:
5:16 - S- song you last sang:
5:33 - T- time you woke up:
5:53 - U- underwear color:
6:58 - V- vacation:
6:14 - W- worst habit:
6:37 - X- x-rays:
6:57 - Y- your favourite food:
7:10 - Z- zodiac sign:

7:42 - Closing