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Nations React to Eurovision 2017



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Denmark and Norway:

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Before the World Wars
  • America: *crying*
  • Russia: What's wrong bro?
  • America: *sniffs* Most of Europe hates me and wants me too die.
  • Russia: Stand by me bud
  • America: *stands by Russia*
  • Russia: *looks at England and France* You touch him, I kill you and destroy your other territories.
  • England: *mumbles and kicks a rock* fine.
  • France: Lol ok then.

anonymous asked:

Do they have any old pictures of themselves? And what's their favorite picture of themselves? Like what time period and what are they doing in the picture?

I’ve actually thought abt this A LOT. 

Yes, all of them do. A lot of them, especially of Ice, have old paintings done by really professional people of the time. When pictures first became a thing, Denmark and Norway got together and sat for hours while the picture took and was made. They look rather bored in it

As photography developed further, the more they got together for pictures. When colored pictures became a thing they all gathered to get one. It was a little awkward, but they managed.

In the picture, Iceland looks confused and amazed. Probably because now pictures have colors. Denmark and Sweden look tired, Norway looks sad, and Finland is neutral. 

The best picture is them wearing funky clothes in the 80′s

Mod Sheila (I love photography, okay)

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Chapter 9

Title: Moi Podsolnechnik
Pairing: rusame (Russia/America)
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Summary: Seeking to unite two kingdoms, a young prince is offered as marital tribute, accepted, and sent away from the only home he has ever known. His spouse-to-be, a known brute, struggles to accept the fact that he must now care for another human being

hey guys! next chap is up! hope u like it!